Theological Education and Leadership Training Review Group

Task group members
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Consultation feedback
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The Council has appointed a Task Group to undertake a review of theological education and leadership training within the Presbyterian Church.

The context and purpose of this is to establish the key values and polity of theological education and leadership training in the whole Presbyterian Church in order to inform future directions.

This will include reviewing the place of both the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership and the Presbyterian Research Centre and developing proposals for both that will meet current and envisaged future needs of the Presbyterian Church.

Proposals are to recognise and be responsive to the changing shape of both the Church and society; ensure there is ability to be nimble and responsive to this changing environment; and represent fiscal responsibility in the light of the financial demands across the whole Church.

The Task Group will present its report (and any recommendations) to the General Assembly in 2021.

Task Group members

The Task Group convenor is Simon McLeay, and the other Task Group members are Erin Pendreigh, Caren Rangi, Rob McIntosh and Sharon Searle.

Consultation Paper & Survey

The TELT group developed a survey, which was circulated widely in mid-2019. The group also consulted with a wide range of stakeholders. Key themes from the consultation are available below.

Consultation feedback

The TELT team is pleased to present a summary of some of the feedback received during the consultation process. The team advise that some raw data from the survey was mistakenly posted on this website last year and ask that this be ignored (it is no longer available on the website). Read the feedback summaries here:

The TELT group expects to publish a draft report later in 2020, which will outline their key findings and offer possible pathways forward. The report will be circulated widely, and stakeholders will have the opportunity to provide feedback through their presbyteries, before the TELT group prepares a final report for consideration by General Assembly 2021.


The Task Group expects to publish regular updates. Read the progress updates on their work below: