Invitation to provide feedback on theological education and leadership training

Earlier this year the Council of Assembly set up a Task Group to establish the key values and polity of theological education and leadership training across the entire Presbyterian Church and to map a new direction.
They were asked to review the place of both the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership and the Presbyterian Research Centre, and to develop proposals for both that will meet current and envisaged future needs of the Presbyterian Church.
As they undertake their work to bring proposals, they recognise the need to be responsive to the changing shape of both the Church and society; to ensure there is ability to be nimble and responsive to this changing environment; and to represent fiscal responsibility in light of the financial demands across the whole Church.
The Task Group will present its report (and any recommendations) to the General Assembly in 2020.
Consultation is a key part of Task Group’s work.
To assist them with their work, they have developed a consultation document and have provided two ways by which groups and individuals within the Church can respond – via online survey which can be completed up until 25 October 2019, and by writing a submission which can be sent to
For full details, please see and
I warmly encourage you to engage in helping the Task Group in their work.
Wayne Matheson
Assembly Executive Secretary