Justice-Compassion Trust funding available - closes 15 Sept

A second round of funding is available from the Justice and Compassion Trust and applications have been extended until 15 September 2023.

Do you have a project that entails Justice and Compassion that you require funding for? See information below and apply.


What is the Justice-Compassion Trust Aotearoa New Zealand?
This Trust has been set up at the instigation of the Rev Dr James Symons, a retired minister of the Presbyterian Church of the USA, who spent time here in New Zealand between 2001 and 2012. In his “retirement”, Jim served as a transition minister in eight New Zealand churches*, and now, out of a passion for justice and compassion and in gratitude for friendship offered, he is funding a trust in NZ to help churches and communities move in the missional practice of justice and compassion. 

What are the aims of the Trust?
The overall aim of the Trust is to raise the church’s engagement in local communities in ministries of justice and compassion.  Work in justice and compassion will be defined for the purposes of this Trust as those projects, enterprises and ministries that exemplify the Way of Jesus of Nazareth who embodied justice and compassion as core values.

What sort of ministry is the Trust aiming to encourage?
 Our hopes and dreams are that the Trust will find itself funding ministries whose aims and purposes encourage any of the following…
1.    Belief in God (or a higher power) of justice and compassion 
2.    Cultivating and affirming the dignity and place of tangata whenua in Aotearoa
3.    Confronting racism and systemic divisions of people by colour or ethnic origin
4.    Proclaiming justice for people of all faiths (or none) and interfaith cooperation
5.    Stewardship of God’s whole creation, mitigating effects of climate change
6.    Seeking equal rights and opportunities for marginalised communities and addressing violence against these communities
7.    Encouraging personal transformation through spiritual discipline and mindfulness
8.    Supporting and promoting economic justice for all, critiquing structures that protect extreme wealth for the few and result in poverty for many others
9.    Supporting people of all ages and ability to contribute to inclusive community
10.    Promoting a personal and social ethic, based on the Way of Jesus of Nazareth
(Note: For the purposes of registration as a charity the Trust Deed states these aims and goals more simply. They can be found on the Charities Registration Web site.)

Where are the funds coming from?
Rev Jim Symons has generously granted funds to use as seeding money for such projects/initiatives and has indicated that he intends to make a bequest to further widen the work. However, the Trust will welcome donations from other individuals and organisations. 

Who are the Trustees?
The Trustees are friends and colleagues of Jim Symons, from within the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand and spread across the country.  We are: Pamela Tankersley, Christiane Ker, Sharon Ross Ensor, Neal Brown and Lynne Smith.
Jim Symons, his wife Patty Compeau and daughter Debbie Symons are in close contact with us.

Who can apply?

Initially teams, (groups and organizations) that may apply for funds may be associated with the eight congregations in which the Rev Symons was employed as minister. (See the list below.) It is noted that some of these congregations no longer exist - the Trust may use its discretion to fund other ministries and projects in these local and wider communities. In time the applications may be submitted from the wider community.

How much can be applied for? 
•    It is expected that grants will be given for seeding/funding creative initiatives, not for maintaining institutions.
•    This may include new projects of an established group looking to increase creatively its level of justice and/or compassion in its programmes.
•     It is not expected that these funds will be used for buildings or staffing. 
•    Grants between $5000 and $10,000 can be applied for, but the size of the grants will usually be in the range of $5-6000.
•    Grants can be renewed no more than once for the same project. 
•    A project evaluation will be requested within six months of the project being completed.

How is an application made?
•    Applications can be made on the form provided and sent to the address of the Chair/administrator Pamela Tankersley  justcomtrust@gmail.com 
•    A Trustee will be in contact to acknowledge receipt of your application. They may want to have a further conversation to understand more about your project.
•    When the Trustees have made a decision, you will be informed.
•    The right to decline an application is reserved and no correspondence will be entered into.
Timing for the second round of grants. 
•    Application date has been extended until 15 September 2023.

*Churches served by Rev Dr James Symons:
Somervell Presbyterian Church (Remuera, Auckland) 2001
Upper Clutha Presbyterian Parish (Wanaka) 2001-2002
Richmond Grove Presbyterian Church (Invercargill) 2004
First Church, Presbyterian (Martinborough) 2005
St. Christopher’s Presbyterian Parish (Seatoun) 2006
St. David’s Presbyterian Church (Palmerston North) 2007, 2008, 2011
St. Ninian’s Uniting Church (Karori, Wellington), 2009
St. Luke’s Presbyterian Church and Lansdowne Presbyterian Church (Masterton) 2012