Induction service for a transition minister example

Induction of the Rev .... to the position of Transition Minister of St Andrew's Presbyterian Church, ....


The Interim Moderator, outlines the events leading to today's induction.


In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the King and Head of the Church, who has given gifts for the building up of his body, the Presbytery of .... is now to induct the Rev .... to the position of Transition Minister of St Andrews's Presbyterian Church, .....


IM: We are very pleased that you have come to be the Transition Minister here at St Andrews, ...., for the next season in this Parish's life. As you commence your ministry here do you reaffirm your faith in God as your Creator, in Jesus Christ as your Saviour and Lord, and in the Holy Spirit as your helper and guide?

TM: I do

IM: Will you follow high standards of personal behaviour and prayerfully, diligently and creatively

TM: I will, God being my helper

To the Congregation:

IM: As ... takes up the position of Transition Minister among you, will you support and encourage him and be open, individually and together, to hear God's word through him?

Response: ..., we welcome you and give to you now these symbols of ministry [members of St Andrews present symbols].

TM: Thank you. Let's work together. Let's enjoy our faith together. Let's share with our sisters and brothers of the other churches in our witness to Jesus Christ in this town and district.

Prayer (Elder of St Andrews)

Declaration (IM)

..., on behalf of the .... Presbytery I welcome you and confirm you in the role of Transition Minister in the Parish of St Andrews, ..... May God bless you and Sue in the time you spend among us here.