June 2007

From the Moderator

Last month I got many comments for daring to suggest that Dunedin was wet!  Since then I have been in sunny Nelson and Blenheim - a rather different climate…

In Blenheim we celebrated the 150 years since the Rev J.D. Nicholson arrived in Wairau as the first minister in Marlborough.  A great occasion, with the local churches and the Nicholson family celebrating the fruits of his ministry.  We paused to remember the past strengths of our church, and to look forward to the next era of mission and ministry in Marlborough.  What is the legacy these pioneers left us?  Perhaps the steadfastness and courage to face the challenges that are before us as we engage with our local communities in effective Christ-centred service.

In Nelson the enterprise that impressed me most was the St David’s Adventurers.  This mission from our Richmond congregation is to senior citizens in the town, offering them a chance to live life to the fullest.  The day I was there they had taken 40 locals off into the Marlborough Sounds in a catamaran to play with the dolphins!

It was my great privilege last week to attend in Apia, Samoa, the funeral of the Samoan Head of State, Malietoa Tanumafili II.  I was accompanied by the Rev Tala Fauma’asili, Moderator of the Pacific Island Synod, and the Rev Ma’afala Koko and Mrs Olinda Woodroffe of the Council of Assembly.  Our presence as leaders of a church with a large Samoan constituency was greatly appreciated by the family and the government.  Malietoa was a great leader, yet humble and much loved, bringing stability to Samoa in a time of transition from colonial rule to the present democracy.  I learned much about Samoa as we celebrated his life, including the role the churches have played in this movement.

Now I am in the Deep South, enjoying southern hospitality – visiting the presbyteries of Clutha, Mataura and Southland.  My ancestors (on my mother’s side) came here with the Scottish Free Church Settlement, settling in the Riverton area. I am looking forward to understanding better what that heritage means.  The Church here tends to be both traditional and evangelical – I wonder if my ancestors could have envisaged their “daughter” as Moderator of the Kirk!  But all this adds more diversity to the richness of our Presbyterian Church: we are called to hold fast to the values of the past as Christ calls us out to share the good news in a very different future.

In the mean time, the peace of Christ be with you all,


Assembly Office update

Dear Friends

A New Chair in Theology and Public Issues

I was delighted to be able to attend the launch of the Howard Paterson Chair in Theology and Public Issues at Otago University early last month. The Chair has been supported through a major donation by the Paterson Family Trust and by significant support from the Presbyterian Synod of Otago and Southland and Gore couple Ian and Annette Tulloch. The Professor appointed to the Chair will lead a centre whose role will be to provide informed theological and ethical analysis of  issues affecting the lives of New Zealanders. 

I share the hopes of many who were at the launch that this centre will be a very significant resource for the Presbyterian Church as we seek to engage in significant ways with the wider social and ethical issues faced by both members of our church and the communities whom we serve.  

Fair Trade

The latest issue of sPanz addresses the challenge of becoming a church which supports Fair Trade. Soon after the last time I mentioned Fair Trade in Bush Telegraph, I was contacted by a church member from Warkworth, Mr Reg West. Reg’s son Richard was a Captain for Mission Aviation Fellowship flying in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, bringing out bags of coffee and people from the highland tribes.  He was killed in a flying accident two years ago. It is possible to support the work of the Fellowship and local Papua New Guinea communities by purchasing “Coffee with a Conscience”. You can read the story and purchase this coffee here. 


It was great to hear of the Rev Barry Doig’s award as a Fellow of the Photographic Society of New Zealand. This is one of the most prestigious photographic awards in New Zealand and reflects both the quality of Barry’s work and the length of time he has contributed in this way. Many church groups in New Zealand have benefited from Barry’s unique ministry, and the photographic record which he has established is important for present and future generations.

John Marshall and Bruce Corkill  have just been appointed as Queens Counsels. Both have convened our Book of Order and Judicial Committee and have fulfilled other important roles in the life of our church. John and Bruce join fellow ‘ex-Convenors’ who have been honoured in this way: Roy Somereville QC and Colin Pidgeon QC. George Barton QC, while not being a previous Convenor has provided very significant assistance to the Committee over many years. 

Pearl Hadfield (widow of the Rev Keith Hadfield and mother of Anne) celebrated her 90th birthday on the weekend. A regular worshipper at Johnsonville Union, Pearl is one of our church’s living treasures and continues to support the work of the church with her wisdom humour and enthusiasm. 

The Churches Agency on Social Issues (CASI)

The Methodist Church and the Associated Church of Christ have joined with the Presbyterian Church in the decision to bring the work of CASI to an end on the 31 December 2007. CASI’s Research and Liaison Officer, Paul Thompson will conclude his work with CASI when his contract is completed, which is also at the end of this year. The Presbyterian Church will continue its support of the Inter-church Bio Ethics Council and will make arrangements with CASI to ensure that the resources on their website remain available. Later this year we will also look to create some occasion to give thanks for the work of CASI and its predecessor – the Joint Public Questions Committee. 

In the meantime we have established a brief for our first social issues engagement publication which we have now commissioned and will be distributed to parishes (and other groups including politicians) in September after being edited and endorsed by a small editorial committee. While no publication can claim to represent the singular view of the Presbyterian Church these resources will provide a good analysis, a strong commitment to sound biblical and theological reflection and be intended to engage both church members and those seeking to explore what a Christian view-point might be on a particular issue. The Moderator will be working with us as we seek opportunities for wider social engagement on the topics we address in these publications. If you think there are particular issues of wide topical interest that we could address in this way please let me know so that we can prioritise our work on these resources over the coming time. 

I am also aware that there are ‘public questions’ justice and peace groups operating from individual congregations and within presbyteries around New Zealand.  I know for instance of one group who is working to challenge the growth of a casino in their community. There may be opportunities for us to publicise the areas and issues of concern which you are working on. Again, please let me know if you are involved in this kind of work and witness. 

South Island Pastor’s Conference

This was a great event hosted by the warm and welcoming people of East Taieri Church. Around 80 to 90 people attended a series of presentations, workshops and discussion on issues covering the spectrum of church ministry, life and activity. Congratulations and thanks to Michael Schwass and his team for providing our Church with such a positive and uplifting event. 


The most important event in the calendar for our younger church leaders is Connect – 29 June to 1 July at Otaki north of Wellington.  Connect 07 will include younger leaders from our partner churches from around the pacific.  If you do not know about this or are not on the mailing list for our excellent ‘Fuel’ publication for our younger church members then please contact Stephanie Redhead our National Youth Coordinator.

Induction  at Te Kakano O Te Aroha

A big thanks to the Rev’s Hariata Haumate and Wayne Te Kaawa for coordinating and hosting a weekend course at the Marae in Wellington for those ministers and employees new to the Presbyterian Church. I have been speaking with Wayne about the possibility of organising a three day tramp up to the isolated Marae on Maunga-pohatu, the sacred mountain of Tuhoe in the Urewera’s.  There is an extraordinary history connecting the Presbyterian Church, John Laughton, Rua Kenana and the establishment of the Marae at Ohope and the historic settlement on this mountain which Rua described as the ‘new Jerusalem’ (Hiruharama Hou).  Several of Rua’s relatives have and are playing important roles in the life of our church and John Laughton’s grandson, Mal Evetts, is now back helping work at the Marae.  So there is very much a living relationship with our church’s missionary history and our present day life as a church.   If you are interested in coming along let me know.  

Council meeting in July

The Council of Assembly meet again in Wellington for three days from July 20.  As the Council generally only meets three times a year, it is important that if there are matters you would like to bring to their attention then this is the opportunity to do so. Please write to the Council via the Assembly Office. 

Staff changes

Doug Langford retried at the end of May as the Secretary of the Church Property Trustees.

For some years Doug served in our Financial Services Department before accepting the role with the Trustees.

Even in the short time that I have been here it is clear that Doug's work extended well beyond what many organisations might have expected from a position such as his. I know that his work has also included a strong pastoral element as well as giving wise council and friendly advice to ministers and many others holding financial roles in the life of our church. We wish Doug God's blessing on his travels and his continued work on a more informal basis for the church and the many business and community organisations with which he is involved.

Replacing Doug will be Heather McKenzie who is currently the Clerk of the Synod of Otago and Southland. Heather brings with her considerable communications, administrative and financial skills and will be a great asset to the church in this role. What is especially good is that Heather will also be able to continue her work as our Complaints Officer and running our Book of Order help desk. 

I know that we join as a church in welcoming Heather into this new position and giving thanks for Doug's long service to the church. Heather starts work at the Wellington office on Monday 11 June. 

Please pray for

The nominating committee seeking the right person to become the first Professor of Theology and Public Issues at Otago University.

The family of Richard West as they continue to fulfil his commitment to the well-being of the people of the Papua New Guinean Highlands. 

With thanksgiving for those who use their skills and talents in serving our church and its work.

For our church as it seeks to engage in meaningful ways with the social issues affecting the life of the communities we serve.

For those preparing for Connect, our young church leaders and for those who are preparing to come from many Pacific nations to attend the event.  

For Te Aka Puaho and for the training and ministry of our new Amorangi. 

Martin Baker
Assembly Executive Secretary

Finance update

Changes to Stipend and Seniority Allowance

You should by now have received notification of the increase in the basic Stipend and incorporating the new Seniority Allowance. To reiterate the addition of the New Seniority Allowance is to be phased in over two years as follows:


2 – 5 years service;  3% of the basic stipend
6 – 10 years service;  6% of the basic stipend
11+ years service;  9% of the basic stipend


2 – 5 years service;  6% of the basic stipend
6 – 10 years service;  12% of the basic stipend
11+ years service;  18% of the basic stipend

Please advise Margaret Fawcett or me if you require a copy of the communication that outlines the changes agreed at GA06.

Kiwisaver update

Further to the attachment to the April finance newsletter, many of you will be aware of updates to the proposed Kiwisaver scheme announced in the Budget on 17 May.  The main affect on parishes is the introduction of compulsory employer subsidy of employee contributions. This is to be phased in over four years from 1 April 2008, starting at 1% of the employee’s gross salary, and increase by 1% per annum until the subsidy reaches 4% in 2011/12.  A proposed government tax concession of up to $1,040 per employee per year will offset the cost to parishes.

Because the budget announcement is only six weeks prior to implementation, and given the complexity of the scheme, there is still much uncertainty in the market about the effect of Kiwisaver on employers and employees.  I am in contact with the Church Property trustees; AON, the providers of our existing Ministers Beneficiary Fund; and the Koinonia Fund, a Christian based fund operated by the Anglican Church.  I will take advice from them and will, prior to implementation, recommend a provider and give more details on parish and presbytery administration of the scheme. 

Abolition of limits on rebates

Also announced in the budget was the abolition of the upper limit on tax exemptions on charitable giving.  This means that donors can receive a tax rebate of 33.3% on all charitable giving, above the current limit of $1,890. The change will take effect from 1 April 2008. Please contact me if you require a copy on the document accompanying the announcement.

Charities Commission update

I have received several queries on the response from the Charities Commission on group/parish registration for tax exempt status. I’m sorry we are still waiting on a response and advise you to continue holding off on parish registration.   Thank you for your patience.

Parish receipting of donations received

While the church has a group-registration arrangement with Inland revenue, I have been reminded of IRD’s requirements of parishes, when issuing receipts or acknowledgement for donations:

  • That evidence of the donation is in the form of a letter, on letterhead, or a receipt, with the parish identified as being linked with the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand
  • The parish name and address is identified
  • The name of the taxpayer for whom the receipt/letter is issued
  • The amount of the donation

Please contact me if you require further information

2007 statistics forms

The annual statistics forms for the year ended 30 June 2007 have been distributed to the Session Clerk of all parishes.  The forms are due to be completed and returned to your presbytery statistics recorder by Friday 3 August.  There are some minor changes to the finance form because of the changes to the definition of accessible income for Assembly Assessment.

If you have not received the forms, please contact Katrina Graham or call the General Assembly office on (04) 381-8283.

Brendan Sweeney
Finance Manager

Global Mission update

I am sure it is the same for many people, but there is nothing quite as encouraging as people responding positively to what one is trying to do.  I can say that the reason I have been able to continue in the role of Global Mission Enabler is because of the response from so many.

Give global

It looks as if we will top $250,000 in donations at the end of the financial year in June. This is double what we budgeted. This does not include funds that have been raised by, for example, a work party going to Vanuatu. This does not include the fund-raising done by associated groups like ‘Friends of Jagadhri’. This is just donations to the GMO.  WOW!  One of our promises is that we give all donations away to the specified recipients. Yep 100%. Guaranteed.

Go global

The latest Global Mission Gazette which will be posted in a few days time, once again carries the stories of those who have been and returned.  sPanz has an inspiring article telling the story of four young people who ‘went to the margins’. The latest copy of Fuel is dedicated to mission. Essentially if you are not writing the story, then you will be the one reading it. The way we work is not to try and get great volumes of people overseas to achieve ‘our objectives’. Our role is to broker a mission opportunity for you or your group. The starting point is identifying God’s call to you to serve. The testimonies of those who have ventured out tell the tale of lives changed.

Global Mission Gazette

Please contact Kerry Jones (GM Office Manager) if you still do not get a copy.  We will gladly send it to you personally or several copies for your group. It’s free. 

Future goals

There is no shortage of opportunity to hear the Gospel call to serve the marginalised of the world. You will be amazed by what you can achieve. Give us a call.  Ask the questions.  We exists to help Presbyterian and Uniting congregations ‘go to the margins’.

Andrew Bell
Global Mission Enabler

National Mission update

Mission Possible

In Christchurch on 23 May the National Mission Enabler, John Daniel, gathered together leaders from Kids Friendly, PYM, Student Soul, Regional Mission, Asian, management and support, for a day of encouragement, inspiration, equipping and engaging.  Several local ministers joined us during the day to share in the devotions and discussions about Mission Possible.

The level of passion for participating in what God is doing around New Zealand was very high!  As each shared stories it once again demonstrated God’s faithfulness, and in the face of what at times are discouraging statistics about our church, we re-discovered just how amazing God is.  His Church is not dying!  Some wonderful things are happening amongst children, youth, church re-development, young adults, in each of our cultures …  Ask Jill Kayser about the church that is asking for help because it has too many children.  Or Steph Redhead about how she is equipping and preparing passionate youth leaders.  Or Paul Kim about the growth in the Korean Churches.

We know that God is at work across New Zealand and that he knows the way forward, and that’s why we are passionate about becoming fully involved.

Heather Simpson
Mission Support Manager
Mission Possible

John Daniel
National Mission Enabler
Mission Possible
(03) 477-7948

Youth Ministry update

Well the PYM team are busy getting organised for Connect 07 which is going to be happening Friday 29 June to Sunday 1 July in Otaki, Wellington.  It is shaping up to be another awesome weekend of celebrating what God is doing in our youth ministries across the country, thanking our wonderful leaders, and equipping & inspiring them for another year of service.  An added bonus this year is that we have 25 international guests coming from countries around the pacific as part of the CWM youth leadership conference.  We are excited about the international flavour that they will bring to Connect this year.  If you have youth leaders in your church then make sure they know about and are registered for this annual event – it’s not to be missed!

We have just mailed out our publication called ‘Fuel’ where we explored the theme ‘mission possible,’ it looks fantastic and if you haven’t seen it yet it’s worth a read.  Contact me if you want one sent to you.

PYM is buzzing with activity at the moment and I am so privileged to be a part of a great team of leaders who love God and love young people and are serving so passionately in this area.  I am enjoying getting around the country and meeting so many of these leaders – be encouraged that great things are happening in this area of our church.  Watch this space as the journey of growth and development of PYM continues – I’ll keep you posted!

Yours in ‘mission possible’
Steph Redhead

Kids Friendly update

Government increases funding for out of school care services - An opportunity to reach out and serve your community?

The government announced in its recent budget that it plans to increase funding to providers of out of school care.  This is in response to the Families Commission five-year action plan advocating for the development of quality family-focussed services.

Recent research undertaken with parents by the Families Commission stated that families suggested that after school care services should be located at schools, churches and cultural/community centres.

Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand research “Attracting New Zealanders to spiritual life” 2002, revealed that New Zealanders are happy for their children to participate in programmes run by churches and in the event of people looking for a church they would be more likely to choose one that reaches out to and serves its community.

Kids Friendly was initiated in response to this research. It aims to assist and resource churches to become more inclusive and serving of children and families and to offer best practise children’s ministry.

Demand for quality out of school care is increasing as more and more families are forced to have both parents working.  Many of our churches are responding to this need by offering before and after school care and holiday programmes.  Some of these churches have become eligible for funding by offering best practise programmes.  (At present out of school care providers who are CYFS approved can receive up to $16,000 per year per programme provided.)  However, there is potential and opportunities for many more of our churches to respond to this societal trend and need.

Research shows that out of school care that offers children a range of enriching activities and opportunities can have a positive effect on children’s health and their social, behavioural and educational development.

Children are our greatest investment and care programmes create opportunities for the church to invest in the moral and spiritual character of our community’s young people and to offer support and love for families struggling with the daily demands of balancing work and family responsibilities.

If you would like to find out more about starting an out of school care service including before and after school care and holiday programmes, or for guidance in developing policy and undergoing CYFS approval, please speak to me. I have nine years experience in developing CYFS approved programmes and continue to be a member of the national Out of School Network.

Jill Kayser
Kids Friendly Coach
Phone: (09) 585-0959 or 027 210 3784


Christian World Service

Thank you

To everyone who participated in the events of Fair Trade Fortnight – a very successful Fair Trade Café was held in Wellington, with live music, a quiz, goodies from Trade Aid and guest Speaker Will Padilla, from Coope Argri talking about the benefits of fair trade for producers in Costa Rica.  A five-aside soccer match was held in Christchurch with teams from local businesses, coffee roasters, CWS and Trade Aid.

A big thank you to everyone who donated to the annual Christmas Appeal, $620,000 has been raised.

For the generous donations to the recent Solomon Islands appeal – CWS is working closely with partners to meet the long-term needs of those whose lives have been severely affected.  We will keep you updated.

Darfur Emergency Appeal

Please give generously to this appeal and support the work of CWS partners ACT International and Caritas Internationalis, providing shelter, health services, education, drilling boreholes for water, sanitation, hygiene and much more. 

To download a copy of the appeal flyer or to donate online refer to the CWS website. Donations can also be made by ringing 0800 74 7372 or by post to PO Box 22652, Christchurch.

A PowerPoint to promote the DARFUR appeal that can be used by parishes is available from CWS to arrange use of this please contact: cws(at)cws.org.nz

Water who owns it?

The documentary looks at the case of Sri Lanka where CWS partner MONLAR and its associated network of grass-roots organisations are struggling to ensure that the supply of water to small farmers is maintained, in the face of strong pressure on the government from the World Bank to privatise the supply. The centuries-old tradition of rice growing is particularly at risk from such policies, which would drive millions of people off the land.  A documentary for reflection on water as it affects us all.
To borrow a copy contact CWS, stating your preference, video or DVD and when you would like to borrow it, with an alternate date, by email, by post at PO Box 22652, Christchurch or by ringing 0800 74 73 72.

CWS update

This is available monthly as a source of alternate in-depth news from partners around the world, the next issue will be available for download from the CWS website in June.

Churches' Agency on Social Issues

Following the announcement in last month’s Bush Telegraph that the Presbyterian Church is withdrawing from CASI, there was a meeting of the CASI partner Churches on 14 May. At this meeting the representatives of the Methodist Church of New Zealand and Christian Churches (NZ) also decided to withdraw funding and so the decision was taken to wind up the operations of CASI.

CASI will cease activities from 31 December 2007, but we will seek to operate as normally as possible until that date. For example we will:

  • Complete the preparation and publication of our Climate Change Resource and related website links. This includes a resource for churches to do an audit on their current environment policies, and a guide for building an effective policy on environmental issues. The full resource will be available in June on the CASI website. 
  • Continue to work on our 2007 themes of:

Families under Pressure

Climate Change

Crime and Punishment

Binge Culture

  • Continue to publish Broadsheet every two months – available on the website.  The next issue will be out at the beginning of July.
  • Continue to make submissions to Parliament and Government departments where relevant. We note for example the current review of the CYPF (Children, Young Persons and their Families) Act.

See recent submissions on:

Easter Trading – CASI is pleased that the two Bills on Easter trading have both been rejected by Parliament: www.casi.org.nz/issues/economy/eastertrade07.pdf

The Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill – if fear of terrorist acts leads to our suppression of fundamental civil liberties and basic principles of justice, then the terrorists have won another victory.

  • Participate in the Methodist Conference and in the UCANZ Forum in November.
  • Operate and up-date our website.

CASI will work with the Partner Churches to ensure that CASI resources, including our publications, the library and the website are suitably archived in ways that will ensure their continued availability to researchers and those with an ongoing concern for social justice issues who can use and build on these resources. 

CASI has represented a strand of continuous church involvement in public affairs dating back to the establishment of a Temperance Committee by the Presbyterian Church in 1873. Our Methodist predecessor - the Committee on Temperance and Public Morals - was meeting as early as 1902. Later both committees became Public Questions Committees. In 1976 they amalgamated to form a Joint Public Questions Committee. In 1999 representatives of the Society of Friends and the Associated Churches of Christ joined. In 2000 the new group became the Churches Agency on Social Issues.

CASI continues to believe that the churches need an effective voice in the community and in the political sphere on social justice issues, and we trust that the partner churches will ensure ongoing ways for this to happen.

Introduction Work Group

The Introduction Work Group is still seeking viable parish profiles for the 2007 Ordination Studies Ordinands.  Our Ordinands are of high calibre experienced in many areas of the national Church and are ready to serve you at the completion of their studies this year.  Please email profiles to the Convenor Amanda Guy or phone for further information on (03) 476-6559.

Music in Worship National Conference

“New Soundings” was launched last year with “Refreshing the Song”: a Symposium at St Johns in the City Presbyterian Church, Wellington, at which Rev Dr Graham Redding, Dr Mark Keown and Dr Guy Jansen were the leaders. This year, New Soundings has organised a National Conference on Music in Worship at BCNZ in Auckland from 10 to 14 July - for clergy, pastors and music leaders from a wide spectrum of churches with traditional and contemporary worship styles. Against a backdrop of basic questions about worship, issues of musical styles and genres, quality, theology, appropriateness, and cultural context will be raised. Participants will be encouraged to ponder what the Spirit might be saying to us today. It is hoped that one of the outcomes will be the fostering of a larger body of excellent (Kiwi-based) worship songs. Presenters include Donna Dinsmore (Regent College, Vancouver), Dr Tony Payne (Wheaton College, Illinois), Archbishop David Moxon, Rodney Macann and six other New Zealanders. Email for more details, or access the website.

Spiritual Growth Ministries

Silent Seven Day Wilderness Retreat

Sunday 26 August - Sunday 2 September 2007

Set in the deep quiet of unique bush behind Muriwai Beach and near Lake Okaihau. Rugged coastline, sweeping beaches, forestry, streams, gannet and seal colonies make this a varied countryside ideal for a retreat.

This is a self-catering retreat. SGM provide the programme of worship, daily communion and reflection on them, and daily spiritual direction with your own spiritual companion for the retreat.

Cost: $25 registration plus $310.00 GST Inc. 

Email Carole Hunt for a brochure with more details or write to her at: 1A OgilvyTce, Plimmerton, Wellington 5026. Tel: (04) 233-0714.

Spiritual Directors’ Formation Programme 2008 - 2009

This comprehensive and proven, two-year part-time course is open to mature Christians of any denomination.

It offers:

  • Systematic study of spiritual direction
  • Regular workshops  conducted by an ecumenical team of qualified leaders
  • Supervised practical experience

For details contact the Co-ordinator:

Rev. Sue Pickering
83 Vivian St
New Plymouth
Ph/fax ( 06 ) 759 2331
E.mail: sgmtp(at)xtra.co.nz 
Website: www.sgm.org.nz 

Applications close 20 August 2007. Early applications are appreciated.

Prison Chaplaincy Service

The PCSANZ Trust Board has announced the retirement of the Executive Manager Rev David Connor on the 30 September 2007.  Arrangements for our celebration of David’s valuable service to Chaplaincy and the Trust Board will be announced nearer the time.

The Board is delighted to announce the appointment of David Major as the new Executive Manager.  Plans are being prepared to introduce David to the position and the Chaplaincy team from 1 July 2007. 

David brings to his appointment an extensive experience in pastoral ministry in New Zealand, Fiji, Papua, New Guinea and Russia.  David with the members of his family has had wide evolvement in Prison ministry; he is a past member of the National Parole Board.

David has for the past decade been involved in Political Administration, a City Councillor and recently a senior Political Advisor.  David is an accomplished administrator and gives testimony to a mature Christian faith.

Rev Douglas Mansill
Prison Chaplaincy Service of Aotearoa New Zealand Trust Board

The Presbyterian Foundation

Applications to the Presbyterian Foundation may be made from 1 June. Application forms, and guidelines for both parishes and presbyteries, are available on the Church website.

Parishes should submit applications to their presbyteries well before September, to allow time for presbyteries to evaluate and forward the applications to the Foundation by 15 September.


Hewitson Library latest acquisitions

Click here to see the new acquisitions list for April 2007.

Church Register

The Church Register lists additions to, deletions from, and changes in status on the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand Ministerial Roll as advised by Presbytery Clerks as at 25 May 2007 Please amend the roll in your yearbook accordingly.


Mr Gene Lawrence, Gisborne Hawkes Bay Presbytery was licensed on 19 April 2007.

Ordinations & Inductions:

Rev Gene Lawrence, Licentiate, Gisborne Hawkes Bay Presbytery, to Minister, St John’s Hastings, Gisborne Hawkes Bay Presbytery on 26 April 2007.

Rev Christine Elliot, Minister St Paul’s Timaru, South Canterbury Presbytery, to Minister St Martin’s Presbyterian Church, Christchurch Presbytery on 31 May 2007.

Changes in Status:

Rev Elizabeth McGee, Minister Emerita, Auckland Presbytery to Minister Emerita, Churches Together in Northland on 15 May 2007.

Rev Fred Bradley, Minister Emeritus, Auckland Presbytery, to Minister Emeritus, North Shore Presbytery on 24 April 2007.

Rev Dr Richard Colegrove, Minister Emeritus, North Shore Presbytery, to Minister Emeritus, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, on 24 April 2007. 


Rev Neville McGee, Minister within the Bounds, Auckland Presbytery, to Minister Emeritus, Auckland Presbytery on 2 May 2007.

Rev Douglas Mansill, Minister St Giles Mt Roskill South, Auckland Presbytery, to Minister Emeritus, Auckland Presbytery on 20 May 2007.


Rev John Ranstead, Minister Edendale Parish, Mataura Presbytery, resigned from the charge on 1 May 2007.

Rev Dr Tafatolu Filemoni, Minister Auckland Central – Newton Pacific Islanders Parish, Auckland Presbytery, resigned from ministry on 30 May 2007.

Removal from the Roll:

Rev Brian Weston, Minister Emeritus, Taranaki Presbytery, was removed from the roll on 1 May 2007.


Rev Dorothy Wallace, Minister within the Bounds, Taranaki Presbytery, died on 2 April 2007.

Ministerial vacancies

Click here to see the full table of vacancies

Highlighted vacancies