March 2008


From the Moderator

I wonder how you spent Waitangi Day this year?

For Roy and me, and many of the leaders of Te Aka Puaho, it was a really significant event. At the invitation of the Tai Tokerau Bishop, we made our way north to the Bay of Islands to participate in the celebrations on the Treaty Grounds at Waitangi.

We were invited to give the Word at the Service of Worship to commemorate the Treaty – Moderator Millie Te Kaawa read the lesson (the Beatitudes) and I preached. Read my address.

It was a significant invitation, for we Pakeha Presbyterians were late-coming settlers to New Zealand, and there was little regard, especially in the deep South, for the Treaty as a founding document. As missionary churches, the Methodists, Anglicans and Catholics were actively engaged in the signing process, and have maintained a high presence at Waitangi. Interestingly, the Tuhoe Iwi, with whom much of our missionary endeavors in the 1900s were focused, were not signatories to the Treaty either.

So here we were – in effect taking up an opportunity to tell our Treaty story of covenantal partnership to the crowds before us on the Treaty Grounds. I simply told the story of our tipuna – Rua Kenana and John Laughton, whose respect for each other’s mana still serves as a model for us all. I spoke too, of the return of the mission land at Maungapohatu last year, and was moved by the spontaneous applause that rang around the gathered assembly! 

I was very glad that we could go as partners – Pakeha and Maori standing together -  and Millie and I are glad to set this as a precedent for other leaders to follow. It was lesson to me to see how seriously the Maori people gathered at Waitangi understood more deeply how the signing of this treaty gave all New Zealanders identity and hope - in spite of the betrayals and apathy of others. The blessedness spoken of in the Beatitudes has been offered through woundedness and forgiveness.

We followed this occasion up with a forum at the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership, where Millie and I and others shared stories of what being bicultural means for us.

This month I will be visiting South Auckland Presbytery and will meet with more political and church leaders: look later this month for the election information we will be producing, both in conjunction with the New Zealand Council for Christian Social Services and in Spanz. 

In the mean time, peace be with you and may God bless you with love, faith and hope  


Assembly Office update

Dear Friends

I have three sermons to prepare over the next six weeks – which hardly will compare with the amount of time ministers and other leaders will be putting into worship preparation in the lead up to Good Friday and Easter. Will the data projector work, will the person responsible for making the sound system come to life turn up? Even for the best organised among us, there is that responsibility that comes with our roles that can easily undermine our own personal sense of worship and engagement with the great stories of our faith. Murray Rae’s lecture on liturgy reminded me of the role of worship in our reformed faith. The congregation is not an audience and worship is not a performance. Somehow, in spite of the photocopier breaking down and the loss of the extension cord, the Word is proclaimed.

February was a month of new beginnings. We started the month with the launch of the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership. This was a positive and hope-filled event marking the transition from the School of Ministry to the new Centre with its broader mandate to train both ministers for ordination and all those involved in leadership in our Church.

Later in the month, we celebrated the ordination and induction of the Rev Stuart Simpson as Global Missioner, serving with the Rev Andrew Bell. Andrew continues as the full-time minister of Otahuhu Presbyterian Church and will work closely with Stuart in the development of this work, which will be run out of the Global Mission Office located adjacent to the church.  

We also saw the first of the “Standing out in your community” workshops. Thirty people attending the three-hour workshop in Dunedin toward the end of the month; we will hold another 15 workshops around the country before the end of June. If you’d like to come to the workshop in your area, please email Communications Manager Amanda Wells for more details and to register your interest:

The General Assembly

The Assembly will be held from 11am Thursday 2 October to 11.30am Monday 6 October in Wellington. The Assembly will begin with a powhiri, lunch and worship service at St John’s in the City, Wellington, before commissioners move out to St Patrick’s College in Silverstream to continue business.

Commissioners to the General Assembly

Presbyteries/UDCs are responsible for ensuring that each congregation is represented by either an elder or minister, and ensuring that as near as is practical, the number of ministers equals the number of elders appointed. If the congregation is going to be sending an elder, then each congregation’s church council needs to decide in the next month who this is going to be. I need to know by 2 April how many commissioners each presbytery/UDC is going to send. (I do not need to know their names at this point – just the numbers.)

Nominations for Moderator-designate

Your presbytery/UDC needs to make one nomination for the position of Moderator Designate. The name can be brought to the meeting of the presbytery/UDC from a congregation or can be generated from the meeting itself. The nomination must reach the co-convenor of the Nominating Committee by 20 March 2008. Please post to: the Rev Doug Lendrum, 70 Khyber Pass Rd Grafton, Auckland.

Focal Identity Statement

By now you should have received material from the Focal Identity Task Group. Please contact if you require further copies. The Task Group has asked for all responses to be made to it by 30 April 2008.

Bringing issues before the General Assembly

The Assembly Office has recently sent information to presbytery clerks and UDC secretaries outlining the format and process of submitting proposals and references to the General Assembly. If you are planning to bring any matter before the General Assembly, please make sure you read Chapter 14 of the New Book of Order. The processes outlined in this chapter have replaced the practise of bringing memorials, petitions and overtures.  

Staff changes

With the forthcoming retirement of the Rev Dr John Roxborogh, the vacancy for the new Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership position in Auckland and the need to provide a permanent Registrar for the Knox Centre, there will be three important roles advertised over the coming weeks. You should contact the Rev Dr Graham Redding if you are interested in getting information about any of these positions.

Three weeks ago we welcomed Angela Singer to the position of Senior Communications Advisor. Later this month we farewell Jose Reader, who has been a highly valued member of the Communications team in several roles during the past four years. We wish Jose well as she concludes her part-time role to have her second child. Web administrator Jason Reed has reduced his part-time hours to one day a week because of increased academic commitments.


Please uphold the Knox Centre and the Global Mission Office in your prayers as they embark on a new phase in their work for our Church. We need also to be mindful of each other in this time leading up to Good Friday and Easter, and of the special demands this season places on those responsible for preparing our worship and study programmes.

Thank you for your generous support of the work we do together as a Church.


Finance update

1.  General Assembly Financial Report to December 31 2007

The half year Statement of Financial Performance and Statement of Financial Position, along with accompanying notes have been released by the convenors of the resource committee.

2.  Charities Registration - Co-operative Parishes and Parish Groups

The instructions that follow relate particularly to Presbyterian Parishes - Union, Co-operative and Joint Venture Parishes are not covered by the Presbyterian Church arrangements with the Charities Commission.

Parishes are receiving letters from the Inland Revenue Department advising changes to charitable purposes tax exemptions. While some of these letters will relate to the Parish other letters clearly relate to groups within the Parish. I have also seen examples where the group no longer exists.

The arrangements with the Charities Commission are that each Presbyterian Parish will be registered under the name of its Presbytery and this process is well advanced. The agreement with the Charities Commission is that groups within each Parish (eg Bible Class) will be covered by the Parish being registered.

Rather than Parishes attempting to deal with the Inland Revenue Department individually there may be advantage in submitting an informed submission to the Inland Revenue Department and for this to be done centrally.

Accordingly where you receive a letter from the Inland Revenue Department that relates to a group within the Parish or refers to an IRD Number that you are not now using, please send a copy of the letter for the attention of Douglas Langford and he will deal with it for you. The letter can be sent directly to Doug by email or by Fax 04 934 2636. When the issue is addressed a copy of the advices to the Inland Revenue Department will be sent to you.

Global Mission update

Hot Topic

A new year always brings a opportunity for fresh ideas, bigger challenges and renewed vision. We would be very happy to hear from you. If you think we are missing something or have dropped the ball, please let us know. If you would like our support with something that you have taken on, please let us hear about your project. If you have a vision for Global Mission that you cannot achieve on your own, please share it with us. We can’t promise to do it all. In fact we do not exist to do it all. We exist to enable individuals, groups, Presbyterian and Uniting churches to achieve their dreams. For example, we have a great list of possibilities that Stuart has detailed below for young people. But what about your congregation as a whole? What about that group of men who need something to get their teeth into? Be inspired by an extract from a letter we recently received from Barbara Pope of Pauanui. “A gift (of $1,000) to go towards the Myanmar Chicken Project was raised at a stall at the Pauanui fair in January. For $1 people could ‘buy’ a chicken (drawn on a piece of paper) colour it in and then pin it up on a board. Gradually our ‘chicken farm’ grew. Over 700 chickens were bought! It was fun! We reckon it’s good for the church to be seen out in the community.”

This fundraising effort followed on from the previous January, where the Pauanui community coloured-in pieces of a water buffalo and cart for $1 and the money raised went towards the Moderator’s Appeal for Myanmar buffaloes and carts project.

In hope


The Global Mission Office is here to enable others. Some of the focus this year is to engage with and enable the young people of our Church to experience what the church is doing overseas and to have the opportunity to be part of hosting a community.


An exciting mission trip to Taiwan, where young people will be hosted by the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan from 26 June to 12 July. The programme is called ‘I Love Taiwan Mission 2008’ and the two week stay in Taiwan is fully funded by the hosts. It is especially aimed at youth and young adults aged 16-35. This is one of the most exciting, stretching and inexpensive mission experiences available to young people.

New Zealand

The Global Mission Office and Presbyterian churches will be hosting a group of young adults from Taiwan and other countries throughout the year. Why not host a group who will come and share their stories, where an exchange of ideas and vision can take place. It’s an opportunity for us as a Church to be hosts, to share our faith and to be encouraged by what is happening in other churches.

Zambia and South Africa

The Global Mission Office has an opportunity for a group of youth leaders to go to Zambia and South Africa between June and July. The trip will involve living and interfacing with the young people at a youth centre and an orphanage in Zambia, and being involved with Southern Africa Youth Fellowship in South Africa.


Are you interested in Vanuatu? The Global Mission Office will enable your youth group to go to Vanuatu and experience and take part in what the Church is doing there.

Training in Mission

Applications are now open for the Council for World Mission’s Training in Mission Programme 2009. Ten young adults between the ages of 20 and 30 from around the world live in a community and through the theory and practice of mission in South Africa and India have their lives changed. This is a programme that will change your life forever and is fully funded by CWM.


Are you interested in visiting a Thai prison and experiencing the ministry of Kathryn McDaniel? Get in contact with the Global Mission Office and we can make it happen. Generally it’s a two month stay in December and January of each year partly sponsored by the GMO.



National Mission update

Anyone who’s been surfing the Presbyterian website recently will see that it’s been enlivened by a number of photographs. Along with these changes, the National Mission section of the site is making improvements and additions. Some minor (mostly cosmetic) ones have already been made, and there are plenty more to come.

Over the next few months, we’ll be highlighting the work of National Mission/Mission Possible. John Daniel and those involved in National Mission will update information on leadership effectiveness, the wellness of ministers, managing conflict and the Mission Possible Toolkit series.

In 2008 we want to include stories about mission from different parts of the country - both big and little success stories. We invite you to contribute to this by telling us what’s happening in the way of mission in your neck of the woods.

Youth Ministry update

PYM started the year with a BANG! There has been a successful beach mission trip led by Steve over the New Year period, North Island and South Island Faith Festivals, coordinated by Steve (North) and Steph (South).

Steph and Robyn spent time at the Parachute festival, held in Hamilton in January where they camped amongst other PYM tribes from throughout the country. PYM will be coordinating another group for next year’s festival, which means cheaper tickets and nice Pressie neighbours to camp next to, so make sure your youth group gets in on that! See the latest Spanz for an account of this year’s goings on.

Judy was involved in the Waitangi Day celebrations on our behalf.

Keep your eye out for our next edition of FUEL, which is currently being put together and will be mailed out in early April.

Until then though, there are some things you need to know….. Our annual Connect youth leaders’ conference is happening 4-6 July. It’s in Christchurch this year so make sure you book your travel early to get the cheapest prices!

Youth Assembly 08 is happening in Wellington 30 September – 2 October, just before General Assembly, and now is the time to be thinking about which youth representatives need to be nominated to their presbyteries.

With Easter coming up, planning is happening all around the country for the numerous numbers of Easter Camps that will take place – make sure your youth ministry is registered for one near you!

That’s about all from us for now – we pray God’s blessing upon you as you work faithfully in the ministry in which you are called to serve. If you need any help from us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

The PYM Team

Presbyterian Archives

30 years of Archives Service

With the re-establishment of the Historical Records Committee in 1978, an independent Archive began to emerge in Dunedin. Parish and General Assembly records had been trickling down to Dunedin since the 1950s and by the 1970s these collections had become too large for the Hewitson Librarian and staff to manage. The appointment of a committee eased this burden by taking responsibility for the development of collection and processing policies and assisting parishes throughout the country.

The initial task for the committee was to ascertain where the records of parishes and the General Assembly were and in the condition of them. The aim for collating the results was to enlarge the National Register of Archives begun in 1928. A second responsibility was to locate a regional repository in each Presbytery and thirdly to find funding to employ an archivist.

John Bennett was appointed for 15 hours per week under a Government Works Scheme in September 1982. In time the Synod of Otago and Southland funded the position. As the archive’s responsibilities grew, the General Assembly recognised the need to increase its contribution, which meant that the professional development of a Presbyterian Archives Office could seriously begin.

Essential to developing a professional Archives Office was the issue of suitable storage and office space. By 1990, an area had been set aside in the basement for both an office and storage, which consisted of mobile and static shelving.

Over these last 18 years, the archives has become a fully fledged professional institution, employing two full-time staff, two part-time staff, one temporary staff member and two volunteers. The collections now measure 1.3 kilometres, and added to this are 80,000 photographic images, 3000 audio tapes and some hundreds of videos. Inquiries average 800 per year, many as a result of the website. An electronic catalogue known as ARK is growing and we hope that during this coming year it will be searchable online in a limited form.

Throughout 2008 the Archives staff plan to have several activities and displays as part of celebrating reaching 30 years of age. Watch this space for further developments.


The Archives and Research Centre are pleased to have contributed historic Church artefacts to two significant museum exhibitions.

The Scots in New Zealand: at Te Papa includes Communion vessels from East Taieri (1854) and old Communion tokens from The First Church of Otago (1848) and Otahuhu (1854). Such tokens were given out at a preparatory service prior to the Communion on the Sabbath.

Otago's Otago: at The Otago Museum: effectively captures the spirit and story of this Province, immersing visitors in the “essence” of Otago. Presbyterian artefacts and ephemera woven into the display include invoices for building and educational material purchased in Scotland for Otago's first school (1848), the Rev Thomas Burns' contract (1848), an early land purchase agreement (signed in Edinburgh in 1847), Communion vessels, Communion Tokens, and a Gaelic Bible. The exhibition has been extended for a further six months until May 2008.

Don’t know what to keep for Posterity?

Visit the website under Parish Handbook and you will find what to retain, for how long, and how to store it. Any further questions, please make contact with the director, Yvonne Wilkie,


Words and Music request

Anyone who can help me with the Words and Music of “Go Now in Peace”, please contact  Jim Battersby,  36/1381 Dominion Rd, Mt Roskill, Auckland 1041; Ph. 09-626-6370, or email

CWS notices

Kenyan crisis: urgent appeal

As the violence and civil unrest in Kenya continues, increasing numbers of refugees are fleeing over the border to Uganda. CWS partner the Church of Uganda urgently needs US$60,000 to meet the needs of Kenyans, mainly women and children, seeking a safe haven. Already more than 2000 refugees are temporarily sheltered in schools and churches at the border. Many more are staying with family and friends. The Church of Uganda needs to provide them with food, plastic sheeting for temporary shelter, blankets, clothing, water supplies and sanitation services.

Christian World Service has already sent US$10,000 from its emergency funds and is appealing for member churches to support the appeal so more families can receive relief and ongoing support. To donate: phone 0800 74 73 72 or go to

Global Encounter for Young People

As part of the World Council of Churches’ Decade to Overcome Violence, CWS is bringing young people together to discuss their experiences of conflict and examine ways to build peace both here and overseas.

Youth representatives from Sri Lanka, Timor Leste, the Solomon Islands, Fiji and New Zealand will attend three hui where they will share the effects of living with violence in their own country, ideas on how to prevent violence and ways to build a peaceful community.

The live-in youth conferences will be held at Te Maungarongo Marae, Ohope (18-20 July), Camp Wainui, Wellington (25-27 July) and Cracroft Guide Centre, Christchurch (1-3 August). Young people aged 15-25 years are invited to attend but places are limited. Contact 0800 74 73 72 ext 108 for further information and to register your interest in attending.

Worship Resources available from CWS

Talking about Toilets: Sanitation Worship Resources prepared for World Water Day 22 March

Open Your Eyes, Open Your Ears: Worship resources for a Lenten journey focussing on poverty issues

Download from

Check out the archive of worship resources on the CWS website for other social justice topics. CWS worship materials can be adapted to your own needs and used at any time.

Solomon Islands documentary NOW available

Lauru Our Land: Solomon Island Women Face the Future , filmed by CWS last year, has been released. It features CWS partner the Women’s Programme of the Lauru Land Conference as it assists women to improve their well-being and livelihood and protect their land against foreign logging interests. The documentary can be borrowed in DVD or video format and is accompanied by a study guide. Contact /phone 0800 74 73 72 for video/DVD orders stating the format required (video or DVD) and the date you wish to use them.

APW/MWF Special Project

CWS partner, House of Passage, a programme working with at risk girls in the streets and slums of Recife, Brazil is being supported by this year’s APW/MWF special project. CWS can provide further information on the work of the House of Passage, including a DVD on their work (A Path to Citizenship). Speakers are also available to address your church group. Contact or phone 0800 74 73 72

School of Ministry Scholarships

2008 Postgraduate scholarship 2008

The School of Ministry, Knox College invites applications from suitable candidates for the 2008 Begg-Dickie Post Graduate Scholarship. The scholarship aims to promote and develop the theologi­cal and teaching resources of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. In order to qualify for 2008, you must have graduated from the School of Ministry between 2003 and 2007. The scholarship will contribute to the cost of fees, travel and living expenses for one year, incurred as part of post-graduate study in New Zealand or abroad, as approved by the Senatus of the School. If working towards a two year MTheol or three year PhD, the recipi­ent may apply for a further one or two years funding, subject to Senatus approval. On com­pletion, it is expected that the recipient proceed to service within the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. The submission deadline is 31 March 2008.

Your application must include:

A letter of application, a statement of study goals and how the study will benefit you and the Church, information on where you want to study and possible supervisors, an estimate of study costs, a curriculum vitae, your academic transcripts, the names of two confidential referees (not currently on the staff of the School).

Please send applications to:

The Registrar, School of Ministry, Knox College, Arden Street, Opoho, Dunedin. For further information, visit

Ministry study grants 

Are you a Presbyterian minister planning on further study? Do you know that you can apply for a study grant from the School of Ministry?

Applications are invited in March and September each year for post-ordination study grants for ministers in good standing of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. These grants are made possible through the generosity of the Mary Ann Morrison and M S Robert­son estates and are administered by the Senatus of the School of Ministry.

What are the rules?

1. The proposed course of study will aid the applicant's professional development.

2. There is a potential benefit to the Church and the probability of significant service to the Church.

3. Parish and presbytery approval has been obtained for the study, where appropriate.

In normal circumstances grants do not exceed one-third of the study costs involved and may be held in conjunction with other scholarships and grants other than the Postgraduate Scholarship. Grants are not made retrospectively and relate only to costs to be incurred by the scholarship holder themselves.

How do I apply?

Applicants are asked to address the criteria and set out their expected costs including con­ference fees, tuition fees, basic accommodation and travel, and to supply any other informa­tion that may be relevant.

Enquiries to: the Registrar, School of Ministry, Knox College, Arden Street Opoho, Dunedin. Due dates 31 March, 30 September.

Introduction Work Group

We are seeking profiles of parishes for the exiting ordinands from the Knox Centre of Ministry & Leadership.  Please consider these capable students with fresh ideas of engaging with congregations today. Contact Amanda Guy – Convener IWG - for more information or to see the ordinands’ personal profiles. Phone (03) 476 6559 or email

Ministry with children, young people and their families

General Assembly 2006 agreed to new regulations about Ministry with Children, Young Persons and their families. View the extract from General Assembly.

Regulation 88A is a requirement for all parishes to develop and implement a safety and protection policy in relation to children and young persons in their care. Parishes and presbyteries should be aware that a sample safety and protection policy is available from the Assembly Office and parishes do not have to develop their own. All parishes are reminded that they are required to have and implement such a policy.

Regulation 88B is about parish appointees to positions in ministry with children, young persons and their families, and regulation 172 applies the same provisions to presbytery appointments.

88B ii reads “Where the appointee for a position involving ministry with children and young persons and families, does not in the opinion of the Session or Parish Council have a relevant qualification or previous experience working with children, young persons and families, such person shall be encouraged to undertake a suitable course involving the following areas:

  1. vision and goals for ministry with children
  2. biblical foundations
  3. understanding children
  4. models and strategies for ministry with children
  5. safety and protection issues
  6. developing skills for ministry with children
  7. resources and guidelines

The good news for parishes and presbyteries is that you do not have to search for such a course.  EIDTS has a course available that covers those exact subjects: MM209 MINISTRY WITH CHILDREN.

This course was written for the Ecumenical Institute of Distance Theological Studies (EIDTS) by Mary Petersen, a Presbyterian Minister who was formerly the National Co-ordinator of Ministry with Children and Families for the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Mary also tutors the course, which is available as distance education. Students are sent a study guide and book of readings and then do assignments at times that suit them, generally within one calendar year. The assignments are practical and relate to the student’s own context.

Parishes and presbyteries are encouraged to make this course known to all those who might benefit from it and to be particularly enthusiastic in promoting it to all appointees working with children and young persons and their families. Enquiries and applications should be made to EIDTS,

Spiritual Growth Ministries

Spiritual Growth Ministries' programme of events throughout New Zealand for 2008, and the latest edition of the Refresh Journal entitled "Spirituality and Justice" is now available from:

Carole Hunt: email:

24-31 August 2008: Seven Day Wilderness/Film Retreat

in the beautiful Muriwai setting with upgraded camp accommodation at Houghton's Bush Camp, Auckland.

This is a directed self-catering retreat.
Registration: $25.00 (non refundable) Cost: $310.00
Registration closing date 12 August.
Email Carole Hunt for brochure and registration form 

Book of Order queries

Book of Order enquiries can be made to Heather McKenzie, email or freephone 0800 424-872.  


New group study available now

“Connecting with young people: A study for the whole church”

Hardly a day goes by without reading a story in the news about a young person who has gone off the rails. The world should be full of opportunity for our young people, and despite all the gifts they have, this often isn't the case with young Kiwis featuring in all the wrong statistics: high teen suicide rates, more and more young people are growing up in families where Mum and Dad live apart, and as reported recently, more young people than ever before on the sickness benefit due to depression. 

While not every church has young people in it, we all have children, grandkids and neighbours. What can we do as a Church and as individuals to better connect with the young people around us? How can we help young people hear the Good News in their language?

Please check out the group study booklet "Connecting with Young People " that has been recently mailed out to parishes. It's a study for the whole Church aimed at encouraging us to reflect on the issues facing young people and what we can do through better relationships to help them realise their potential.

Additional copies of the group study booklet are available by emailing Lynne at

Church Register

The Church Register lists additions to, deletions from, and changes in status on the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand Ministerial Roll as advised by Presbytery Clerks as at 25 Feb 2008

Please amend the roll in your yearbook accordingly.


Mr Douglas Bradley, was licensed Bay of Plenty Presbytery on 29 November 2007. .

Ordinations & Inductions:

Rev Douglas Bradley, Licentiate Bay of Plenty Presbytery was ordained and inducted as Minister Glendowie Presbyterian Church, Auckland Presbytery, 31 January 2008.

Rev Chris Konings, Member Dunedin Presbytery, to Stated Supply Mosgiel/North Taieri Parish, Dunedin Presbytery, 7 February 2008.

Rev John Wilkie, Lay Supply, Hawera – St John’s Parish, Taranaki Presbytery, to Local Ordained Minister, Hawera – St John’s Parish, Taranaki Presbytery, 11 December 2007.

Rev Ma’afala Koko, Minister Owairaka-Pacific Islanders, Auckland Presbytery, to Auckland Central, Newton Pacific Islanders, Auckland Presbytery, 22 January 2008.

Rev Stuart Simpson, Licentiate, Auckland Presbytery, ordained and inducted as Global Missioner, Assembly Service Team, by Auckland Presbytery, 21 February 2008.

Transfers and Change of Status:

Rev Chris Konings, Stated Supply, Mosgiel/North Taieri Parish, Dunedin Presbytery to Member Dunedin Presbytery, 31 December 2007.

Rev Mary-Jane Konings, Stated Supply, Mosgiel/North Taieri Parish, Dunedin Presbytery to Member Dunedin Presbytery, 31 December 2007.

Rev Neville Jackson, Minister Central Southland Presbyterian Parish, Southland Presbytery, to Other Recognised Minister, Nelson/Marlborough Presbytery, 13 January 2008.

Rev Paul Fransham, Other Recognised Minister, North Shore Presbytery to Member, North Shore Presbytery, on 11 December 2007. 

Changes in Co-Operative Venture Ministries:

Rev Ron Webb, Associated Churches of Christ, will finish his term as Minister, Trinity Tikipunga Co-operative Venture, Churches Together in Northland, on 31 March 2008.

Rev Rodney Routledge, Other Recognised Minister, Christchurch Presbytery, to Minister New Brighton Union Parish, Christchurch Presbytery, 3 February 2008. This is a Methodist appointment.

Translations & Appointments:

Short Term Appointments:


Rev Helen Wallis, Minister Special Ministry, Timaru – St Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, South Canterbury Presbytery, to Minister Emerita, Christchurch Presbytery, 29 January 2008.

Rev Tom Millar, Minister Brooklands Co-operating Church, Taranaki Presbytery, to Minister Emeritus, Taranaki Presbytery, 8 March 2008.


Removal from the Roll:


Parish Register:

Levin St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Manawatu/Wanganui Presbytery, merged with St John’s Methodist Levin, on 3 February 2008.  Is now called Levin Uniting Parish and is under Presbyterian oversight.

Ministerial vacancies

Click here to see the full table of vacancies

Highlighted vacancies

Ecumenical healthcare chaplain (south Canterbury)

To Timaru and Talbot Park Hospitals
of the South Canterbury DHB
& Aged Care Homes and Hospitals run by
Presbyterian Support South Canterbury

 Applications are sought from experienced chaplains and other suitably ordained clergy for the above full time position covering these healthcare facilities in Timaru and Temuka. This position is being offered on the basis of a 2 year term initially. 

 Applicants should have completed a minimum of one CPE Course and have experience in hospital chaplaincy, parish or other relevant ministry positions.

The ability to provide spiritual healthcare to people with a range of

health needs and from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds, and to fully participate in  multi-disciplinary healthcare teams, consistent with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, is absolutely essential.

The successful applicant will co-ordinate a small team of voluntary chaplaincy assistants who assist in providing Christian ministry, spiritual and emotional support and pastoral care to patients, residents, their families and staff in the hospitals and rest homes.

An appointee who is not already an Accredited Healthcare Chaplain will be required to work towards obtaining accreditation.  Chaplains are now required to become accredited within 5 years of appointment. 

The closing date for applications is Monday 31 March 2008.

An information pack is available from:

National Executive Officer
Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy
PO Box 6427
Marion Square  
Phone:  04-801 8008 
Fax:       04-381 4842

Hospital Chaplain to Maori (Palmerston North)

Palmerston North Hospital, MidCentral DHB

Applications are sought from experienced chaplains and other suitably qualified  ordained Maori clergy for the part - time (8 – 10 hours per week) chaplaincy position to Maori as part of the Ecumenical Chaplaincy Team covering the Palmerston North Hospital. The position is being offered on the basis of a 2 year term initially.

Applicants should ideally have completed a CPE  or equivalent course and must have experience in hospital chaplaincy or other ministry to Maori in parish or other relevant positions. An ability to speak and lead worship in English and Te Reo Maori is essential.

The ability to provide spiritual health care to people with a range of health needs and from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds, and to participate in a multi-disciplinary health care team, consistent with the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, is also absolutely essential.  Chaplains must be willing to minister to people irrespective of their faith or culture. 

The successful applicant will become a member of a chaplaincy team of 1 Full-time and 3 part-time chaplains, providing Christian ministry, spiritual and emotional support and pastoral care to patients, families and staff. They may also be required to share in training, supervising and leading a small group of voluntary Chaplaincy Assistants. The ability to work as part of a team is essential.  

Healthcare chaplains are required to work towards obtaining accreditation within 5 years of appointment. 

The closing date for the receipt of applications is to Monday 31 March 2008

An information pack is available from:

The National  Executive Officer
Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy
PO Box 6427  
Phone:  04-801 8008
Fax:        04-381 4842