Sending Out

Join hands for the blessing.

Pass the blessing from one person to another.

Pass the peace in any appropriate way. (A handclasp, a hug, with the words, "The Peace of God be with you". Response: "And also with you".)

Give tokens or symbols to be taken out into the world. For example, a seed to be planted, a flower or piece of fruit to be given away, a balloon to be set free, a postage stamp to send a greeting.

Process or dance out.

Pass the "African peace": the leader or minister stands at the door and greets the first person out with a handclasp; that person then stands beside the leader; the next person is greeted by first the minister and then by the other person, and then joins the line; and so on. The line grows, and by the time it reaches its end, everyone has greeted everyone else.

As God has given so much to us May we go now to give of ourselves Of what we have and of what we are Living as we do in the grace and love of God. Amen

Leader  Go from here in the joy of knowing

People  God is with us

Leader  Go ready to serve knowing

People  God is with us

Leader  Go ready to give knowing

People  God is with us

Leader  In all that we do and all that we are

People  God is with us. Amen

Go into the world

With eyes to see the needs of others

With ears to hear their cries of joy and sorrow

With hands ready to give

For you go in the power of God To the children of God. Amen

We go into the world to further God's work, May the grace and reconciling love of God, Be with us wherever we go and seen in all we do. Amen