Theology of property and money work group

General Assembly 2018 directed the Council of Assembly to establish a work group to develop a theology of property and money, to consult widely with the Church concerning how we may better share our wealth, and report back its findings to General Assembly 2020.

Work group members

Rev Dr Andrew Callander (Convenor)
Mr Caleb Griffith
Mrs Jenny Flett (PressGo)
Rev Karima Fai’ai
Rev Mitch Jaram (Te Aka Puaho)
Rev Dr Ron Mills (Church Property Trustees)
Mrs Sandra Kennerley (PCANZ Finance Manager)
Mrs Teresa Parsons
Mrs Mareta Matenga (PressGo)

Discussion documents

Consultation documents including a draft Theology of Money and Property, questions for reflection and discussion and a study guide were published in September 2019. Read more These documents are aimed at encouraging wide-ranging discussion among church members and leaders about the theology of property and money.