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Presbyterian Church of Taiwan


The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan (PCT) and the Presbyterian Church in Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ) share a valued relationship. There have been many reciprocal visits of ministers, and youth exchanges. The PCT has always maintained a strong emphasis on evangelism, social ministries, practical service and social advocacy. These have been features of the partnership between our churches. The PCT and PCANZ are members of the Council for World Mission and the Christian Conference of Asia.

Youth Opportunities

There are opportunities for youth programmes and exchanges with the PCT:

I Love Taiwan

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I Love Taiwan is an annual mission programme run by the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, for young adults aged 16-35 (yes, that is still young!) Each year they invite young adults from all over the world to participate in this multicultural faith-based event. Participants learn about the life and culture of Taiwan, and share in the mission of the church, while meeting like-minded young adult Christians from all over the world. Members of the PCANZ are invited to apply for this.

A travel subsidy is available from Global Mission (Applicants need to be endorsed by Global Mission). The remaining the costs (airfares) need to be borne by the applicant and his or her church. A maximum of four applicants will be accepted each year. Applications for 2018 are closed. Applications for the 2019 I Love Taiwan programme will be invited early in 2019.

Enquiries to Global Mission Coordinator Phil King


The relationships that we have with PCT provides many exciting opportunities and challenges and are immensely rewarding. Members of the PCANZ who have an interest in exploring mission opportunities with the PCT are invited to contact the Global Mission Coordinator Phil King, phil@presbyterian.org.nz.

For more detail on the PCT see their website http://english.pct.org.tw/