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A Year Teaching English at Talua, Vanuatu
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Global Mission in Vanuatu 2018

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Download the latest Nambawan! newsletter, which is dedicated to our partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu. This includes up-to-date information about the PCANZ personnel who are serving with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu, the many ways in which members and congregations of the PCANZ are involved, and the latest progress on cyclone recovery projects.

A Year Teaching English at Talua, Vanuatu

Click here to read about Helen Wells' experience teaching in Vanuatu. "I was a teacher at Talua Ministry Training Centre in Vanuatu for a year in 2017. During my time there I taught English to about 50 diploma students as a support for their religious studies."

Pacific Vision Vanuatu Brochure

Download the Pacific Vision Vanuatu Brochure here

Global Mission in Vanuatu 2018

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand affirms the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV)as our primary mission relationship. We are delighted to be partners in a number of projects in Vanuatu that we encourage our congregations to support. Below are some of the ways in which the PCANZ is working in Vanuatu.

Personnel Serving in Vanuatu
Two couples are serving with the Presbyterian Church in Vanuatu in 2016, based in Port Vila:

Neville and Gloria Jones – Neville will be working as a project manager for the PCV, and helping facilitate teams and individuals from the PCANZ who come to serve in different capacities. Gloria works in dental care and education, some of which is in the public sector alongside her work with the PCV.  Neville and Gloria work together in hosting PCANZ teams who come over on project work. This will be their fourth year in Vanuatu.

Martyn and Annette Vincent will be returning to serve in Port Vila for most of this year. Martyn is an accountant, assisting in the PCV Finance Department. Annette is a quantity surveyor and  educator; she will support Martyn and serve in various volunteer support roles for the PCV.

Nicola Young will be working as a volunteer tutor at Korvan, a PCV healthcare education centre. Nicola will assist in the training of nurses who work in the Government health system.

Rev. Dawn Daunauda is an ordained Anglican priest who will be on staff at Talua Theological Training Institute for 2018. Dawn will be teaching English to theology students, and assist in a variety of roles on campus.

Talua Theological Training Institute
Talua Theological Training Institute is the training college for the Presbyterian Church in Vanuatu and offers a diploma of theology, diploma of mission and Bachelor of Ministries programmes. Graduates from the college become church leaders in various denominations and evangelists to isolated villages. The PCANZ has supported theological training at Talua for many years.

We provide scholarships for Theology students, and for Bush Missioners – Ni-Vans who are trained to work in the remote highland villages on Santo.

The PCANZ’s Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership is working in a partnership with Talua and this continue t develop through 2018.

Church to Church Projects
Several PCANZ congregations have partnerships with churches and communities throughout the islands in Vanuatu. These range from building projects, youth programmes, and educational support. Your congregation is invited to enquire how to set up a mission partnership in Vanuatu.

Going Global
Going Global is a combined Global Mission/Presbyterian Youth Ministry youth experience, which has enabled programmes with schools and communities on Tanna and Santo  Islands.  Going Global will continue to offer opportunities for young adults in PCANZ to be involved in mission in Vanuatu.