WCC invites churches to join in global prayer for end of violence & for a Just Peace in Holy Land

20 May 2021

As we enter the 10th day of violence in the Holy Land, The World Council of Churches (WCC), of which the PCANZ is a member church, invites all churches and individuals to use the order of prayer for an end of violence and for a Just Peace in the Holy Land, click here to view or download.

The WCC is appalled and deeply moved by the suffering inflicted as a result of the currently ongoing hostilities in the Holy Land.

“We convey to the churches and the people of the region our close accompaniment in prayer and in solidarity with all those who have lost loved ones, been injured, suffered harm and fear as a result of the awful violence and destruction,” communicated WCC leaders in an invitation to the prayer.

“We renew our fervent prayer that God will bring compassion and wisdom into the hearts and minds of those responsible for the violence, and healing and consolation to the victims of their confrontation.”

Tomorrow there will be a live-streamed prayer for the Holy Land 20 May, 16:30 CET (Friday 21 May 2.30am NZ time).