Speakers shone at conference

By Julia Umaga, PIC Newtown, Wellington

My favourite speakers were Fa'amatuainu Wayne Poutoa, who talked about where he has come from and what he has done and continues to do within his community in Porirua! That was exciting to see some one turn his life around for good!!!

Melissa Moon was another speaker. Previously I only saw her as an athlete, not realising her voluntary work at the soup kitchen and how much of what she does in the soup kitchen impacts peoples lives! You go gal!!

The final speaker was Marcus Akuhata-Brown, who went from a small town to the White House and meeting world leaders! Also the impact he made on a young boy’s life, to whom he said he saw potential in him and gave him his watch; then later on the young boy invited him to his school. Unbeknown to Marcus, it was to see that young boy become a prefect!

I was amazed by how many volunteers we have in New Zealand, this is why people love New Zealand because we are a nation with a heart!

The session on being great leaders was very inspiring and encouraging. I learnt a bit about having the right volunteers in the right positions and treating everyone the same and with respect and to always give recognition.

Below is what I asked our session to pray about:

  • Our parish has a strong ministry in hospitality and I would love to see us extend this ministry outside of our church compound to our Wellington community, and host one lunch a year for the homeless or those less fortunate. The families of our parish could bring grocery items and gift them to food banks. I know the sunday school do great work within our community and I would love to see us do things like this as a parish, as OUR VISION is that PIPC Newtown continues to be a thriving and welcoming church for the community.
  • It has always been in my heart and prayer that we as a parish would have a missionary ministry. We are blessed by talent and servant hearts within our parish, but we need to share the love of Christ with those who do not know Christ. We could provide our young people and families with an opportunity to go out into the world for a week or two, sharing with people in other countries the love of God by rebuilding homes, singing and praying and bringing the joy of God to people. This kind of work would all be voluntary, with the exception of having their travel and accommodation arranged for them. This kind of ministry would keep our young people within our parish, give them a goal to strive for within our parish and above all show the love of God!!

So I have sowed a seed of prayer and thought within our session and will prayerfully see where this leads too. If it’s God’s will, then he will see it come to fruition.