June 2022


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From the Moderator

Reflections on the Special Assembly

How was it for you? I was anxious about how it would go. During the Assembly I was literally in the hot seat, under studio lights with big screens in front of me and a need for full concentration! And yet at the end of it there was a sense that it all went pretty well considering what we were dealing with. Thank you for those who were praying for the Commissioners who participated, the people who presented reports, and the superb team behind the scenes!

Conversations about de-colonisation

The decision we made to offer any land for sale to relevant Maori entities hit TV1 news! This is topical. And the debate around this at the Assembly was interesting. Colin Gordon provoked a lot of the conversation. Colin and I met after the Assembly to talk some more, which is indeed what we need to do on this matter. To listen, to dialogue, to learn and to incorporate those learnings into our way of being church.

Signs of Hope

I was passing through the small South Otago township of Clinton a few Sundays ago and popped into the Clinton Presbyterian Church. The parishioners and minister David Anderson shared excitedly about the mini-revival happening in the church, with 30 children regular at worship! And some weeks ago I was at Avondale Union Parish in Auckland where minster Saifaleupolu Si’itia-Asi and presbytery reps showed me the beginning of amazing renovations that will transform that church into a fit for purpose and income generating facility for years to come. These signs of hope continually pop up around the Church!

One Conference

What a privilege to be working with PYM and KCML on this leaders’ conference set down for November 17-19 at St John’s in the City, Wellington. An amazing and much needed opportunity for leaders in our Church to gather for connection, encouragement, resourcing and inspiration. Priced at only $99 we encourage you to get a team of leaders together and plan to come.

God bless
Right Rev Hamish Galloway

From the Acting Assembly Executive Secretary

Special Assembly

A major event in the life of our Church since the last Bush Telegraph was the online Special Assembly. All those involved in the preparation and hosting of the Assembly are to be congratulated for an excellent result. Hope Presbyterian Church was very generous in their provision of the venue; the tech staff were brilliant; the facilitation group and minute takers worked long hours. I think our Moderator the Right Rev Hamish Galloway had good screen presence and led the debates very well; the whole top table team did a fantastic job leading this online event. A post-Assembly survey has been circulated to Commissioners and the responses to this will give valuable feedback in the planning of future assemblies. 

The minutes of the Assembly were confirmed by the Council of Assembly at their meeting on 20 May and are on the Church website here

The Council of Assembly also thanked and discharged three Task Groups that presented reports to both the Special Assembly and the one-day online General Assembly 2021. These tasks groups were: Te Mahi Tahi I te Roopu Mahi Working Together, Theological Education and Leadership Training, and the Theology of Property and Money. The personnel on these groups invested many hours of time and research into their work and they deserve our deep appreciation for their commitment to the life and mission of our Church.

There is a lot of work to be done as we manage the outworking of the Assembly decisions. I will be writing to presbyteries and parishes to confirm these decisions and with information about what is required to follow through. 

One significant decision made was that future sales of church property first be offered for sale to the relevant Maori entity before going on the open market. The Council of Assembly has asked the Church Property Trustees to assist and help guide presbyteries and parishes through this process.  

The Book of Order Advisory Committee will ensure that the Book of Order is updated as soon as possible to reflect the legislative changes agreed to at the Assembly.

Seeking a Presbyterian Research Centre Director

Applications are now invited for the position of Director of the Presbyterian Research Centre based at Knox College in Dunedin. The advertisement for the position and full job description can be found here. Applications close 8 July. Please contact me for more information if you are interested in this role.

Calling a newly trained minister

This year another group will complete their training as interns. Profiles for each person are available from the Rev Brendon McRae who coordinates introductions and discussions between final-year interns and ministry settlement boards. For more information, please contact Brendon.

Phil King
Acting Assembly Executive Secretary

Presbyterian Youth Ministry

Key Leaders Retreat 19-22 Sept 2022, Queenstown - FREE! 

We acknowledge the essential work of ‘key’ youth leaders within the Church’s youth ministries. A key leader is someone who heads up youth ministry at a particular church or organisation and leads a team of youth leaders in a volunteer or paid position. Research shows how vital this role is in the health and effectiveness of a youth ministry. We continue to see youth ministries thrive when a key leader has been in the role five to seven years plus. This retreat is aimed at: gathering, acknowledging, refreshing and equipping key leaders from across the Church. 

Please tell the key youth leader at your church they are invited to attend, completely free of charge for one key leader per church (transport not included). If you have a second key leader at your church, the additional person will cost $150. The retreat aim is to reconnect, acknowledge, refresh and equip key leaders across our Church. Registration is open now

No Connect this year… supporting the One National Leaders’ Conference, November 17-19 Nov, Wellington 

Why a national leaders conference instead of Connect this year?  With all the Covid restrictions, our Church hasn’t met nationally since October 2018. Hamish Galloway, our Church’s Moderator, approached the PYM national staff and asked if we would consider working as a team to put on a ‘One National Leaders' Conference’ in November, to connect, encourage, inspire and upskill all leaders in our Church: youth, and children's and family leaders, ministers, and elders.  

As a PYM team, we have listened and discussed with youth leaders in presbyteries and parishes. We believe a national leaders’ ministry conference directed by the PYM team could be a real gift to the wider-Church. 

We imagine this conference, while open to leaders of all ages, will be especially relevant for people aged 18-50. We will bring the vibrancy, energy, creativity and celebration, and connection that Connect is known for as we explore reimagining Church in the ‘20s. 

More information on One will be coming soon. We'd appreciate you giving us your thoughts on how this conference should look via this short survey

Gordon Fitch
National Youth Manager

Presbyterian Children and Families

Family Faith Moments 

PCFM has a number of resources available for families to mark the significant dates and seasons that we celebrate as a Church.  ‘Family Faith Moments’ are designed to help families engage with biblical ideas, and often feature an activity, prayer, scripture reading and reflection question. Most recently, these Family Faith Moments have focussed on Eastertide and Mothers’ Day. These Family Faith Moments can be easily adapted for use in a wider children’s ministry setting. 

Pentecost resources

As the Church moves into the season of Pentecost, we have developed a 5-week Family Faith Moment series, focussing on the events of Acts 1 & 2.  Christine Harrex has also generously shared her ideas for an intergenerational/all-age Pentecost worship service. Find Pentecost resources here


In preparation for our first Matariki public holiday, we have also developed a Matariki Family Faith Moment for families to reflect on God’s faithfulness in the past, God’s provision in the present, and God’s promise for the future. 

We are excited that in-person conferences and training opportunities are returning, many of which we are helping with and/or attending. We want to highlight the Way 2 Go events run by Scripture Union (held in many regions this year) as well as the upcoming Intergenerate Conferences, being held in Christchurch and Auckland in August. 

For some, Term 2 has marked a renewing in Children and Families Ministry, as we adjust our response to Covid. Some churches are gathering in person for the first time this year, and we want to acknowledge our CFM workers as they continue to ride the uncertain wave of Covid. We pray God’s continued guidance for those in Children and Families Ministry and share our gratitude for all that they do for our tamariki.  

In the name of our risen Lord
Robin Humphreys and Karo Wilson
Presbyterian Children and Families

Global Mission


Thank you for your prayers for Vanuatu. Although COVID has spread it has not been as bad as some feared. Lockdowns and curfews were difficult but have eased, borders open from 1 July. Students at Talua were locked down. The biggest challenge is families who support students having lost income, affecting student’s ability to pay fees. 

Term two begins this coming Monday and we are excited to announce the appointment of an English teacher to teach Diploma students English six hours a week. Hilary Oxford Smith will teach in Talua by Zoom from the South Island of NZ. 

Hilary says: “I am delighted to have been asked to serve at Talua College and join the staff team. I am looking forward very much to spending time with the students and encouraging them in their English language learning."  

Clearly this is a new way of doing things but an exciting solution to a complex problem of travel restrictions at this time. Please pray for Hilary. 


To support Tahan Theological College, funds have been sent to enable the completion of the women’s accommodation extension. Please pray for the school and completion of this project. Our overseas partner churches have funded Presbyterian Church staff vaccinations to increase their chances of remaining well and able to serve. The situation in Myanmar continues to be volatile and dangerous. We have reports of bombings and injuries to those in villages close to Tahan. Please keep praying.

Refugee Sunday: June 19

Start planning how you can remember refugees in your Sunday service. For resources see CWS, in particular Operation Refugee.

If you would like to take an offering or fundraise we have three suggestions: 

  1. Myanmar: We have reliable contacts to support Chin refugees in Mizoram India. Raise $30 for one bag of rice, through to $1,300 to feed one refugee camp for a week. (Contact Global Mission for how to send funds).
  2. CWS Operation Refugee: for refugees in Ukraine, Afghanistan, the Middle East.
  3. Support and build a relationship with a refugee family in your community.

Rev Paula Levy
Email Acting Global Mission Director

Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership

Ministers’ Study Grant 

Applications for a Ministers’ Study Grant are invited. Guidelines and application forms can be found on the KCML website. Please send your application to Registrar Susan Peters by Friday 3 June 2022.

Minister Development Plan Facilitators

We are looking to recruit more facilitators for the Minister Development Plan process, the new guide to help ministers’ focus on their development in the coming years. The facilitator provides a crucial role to help guide the minister in their reflections and plan their development. It is a paid role for experienced facilitators and coaches, however not open to any serving minister in the PCANZ. Contact me for a role description and expression of interest form. Applications close Friday 1 July, and training for successful applicants will be in July and August. 

Meeting Face-to-Face

We worked with Alpine and Central Presbyteries, and PressGo to facilitate the first face-to-face Forge Pioneer Leader weekend in May, and are looking forward to our first face-to-face block course for the year for NOM interns in Dunedin in June. 

Acting Principal, Rev Dr Geoff New returns from study leave mid-June.

Rev Dr Darryl Tempero
KCML Management Support
Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership

Presbyterian Church Schools

Service Learning

One of the core beliefs of our Presbyterian Church Schools is the importance of service to others. This comes from our heritage of working together to ensure all people have equitable opportunities. In recent years helping organisations have recognised research that shows that simply giving money or goods does not solve issues. Instead, models where they work with the community to assess and provide “a hand up” have proven more effective.

Similarly, schools have introduced a process called ‘service learning’. This model teaches students about community development and life skills as they take part in selected projects. Prior to Covid some of these projects would be overseas. So, the Global Mission office, in conjunction with Presbyterian Church Schools’ Resource Office, developed a manual which provided opportunities for students to reflect on what they were learning. 

Service learning encourages students to pay attention to their environment; to the new cultural experiences they encounter, as well as their reactions. This method also advocates listening deeply to those they meet, firstly so appropriate aid is provided, but also so they can learn from those they are interacting with. In addition, students are taught to develop a degree of non-attachment to the problems they encounter so that they are not overwhelmed by the guilt, frustration, etc so many ‘helpers’ experience.

In essence, service learning invites students to “be with” the people they are seeking to assist. In this way assumptions and barriers are broken down and relationships develop. In fact, the relationship-building at the heart of this process has led many schools to have long-term commitments with groups such as Women’s Refuge, rest homes, and schools. It also means over 10,000 young people a year involved in community service through our schools. Think of the impact – now, and for the future, from these well-trained cohorts!

Stephanie Wells (Rev) 
Director of Presbyterian Church Schools Resource Office

Presbyterian Women

The Importance of a Devotional Life

Recently I have been thinking about the ability of devotions and prayer to provide me with comfort, purpose, a sense of community while refocusing my attention back to what matters to me. Two years ago, I was in New York City taking a shuttle to JFK Airport. When our shuttle driver found out we were from New Zealand he told us that since the Christchurch Mosque attacks in 2019, he prays for New Zealand during his daily prayers. Hearing that we were in the daily devotions and prayers of someone whom I had only just met made me feel connected to a much wider faith community than my own church.

Earlier this year I attended a Prayers for Ukraine service which was streamed online from the church centre at the United Nations in New York. It was held by the Parliament of World Religions. For 90 minutes a wide variety of religions took it in turn to pray in their own tradition for peace in Ukraine. When the prayers finished there was a sense of being part of a worldwide community of many diverse faiths coming together to offer hope and peace to one another and all those directly affected by the war in Ukraine.

These two experiences have deepened my understanding about the importance of a devotional life both personally and collectively.

Ruth Steven
Presbyterian Women Aotearoa NZ 

CWS Notices

It was great to see a number of you online at the recent Assembly, and inspiring to hear about the many (and varied) activities underway across the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. We continue to look for ways we can work with churches, groups, and Church Schools to encourage greater understanding about people in need around the world.

Refugee Sunday

With this in mind, it is not long until Refugee Sunday on 26 June, a few days after World Refugee Day on 20 June and the launch of Operation Refugee 2022. ‘Pray, Eat, Walk’ is our focus as we seek to encourage reflection and prayer on the plight of refugees and displaced people around the world. This is an opportunity for individuals, groups, congregations and schools to join together to raise funds for refugees in Ukraine, the Middle East and Afghanistan. See the website for details and resources as well as some practical ways to take part. There is a video, quiz, stories, fact sheets and soon some small group study guides. Worship resources for Refugee Sunday will be available in June.


Thank you for your ongoing and generous support to our appeals. This year has seen an increase in challenging events around the globe. We are very grateful for the generosity that has assisted with the response in Tonga post eruption and tsunami. To date, CWS has received almost $250,000 to assist families to rebuild their lives and livelihoods - what an incredible response. Gifts to the Ukraine are catching up fast. Please pray for our world.

As always, if you would like someone to come speak, please let us know. We welcome the opportunity to share about the work of Christian World Service with you. 

Murray Overton 
CWS NZ National Director 


Apply for a Tindall Foundation grant – closes 20 June

Presbyterian Support New Zealand is The Tindall Foundation’s local donation manager for Presbyterian Support organisations and Presbyterian churches running community-facing initiatives, with a family and whānau focus. Please contact Presbyterian Support NZ if you would like to discuss your community initiative and whether it fits the fund’s criteria. See funding criteria and application form on the PSNZ website. Applications close on Monday, 20 June 2022 at 8 am. 

Apply for a Presbyterian Foundation grant up to $10,000

Parishes and presbyteries may apply for grants up to $10,000 for projects focussed on innovative people-to-people mission opportunities conceived at a local and regional level. Please read the pack carefully before you complete your application and make sure all material requested is included. Applications are discussed at PressGo’s regular Board meetings and the outcome of applications is advised as soon as possible after. Contact PressGo for more info and an application pack.  Applications close 1 Aug and 1 Nov.

Matariki information evening via Zoom for PCANZ Ministers & Worship Leaders

 From 7-8.30pm om Tuesday 7 June, Presbyterian minister Rev Dr Wayne Te Kaawa, Lecturer in Māori Theology at University of Otago/ Te Whare Wānanga o Otākou, invites Presbyterian ministers and worship leaders to a Zoom information evening on Matariki. As well as background to Matariki and Q&A, there will be guest speakers, the biblical grounding of Matariki, experiences of Matariki and Matariki services, and Matariki waiata. There may also be an upcoming daytime session for those unavailable in the evening. Email Wayne for more information. This is a Presbyterian event and Wayne’s offering to his Church.

Thank you from World Day of Prayer 

The National Committee thank all who organised services to mark the 2022 World Day of Prayer on Friday 4 March… Overall, we have had very positive comments about this years’ service and in a number of instances the music. Many included the prayer for Ukraine in the service and thank you for making this last minute addition…A reminder to return the yellow forms with the details of your 2022 services and to inform us that you have transferred offerings to our bank account… Please read the thank you message in full here.

25th Anniversary Celebration - Waiwhetu Uniting Lower Hutt

In June 1997, the St Lukes Presbyterian Church Lower Hutt merged with the Waiwhetu Methodist Church to form the Waiwhetu Uniting Church. They plan a celebration of the last 25 years on Sunday 19 June 2022 and invite former members and pastors. For further information, or to register your interest, email Brenda Baker, ph 04 569 5308.

Support Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy (ICHC)

ICHC ask for your support to continue their important work in hospitals. Whether through prayer, giving regularly, a one-off donation, or as a volunteer your support will make all the difference. ICHC are a registered charitable organisation, formed by nine partner churches, who provide chaplains of a high very standard to the hospital communities. Whether it be giving comfort, praying for someone, or serving communion chaplains are passionate about caring for the sick and those who need comfort. See how to support here.

Churches & free National Bowel Screening Programme (NBSP)

The NBSP asks churches to promote free bowel screening programme for men and women aged 60- 74. Watch Presbyterian minister Rev Tau Ben-Unu speak of his journey with bowel cancer after being diagnosed early through the Bowel Screening Programme. It’s a test done at home, clean and simple. Bowel cancer is the second highest cause of cancer death in NZ. Screening every two years can save lives by helping find bowel cancer at an early stage, when it can often be successfully treated. Find out more, see info in many languages here or freephone 0800 924 432.

Glen Innis holiday home for ministers

Proof of vaccination is no longer required to stay at Glen Innis. See dates available for the original homestead (now known as James McNutt House) and the former gardener’s cottage (Maud Hooper House) for the period July to September 2022 here.

Church Register

For any queries concerning the Church register, contact Kate Wilson.

Receptions to the Roll

Rev Philipp Potgieter (Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa), stated supply, Greerton-St James’ Union Parish, Kaimai Presbytery, 1 April 2022.

Ordinations and Inductions

Rev Fa’amanu Aperika, ordained and inducted minister, Roskill South Community Outreach, Northern Presbytery, 24 March 2022.
Rev Enosa Auva’a, ordained and inducted minister, Tauranga – St Peter’s Presbyterian Church, Kaimai Presbytery, 30 April 2022.

Minister Changes

Rev Lorraine Francis, other recognised minister to stated supply St Columba at Botany, Northern Presbytery, 1 December 2021.
Rev Dr Timothy Lim, other recognised minister to stated supply St Columba at Botany, Northern Presbytery, 1 December 2021.
Rev Helen Martin, minister emerita to senior active, Southern Presbytery, 10 March 2022
Rev Heather Kennedy, minister emerita to minister emerita and senior active, Southern Presbytery, 10 March 2022.
Rev Iain Dickson, minister Mount Maunganui – St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (Evans Road Community Church) to other recognised minister Kaimai Presbytery, 21 April 2022.
Rev Cameron Sinclair, minister - chaplain Dunedin Hospital to minister emeritus and senior active, Southern Presbytery, 29 April 2022.
Rev Arona Tusega, minister Otahuhu – St Andrew’s Community Presbyterian Church to other recognised minister, Northern Presbytery, 22 May 2022.


Rev Ian Bayliss, minister emeritus Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu to Alpine Presbytery, 8 December 2021.
Rev Gene Lawrence, other recognised minister Alpine Presbytery to Southern Presbytery, 8 April 2022.

Non-PCANZ Ministers in Co-operative Venture Ministries

Rev Lorelle Chapman, Methodist minister, to Hauraki Plains Cooperating Parish, Kaimai Presbytery, 20 March 2022.

Lay Appointments

Neil Livingstone, lay minister at Invercargill – Knox Presbyterian Church, Southern Presbytery, resigned from Local Ministry Team, 14 April 2022.


Rev Noel Brown, minister emeritus, Northern Presbytery, 14 March 2022.
Rev Timote Turu, minister emeritus, Kaimai Presbytery, 31 March 2022.
Rev Bob Coates, minister emeritus, Alpine Presbytery, 11 April 2022.
Rev Ivan Pierce, minister emeritus, Alpine Presbytery, 26 April 2022.
Rev Kim Bathgate, minister emeritus, Alpine Presbytery, 26 April 2022.

Parish changes  

Hamilton/Dinsdale – St Clare’s Cooperating Church, Kaimai Presbytery, dissolved 28 November 2021.
Pine Hill – St Mark’s Presbyterian Church, Southern Presbytery, dissolved 25 March 2022.
Presbyterian New Church (Palmerston North) change of name to Pathways Presbyterian Church, Presbytery Central – Nukuhau Tapu,1 May 2022.


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