Global Mission stories

On this page, read the most recent stories of our Church's work in Myanmar, Vanuatu, India, Taiwan and around the world.

Stories from those serving in mission
Global Mission stories from Spanz

Stories from those serving in mission

Stories from 2020 

Partners in Mission Serving in Myanmar: Blog

Prior to the military coup, Wayne and Helen Harray served with the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar, at Tahan Theological College. This was the first time our Church had mission workers serving in Myanmar, so it was a big step forward in our partnership. Read the blog they wrote during their time in Myanmar here

Serving our global partners in Vanuatu

Brian and Ally Mackay were serving at Talua for one year until Covid-19 and then Cyclone Harold caused a dramatic change of plans. Read their story

Nicol Family Trip to Taiwan

During December 2019 and January 2020, Presbyterian ministers Andrew and Charissa Nicol and their children were privileged to spend nine weeks in Malaysia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Read about their experiences.

My Mission in Myanmar

Wayne Harray  put his background as a farmer to good use turning 15 acres of unutilised farm land owned by Tahan Theological College into a profitable operation that both provided food for Tahan's students, and acted as a demonstration farm to build local capability. Read Wayne's story

My Journey to Teaching at Tahan

Helen Harray served as a teacher at Tahan Theological College from July 2018 until March 2020. Learn some of the highlights and challenges of Helen's work teaching English to the College's students, who were aged between 16-24.Read Helen's story

Leith Valley Church on a Mission in Myanmar

A team of seven, led by Leith Valley Church minister the Very Rev Richard Dawson, spent 6-22 January 2020 in service to our Church’s partner in mission, the Presbyterian Church of Myanmar (PCM). Read the story

Myanmar Adventure

Read Kathy Boyland's story of her adventure in Myanmar.

Stories from Spanz

May 2019

Vanuatu missionaries return
Taiwan forum highlights importance of ecumenical relations
Indonesia partnership deepens

November 2019

Eye-opening experience of Palestine
Partner churches build connections in New Zealand