Synod of Otago and Southland

The Synod of Otago & Southland is a regional court of the Church, with jurisdiction over Otago and Southland parish and church camp properties, and over the allocation of income from funds administered by the Otago Foundation Trust Board. The Synod also generally promotes the interests of the Church in the south, and often pilots mission projects for the national church.

The Synod undertakes some of the functions which, north of the Waitaki River, are the responsibility of the Assembly Office or the Church Property Trustees. Otago and Southland parishes and church campsite committees apply to the Synod, through their presbyteries, for approval to: buy/sell/alter/lease buildings, borrow money, make applications to the Lotteries Grants Board.

The Synod’s sister organisation, the Otago Foundation Trust Board, is the perpetual trustee for Presbyterian properties located south of the Waitaki River. The Trust Board also administers the funds from which the Synod allocates income to eligible organisations.

At its annual meetings, held each April, the Synod decides on the distribution of the income from these trust funds. Although the majority goes to Otago and Southland parishes, the Synod has a policy of allocating substantial sums to the national church for enterprises which are based in Otago/Southland.

Funds administered by the Synod

The Synod offers financial support for a range of initiatives and has funds dedicated to education, mission and evangelism, ecclesiastical projects and more. Check out this page on the Synod website for further information about how to apply for funds administered by the Synod.

Contact the Synod of Otago and Southland

Office Location: Level 5, Evan Parry House, 43 Princes St , Dunedin
Postal Address: PO Box 1131 , Dunedin
Phone: 03 477 7365 or 0800 76 22 22
Fax: 03 477 6736
Executive officer: Fergus Sime