Special Assembly 2022

From Council News, 20 December 2021:

Special Assembly 2022

The online Assembly agreed that business not attended to by the online Assembly would be dealt with by a Special Assembly in 2022. Council of Assembly has considered the current environment and on-going COVID developments. In order to provide surety and direction, Council agreed:

“That, given there are exceptional circumstance which will make it impractical for some Commissioners to meet in person, the Council of Assembly determines that the 2022 Special Assembly will be held by electronic means.”

Commissioners will be advised of this decision, and arrangements relating to the Special Assembly will communicated in the New Year.

Acting Clerk of the Assembly 2022

The Church's Assembly Executive Secretary currently has some health challenges. Following consultation, Council of Assembly believes it is important we allow Wayne to focus on his health and have thus appointed Ms Heather McKenzie as Acting Clerk of the Assembly until further notice. Commissioners and others who have questions related to the Special Assembly, please contact Heather direct via email or by phone 027 455 0124.

Update 3 Oct, 2021: Special Assembly, April 27 – 30 2022

The Assembly Business Work Group will be recommending that all reports and business that will not come to the online Assembly 29 - 30 September 2021, will come to a Special Assembly (April 27 – 30  2022). Planning for this event will begin soon and will involve a parallel pathway so that if the country is in lockdown they will have the time to prepare for a full online Assembly, as well as our usual in person event. In this way the Church will be able to consider all the business of Assembly. Commissioners for a Special Assembly will be the same as for the electronic assembly.

See information from the 2021 online Assembly here.