PCANZ Global Mission Cyclone Appeal for the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu

Category 4 Tropical Cyclones Judy and Kevin hit Vanuatu within 48 hours of each other on March 1 and 3, 2023. The Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu has taken some time to gather information about damage to schools, churches and other property as a result of these cyclones. Many roofs were ripped off and water damage was sustained as a result, along with other impacts.

Due to the isolated nature of many of Vanuatu’s islands it has not been easy getting all these details together. But information recently received has estimated that repairs to PCV property on several affected islands will cost at least NZD $320,000. Onesua Presbyterian College on Efate Island was assessed separately and needs extensive repairs. This has not yet been costed but will be high.

Vanuatu’s economy is still recovering after the impacts of Covid-19 and Cyclone Harold in 2020 and the cost of these repairs represents a heavy burden on the members and schools of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu. So, PCANZ Global Mission has launched an appeal to help contribute towards this. 

Donations to the Cyclone App:

Donations can be made online to 02 0500 0086963 10. In the reference put 'PCV Cyclone Appeal'. Send an email confirming your donation to Katrina Graham - - so that a receipt can be issued.  

Thank you for your support for our Global Mission partner in Vanuatu.  Contact Global Mission Director Phil King for more information,

Nambawan! Newsletter - Vanuatu

Download the Nambawan newsletter which is dedicated to our partnership with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu. This includes up-to-date information about our partnership, and opportunities to get involved. For previous newsletters please click here.

Justice and Grace – A Case Study of Three reconciliation Ceremonies in Vanuatu 

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Global Mission Director Phil King researched reconciliation ceremonies in Vanuatu. As a result of this research he has written a small booklet which can be downloaded here. Hard copies are available by contacting Phil

Pacific Vision Vanuatu Brochure

Download the Pacific Vision Vanuatu Brochure here

Global Mission in Vanuatu

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand affirms the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV) as our primary mission relationship. We are partners in a number of projects that we encourage our congregations and church schools to support. Below are some of the ways in which the PCANZ has been working in Vanuatu prior to the onset of Covid-19; and which we hope can be resumed in the future.

Personnel Serving in Vanuatu

After a number of years with several personnel serving in Vanuatu, due to the impacts of Cyclone Harold in 2020 and Covid-19 we currently have no personnel serving in Vanuatu. The PCV has requested an English teacher to serve at Talua Theological Training Institute in 2022. Interested personnel are invited to enquire to Global Mission Director Phil King,

Global Mission – Opportunity to Teach in Vanuatu in 2024

The Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ) is a mission partner with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu and supports theological education and ministry training at Talua Theological Training Institute (TTTI).

Talua is the main ministry training college of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu and trains students for pastoral ministry in many of the protestant denominations in Vanuatu. The purpose of TTTI is to train and prepare the next generation of church leaders in Vanuatu. TTTI is looking for an English teacher for 2024 with the following minimum requirements:

  • Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) or an equivalent internationally recognised TESOL qualification
  • OR 
  • Degree or higher qualification that includes teaching English (preferably with experience in teaching English as a second/foreign language).

PCANZ Global Mission supports this position. It does not come with a full salary but a staff house is provided onsite, travel costs and insurance are covered, and a stipend is paid. The successful applicant may also receive grants and donations from mission supporters. The context is suitable for a couple who have an interest in serving in mission. The job description can be viewed here.

Applications close June 30th.

If interested in further information, please contact: PCANZ Global Mission Director Phil King; 0212506467.

Talua Theological Training Institute

Talua Theological Training Institute

Talua Theological Training Institute is the training college for the Presbyterian Church in Vanuatu and offers a Diploma of Theology, Diploma of Mission and Bachelor of Ministries programmes. Graduates from the college become church leaders in various denominations and evangelists to isolated villages. The PCANZ has supported theological training at Talua for many years. 

We provide scholarships for Theology students, and for Bush Missioners – Ni-Vans who are trained to work in the remote highland villages on Santo.
The PCANZ’s Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership has a history of working in a partnership with Talua. 

Church to Church Projects

Several PCANZ congregations have partnerships with churches and communities throughout the islands in Vanuatu. These range from building projects, youth programmes, and educational support. Your congregation is invited to enquire how to set up a mission partnership in Vanuatu. 

Going Global

Going Global is a combined Global Mission/Presbyterian Youth Ministry youth experience, which has enabled programmes with schools and communities on Tanna and Santo  Islands.  Going Global hopes to continue to offer opportunities for young adults in PCANZ to be involved in mission in Vanuatu when borders reopen. 

Onesua Presbyterian College and Other Colleges

There is a long history of relationship with Onesua College. We continue to have a keen interest in the school and provide partial scholarships to students through the Shirley Gray Memorial Fund, and assistance with school resources. 
Presbyterian Church schools have established regular contact with Onesua over the years. Other school partnerships have also develop din recnet years and are ging from strength to strength. . 

Korvan Community Health Centre

Korvan is based on a vision to train healthcare workers to provide healthcare in their communities throughout Vanuatu. The teaching programme at Korvan has expanded recently as the Vanuatu Government seeks to develop its healthcare delivery. New Zealand health professionals are assisting in curriculum development and teaching. Interested health professionals are invited to volunteer their services in tutoring.

Seasonal (RSE) Workers in New Zealand

Thousands of Ni-Vans come to New Zealand each year as seasonal workers on orchards and vineyards. Members of our congregations in regions which receive seasonal workers often provide hospitality and support to Ni-Van workers.
Vanuatu is our longest standing mission relationship. If you would like to join the long list of New Zealand Presbyterians who have supported mission in Vanuatu, please contact the Global Mission Coordinator, Phil King,