May 2015

From the Moderator

Inspiring Mission in Dunedin with the Synod of Otago and Southland Synod was a great success. The celebration of local "good sorts" moves me every time, as ordinary and often reluctant people step out in response to the nudging of God, and do something extraordinary. These are the people the Presbyterian Church is made of!


This is a bad news/good news story. I have just returned from a pastoral visit to Vanuatu with Global Mission Co-ordinator, the Rev Phil King, where we saw an indescribable level of destruction. I have taken more photos of destruction than I ever want to take. It will take decades to recovery. The good news is the there is enormous hope, faith and resilience among the people.

The relationship with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PCV) and our Church goes back to the early days of the missionaries. Today there is living memory of New Zealanders who have partnered with their church over the years. This legacy is huge. A very big thank you to all those who have gone before! Today we have that same opportunity to partner with the PCV in the work of rebuilding after the cyclone.

You can make a difference.

  • continue giving to the Moderator’s Pacific Vision: Vanuatu appeal.
  • consider joining a work team for one week or more (builders and health professionals are urgently needed)
  • tourism: a large part of Vanuatu's economy is driven by tourism. Consider Vanuatu as a destination for your next winter holiday.

See Moderator’s postcards from Vanuatu for more information about our experience in Vanuatu.

Moderator’s white paper: a matter of faith

Shortly, you will receive an electronic copy of a white paper I have been working on. I believe language has the power to create and recreate (reforming). In this White Paper I am attempting to name some of the issues we are facing and invite you to be part of a life-giving conversation so that we can create and recreate the Church today.

Coming up

  • Trans-Tasman Moderators' meeting, Brisbane, 27 April-1 May
  • Inspiring Mission: Napier and Gisborne 2-3 May
  • Christian Conference of Asian General Assembly, Jakarta, 19-28 May

If you would like to receive my prayer letter please contact

Pentecost Sunday

While I'll be out of the country during this time, I'll have a short video message affirming the power of the Holy Spirit empowering and sending us into the world as God's agents of transforming grace. I'm also working on a joint project with Presbyterian Support on a practical resource addressing the issues of poverty and violence against women and children in New Zealand. I'll have more information for you on Pentecost Sunday.

Grace and Peace in Jesus
Moderator Andrew

From the Assembly Executive Secretary

At the Annual Meeting of the Synod of Otago and Southland in April, guest speaker Associate Professor John Stenhouse from the department of history at Otago University, shared something of his passion for history. Personally, I could have listened for hours. Bringing the past alive, and placing things in their setting and asking great questions – John showed how important history is.

In the past few months we have celebrated two significant events – the 175th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi and the 100th anniversary of the start of the Gallipoli campaign. In May we will also mark the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe.

I wonder if we are aware of some of our other history like the 170th anniversary this year of what some call the start of the Northern War – something that has not made mainstream media.

It got me thinking and reading about some significant dates in May. I know you could add to these:

  • 3 May 1897 - Margaret Cruickshank became the first woman to be registered as a doctor in New Zealand.
  • 6 May 1869 – Colonial troops invade the Urewera.
  • 9 May 1915 – New Zealand's most successful tennis player, Anthony Wilding – winner of four successive men’s singles titles at Wimbledon between 1910 and 1913 – is killed in battle.
  • 10 May 1897 – Ethel Benjamin became the first woman to be admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of New Zealand.
  • 14 May 1907 – the Society for the Promotion of the Health of Women and Children was founded. It became known as the Plunket Society after its first patron, Victoria, Lady Plunket.
  • 22 May 1995 –Tainui is the first iwi to reach an historic Treaty of Waitangi settlement with the Crown for injustices going back to the 1860s.
  • 25 May 1978 – Police and army personal removed 218 people from Bastion Point, Auckland, ending an occupation that had begun in January 1977.
  • 27 May 1987 – Colin McCahon one of New Zealand's greatest painters dies.
  • 29 May 1953 – Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first to reach the summit of Everest.
  • 30 May 1959 – the Auckland harbour bridge opens.
  • 24 May also sees us mark Pentecost – the gift of the Spirit of God, no longer limited to certain person, in certain times for certain tasks – now available to all and given to make us more Christ like and empowering us for God’s mission.

As we celebrate – let us join in God’s mission in the world, equipped and empowered.

Copiers and printers

A special deal for churches has been offered by Fuji Xerox for copiers. The deal includes the copier, consumables and service/support with no fixed monthly fee or lease. Fuji Xerox will also help with ending legacy contracts which your parish may have entered into. For more information, please contact Gemma Edgar – Strategic Customer Account Manager:

Calling a newly trained minister

This year eight people will complete their training as interns. They represent a range of backgrounds and experiences. All are eager to commit themselves to ministry within the life of a congregation. Profiles for each of them will shortly be available from the Rev Allister Lane, who coordinates introductions and discussions between final year interns and Ministry Settlement Boards. For more information, please contact Allister.

Children's art competition

Kids Friendly is partnering with Presbyterian Support again this year for the 2015 PresCare Love Reaches Out Art and Writing competition for children. Entries close 3 September, 2015. See the Kids Friendly website for entry forms and info and get creating.

Fairtrade fortnight

This year’s opportunity to celebrate all things Fairtrade is from 8-22 May. Contact for more information.

Week of prayer for Christian unity

Christian organisations will be celebrating a week of prayer for Christian unity 17-24 May 2015. More info 

Thank you for your partnership in God’s mission.


Presbyterian Youth Ministry

Sustainable practices for youth ministry

A couple of Sunday’s back while visiting St John’s in the city, Wellington, I observed Dave Adams (their youth worker) being acknowledged from the front. It was really simple - they had a few people speak about his work including their minister, a church elder, a youth leader and a children’s worker. As a visitor it said to me that this church values youth ministry. More importantly for Dave it said; we love you, we appreciate the work you put in, we want you to keep working at this church in the years ahead.

PYM in conjunction with the other main denominations in New Zealand have created the Sustainable Practice guide. It is a practical resource to help churches take a significant step towards sustainable youth ministry. Longevity for youth workers leads to better serving and loving young people. The document has seven simple practices a church should be following and this story of Dave is a great example of a church following sustainable practice number seven: we will celebrate and appreciate. Our hope is that every church leadership team will use this document as the basis for a WOF for ensuring sustainable youth ministry in their church. Check out more at


Connect is PYM’s flagship national youth leaders conference, and we are delighted to have keynote speakers Bill Maston form Nexus International (Colorado), Mareta Ford from the Community Development Office of Hamilton City Council and Dave Crawley from Laidlaw College. In addition, we will have over 30 theoretical, theological and practical workshops. Each workshop is led by someone who researches it, teaches it or lives it. Connect is at Ngaruawahia Christian Camp on 17-19 July. The early bird registration deadline is 17 May, and represents a savings of $20 per person.

Gordon Fitch
National Youth Manager

Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership

Latest round of ministers’ study grants

Following the most recent meeting of Senatus of the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership in April 2015, we are pleased to announce that ministers’ study grants have been awarded as follows:

  • Viv Coleman – part course fees for her MBA thesis on ministers' experience of performance review
  • Kevin Finlay - part course fees for summer school programme Regent College, Vancouver - auditing 4 papers
  • James Lee - part course fees for his DMin intensive course "Urban Ministry and Mission in Local and Global Perspective" in Bangkok, through Fuller Theological Seminary.
  • John Park - part course fees for KCML block course attendance in Feb 2015.
  • Ryhan Prasad - part course costs for conferences at Princeton Theological Seminary.
  • Jaco Reyneke - part course fees for Otago Uni paper MINS408 "Ministry in a Culturally Diverse Society"
  • Stephanie Wells - part course fees for a summer school course San Fran Theological Seminary - "Joining up the Body"

Ministers are encouraged to undertake a wide variety of accredited training courses, to enhance their ministry and effectiveness in their own congregations and in the wider church.

KCML theology study grants

The Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership awarded a record number of theology study grants this year to Presbyterians doing part-time or full-time theological studies through Otago University, Auckland University, Laidlaw College or Carey Baptist College. The recipients, who are actively involved in their parishes, from all over New Zealand, are:

Deena Benjamin, Jacques Botes, Michael Coutts, Adam Dawson, Eddy Davis-Rae, Lise Erika, Joanne Graves, Paula Levy, Hayden Luke, Anthony Macleod, Tom Mepham, Rory Nimmo, Charissa Nicol, Adair Oosterbroek, Filipo Pou, Maugapaia Ropeti-Iupeli, Zach Salisbury, Jeremy Selfe, Joseph Shin, George Sionetuato, Logan Skerrett, Stephen Talbot, Joshua Tepou and Jane Thomas.

Congratulations to all our grant recipients.

Catherine van Dorp

Presbyterian Women

National business meeting 2015

The 2015 national business meeting will be held on 26 Sept 2015 at Pacific Islanders Church, Newtown, Wellington. This date allows for financial reports to be fully audited. Any remits to the Secretary Shona Bettany, P O Box 239, Levin 5540, ph 06 367 2067 or email


Gleanings newsletter will be out shortly. Thank you for sending your news to Rae Simpson. Earlier this month we also sent out a separate newsletter from the National Coordinating Group titled Bush Fire. We want to keep you updated with changes in the organisation. If you would like to be on the mailing list please contact To view the 2012/2013 Annual Report, March Gleanings and April Bush Fire newsletters, click here

2013-2014 annual report

Information for the 2013-2014 Annual Report is well overdue. Please send this to Shona Bettany immediately, if you haven’t already sent it. Contributions must be 500 words maximum.

2014 statistics forms

A significant number of groups still have not returned their 2014 statistics forms. Please attend to this promptly.

Special projects

Well done! You always give generously and I’m sure this year is no different. Our special project “Together we can” will help Diabetes New Zealand run programmes for increasing numbers of young people diagnosed with diabetes and the Neythal programme will help protect the environment and livelihood of folk in Tamil Nadu, South India. This will be closing soon.

Pacific Vision : Vanuatu

NCG has contributed $6,000 from the Mission Fund & $2,000 from the Emergency Aid Fund to the Moderator’s Appeal, which “will assist the PCV in their vision of mission and service to the people of Vanuatu. Rather than an emergency aid fund, money raised for Pacific Vision: Vanuatu will go toward supporting projects and initiatives that empower the long-term, sustainable development of the Vanuatu people. This will be vital for the development of the church post-cyclone.”


Given that the majority of decisions are made by a small executive committee, please ensure that in the interest of modelling gender equity, women have equal representation in the decision-making processes.

National Council of Women

Making a difference for women. Pony tail saga with John Key is not okay. Please support Sue McCabe’s letter (see link below), Chief Executive National Council of Women of New Zealand (NCWNZ) -

From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the LORD'S name is to be praised. KJV Psalm 113:3

Keep going working and serving God through many different ways. Our work never ends. This is our calling this is our purpose. Please pray for us, the NCG as we too soldier on with tasks to hand.

Global Mission

At the time of writing I have just returned from Vanuatu after visiting there with our Moderator, the Rt Rev Andrew Norton. It was devastating to see the damage to Vanuatu after Cyclone Pam. While it was terrible to see so many buildings destroyed or damaged, and the markets empty of produce, perhaps the greatest impact was seeing the number of trees that had been uprooted by the cyclone’s 250-plus km/h winds.

In a land of such natural beauty, it was incredible to see the damage to the natural landscape. Yet even as the people are resilient, so is the environment they inhabit. Leaves are already growing again on the trees that remain, the gardens are producing again, and the markets are slowly coming to life.

I heard many personal stories of the impact of the cyclone. One was from a teacher at Lenakel College on Tanna Island, who told me how she had to run from her house as it was collapsing around her. She was carrying her four-month old baby in her arms as she negotiated her way to a safe classroom on the college grounds, through fallen trees and wind-blown debris. Bear in mind the terrifying noise and force of the wind as she did this. She broke down as she described her experience. Only later I heard that she had narrowly missed being hit by a sheet of corrugated iron as it was torn from the roof in front of her. At least two fatalities occurred this way on Tanna.

Another story I heard was from an ex-patriate businessman who lives on the waterfront in Port Vila. He described the terror and power of the category five wind as it wreaked havoc all around them. He said that when he heard the sound of the first Hercules aircraft arriving with aid, he just sat outside on his veranda and wept. Even as he told me this story he wept again. From young mothers with vulnerable children to hardened businessmen, Cyclone Pam has left its mark.

The impact of this unprecedented event will bear its imprint on all who experienced it. But the faith and courage of the people of Vanuatu is evident as they go about the task of rebuilding their lives, and the members of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu are very grateful for the support of our Church as they recover. You can read the report of our visit here.

In other news, it was good to be involved in the Moderator’s roadshow at the meeting of the Synod of Otago and Southland in April. Applications have been received for the I Love Taiwan programme in July, and interest is being expressed in Global Mission internships with our partner churches. I have lots of preaching engagements booked up so a busy year is well under way.

Please get in touch with me if you would like to find out more, or be involved in our Global Mission.

Phil King
Global Mission Coordinator

Presbyterian Research Centre

The Hewitson Library in Dunedin sends out regular emails highlighting recent additions to the collection. These emails are sent to members of the library and to the nzpres list.

Here’s a link to our most recent list. Please email if you would like to place a hold on any of these, we will notify you when available, and post the books to you if you live outside Dunedin.

All titles on the list have a link through to the catalogue record on our online catalogue and cover images have been included where these are available (with thanks to Google Books and publishers).

If you are a library member and haven’t been receiving these updates, contact us at so we can update your record. If you have yet to join, send us your details and we will register you.

If you have a library username and password, you can follow the link through to our catalogue and place a reserve. Not sure if you do? Contact us and we’ll set one up.

Please feel free to share this list amongst your friends and colleagues. If they wish to become members and borrow something, they can email the library at and we will sign them up.

Anne Jackman

Press Go

One of the things that we have spent a lot of time on in recent workshops is understanding the importance of Godly discernment. Sometimes churches focus on consultation with stakeholders (the people involved in the church and/or those in the local community) and don’t spend time with God to understand what he is already doing in their midst. Sometimes it seems like the church plans and then asks God for a rubber stamp on their plans.

What do I mean by discernment? Ignatius of Loyola defined the aim of discernment as “finding God in all things in order that we might love and serve God in all”. Discernment is an ever increasing capacity to see the works of God in the midst of the human situation so that we can align ourselves to whatever it is that God is doing. Every Christian is called to this discernment (Rom 12:2). It is a mark of spiritual maturity (1 Jn 4:1) and also a special spiritual gift for some (1 Cor 12:10).

Discernment calls for COURAGE to seek God’s will/wait on God and then make decisions that are RESPONSIVE to the moves of God.

  • Ask the right questions (not the wrong ones)
  • Avoid being stuck in old paradigms
  • Don’t let it be about preserving the system at all costs
  • Don’t be afraid of consequences of decisions

All leadership team needs to be on intentional journey of transformation – from spiritual blindness to spiritual sight. Spiritual practices that help:

  • Solitude and silence (how else can you hear the voice?)
  • Scriptures – move from knowing the stories to finding ourselves in them
  • Prayer for indifference to all else but God’s wisdom
  • Self-knowledge and self-examination

There are many different resources available, but one I have used and can recommend is: Pursuing God’s Will Together Ruth Haley Barton

Notes and resources from my workshops are to be found on my blog:

Lisa Wells
PressGo Catalyst
Telephone 027 4455 723

Kids Friendly

Out of the toybox

It was great for Kids Friendly to be involved in the recent 149th Annual Meeting of the Synod of Otago and Southland. Over 100 leaders met for two days to “celebrate connections” and be inspired through workshops and worship.

Kids Friendly is very grateful for the support Synod has provided me in my role as Kids Friendly advisor and the opportunities given for me to share the successes and stories of mission with children and families in Southland.

In my sharing at this event I suggested that children’s ministry is a bit like a box of different toys. There’s no one recipe. Sometimes it’s hard and heavy trying to respond to God’s call “Let the children come…” But if we’re obedient and open, we may be surprised by what “out of the box” things we are invited to join in with for God’s mission in the world.

Is your box empty? Many of our churches have few (or no) children on Sundays, but there are plenty in the community that our churches can serve! The Kids Friendly coaches can work with you to identify opportunities and provide resources for mission with children and families in your community.

If we count our numbers on Sunday to measure the “success” of our ministry we may be disheartened, but ministry with children is much more than programmes and numbers (see Jill’s latest blog “Do you have a good children’s ministry?” for more on this.)

And remember that parents are the most significant influence on children’s faith so we encourage you to explore effective ways of resourcing parents in this vital ministry.

Children’ ministry (like the toybox ball) doesn’t stay still! Regularly reviewing how things are going is key. The Kids Friendly self-review takes time and commitment, but it also creates enthusiasm as people bounce around ideas and develop action plans.

One of our greatest opportunities is to build intergenerational communities of faith. Over the last century the Western church has largely followed the educational model of separating people by age. Recent research shows that this is not conducive to faith formation. Intergenerational Christian communities seek to bring all generations together for worship, fellowship, discipleship and service more often. This is the theme of the Leaders2Go conference that Jill and I have attended in late April. We look forward to unpacking it more with you.

Cheryl Harray
Kids Friendly Advisor
Synod of Otago and Southland

CWS Notices

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

CWS is asking for prayers and gifts for the people of Nepal. Widespread destruction and continuing aftershocks have left many residents sleeping outdoors and anxious. On the ground ACT Alliance (Action by Churches Together) is responding through sister organisation Lutheran World Federation Nepal. They have begun distributing food, tarpaulins, shelter items, water and hygiene supplies and are putting in place a much larger response focusing on water, sanitation and psychosocial support. The people of Nepal need help. More information and a bulletin insert on the Nepal Earthquake Appeal are available.

“We have been terrified by the events. There are many makeshift shelters in the streets, as people had to abandon their homes to run to safety. Hospitals continue to be overwhelmed and there is a shortage of supplies, in particular drinking water and shelter material,” said Christian Wolff of ACT Alliance.

Fair Trade Fortnight

Join the nationwide Fairtrade celebration from 8 – 22 May. CWS has worship resources and other materials to bring a fair trade flavour to your services. We are inviting you to host A Fair Cuppa on one of the Sundays and collect donations for Nepal.

Mothers’ Day Gifts

Gifted is a great way to go for Mothers’ Day. You make a donation to a partner of your choice, and we send you a card or you choose an e-card. We send the money to the partner who is working hard to help. Survival Training is the gift on the top of this year’s list.

Refugee Sunday

Please set aside Sunday, 21 June or another nearby date for this year’s Refugee Sunday. CWS will prepare special resources to focus on the plight of Syrian refugees and displaced people who have been living with conflict for over four years now.


Celebrating the anniversary of women’s ordination

2015 marks the 60th anniversary of General Assembly’s decision to ordain women as elders and the 50th anniversary of a woman being ordained to the Ministry of Word and Sacrament (Margaret Reid-Martin on May 13th 1965 at St Andrews on The Terrace, Wellington).

There are a number of gatherings and events being planned around our Church in honour of these significant anniversaries.

  • Alpine Presbytery are marking the occasion at their gathering in Christchurch on 8 and 9 May. For more information contact Chris Elliot:
  • A Wellington event is being organised for the afternoon and evening of Sunday May 17th at St Andrews on The Terrace. For more information contact Susan Jones:
  • Northern Presbytery are planning a day-long event in October. For more information contact Margaret Anne Low

If you are planning an event please contact Sharon Ross Ensor so that we can help with co-ordination and sharing of news and resources.

Send KCML your study leave reports

Study leave reports have the potential to benefit the whole church, but not if they’re not available to the wider church. KCML asks that all study leave reports be forwarded them for publication on the Knox Centre website. You are also invited to view the study leave reports already published there. Read reports at:

South Island Ministry Conference

Enrol now for the South Island Ministry Conference “Resilience in Ministry”, 19-21 May 2015 at East Taieri Church, Mosgiel. More info

Service to recognise mark fallen chaplains

A special service is being held to mark 100 years since CHAP3 William Grant (a Presbyterian chaplain) was killed at Hill 60, Gallipoli. CHAP3 Grant was the first NZ Defence Force chaplain to be killed while on active duty. The service will be held at the Cathedral of St Paul in Wellington on Friday 28, August at 1400hrs. All are welcome and past serving NZDF chaplains are asked to register their intent to attend by emailing Hamish Kirk or phone on 06 351 9647.

Listen in to Choral Evensong from Glasgow

Glasgow Cathedral in Scotland broadcasts a weekly service of Choral Evensong via its website. To listen in or for more information, check out

Auckland Winter School on Ecumenism

On 13-18 July, a six-day Winter School on Ecumenism in the 21st Century is being held at St John’s College in Meadowbank Auckland. For information about course content, presenters and how to register, read the course brochure.

Pentecost and Lectionary Resources from Hymnbook Trust

The New Zealand Hymnbook Trust has prepared some Pentecost Hymns and Lectionary Readings. Download here 

The Anzac hymn music sheet sales

John and Gillian Thornley, NZ Hymnbook Trust, report that the offer of a complimentary copy of the Anzac Hymn by Colin Gibson and Shirley Erena Murray closed at Christmas 2014. This can now be purchased from Epworth Books in Wellington at $3.00 a single copy (plus p&p). A reminder that all sales of the resources of the NZ Hymnbook Trust are now handled by Epworth Books. Email contact or freephone 0800 755 355.

Delay to Police Checks

NZ Police have advised the church (and other agencies) of significant delays to processing police checks due to a change in system used by the Police vetting service and higher than usual number of requests. Contact Margaret at Assembly Office for further information.

Tindall Foundation Grants

Presbyterian Support New Zealand is The Tindall Foundation Faith Funding Manager for Presbyterian organisations and parishes. Donations of up to $15,000 per project are available. Applications for projects meeting the criteria open Wednesday 6 May. The closing date is Friday 26 June. For funding criteria and application forms please visit the Presbyterian Support website:

St Clare’s Hamilton anniversary

On Sunday 5 July this year, St Clare’s Co-Operating Parish (Hamilton) is holding a 25th anniversary celebration. For more information, please email E Johnson at

Clinical pastoral education course – Rotorua

An 18-week extended Clinical Pastoral Education course, run by Rotorua Centre for Clinical Pastoral Education, is available in 2015. The training commences on 14 Jul and finishes on 19 Nov. For more information, contact

Research into ministers’ experience of performance review

The Rev Viv Coleman is asking ministers to consider being part of a qualitative study for her thesis, in which she is examining the experiences of being reviewed or appraised in church ministry. Full details of the study are available on our website. Read more

Presbyterian Investment Fund

The Church Property Trustees advise that the interest rate paid on Presbyterian Investment Fund deposits remains at 4.50 percent per annum. This rate became effective from 1 February 2015. The Fund is open to parishes, but not to individuals. For further information, email the Trustees’ Executive Officer, Kos van Lier.

Glen Innis vacancies

Ministers are entitled to one week’s free accommodation at Glen Innis every year. With summer coming up, now is a great time to get your holiday organised. Check out the vacancies here

Richard Randerson memoir published

Slipping the Moorings, the memoir of Rev Richard Randerson, is being launched in May. Books are available for purchase for $30 plus $5 postage. Launch events are planned in Auckland, Wellington and Napier. For further details, contact

Church Register

Receptions to the Roll

Rev Tae Ju Ham, Northern Presbytery, was received 30 November 2014.

Ordination and Inductions

Rev Chris Milham, minister Dannevirke Knox Presbyterian Church, Presbytery Central, 1 February 2015.
Rev Erin Pendreigh, minister Upper Clutha Parish, Southern Presbytery, 1 February 2015.
Rev Robati-Mani, minister Cook Island Presbyterian Church, Presbytery Central, 31 January 2015.
Rev Susan Jones, minister Timaru Presbyterian Parish, Alpine Presbytery, to minister St Andrews on the Terrace, Presbytery Central, 25 March 2015.
Rev Fergus Keith, minister Omokoroa Community Church, Kaimai Presbytery to other recognised ministry, Kaimai Presbytery, 31 January 2015.

Changes in Status

Rev Stuart Lange, minister Massey Riverhead Presbyterian Church from 40% to 60% service 1 March 2015.


Rev Robati Mani, minister Otara PIC, Pacific Islands Synod, to Presbytery Central, 31 January 2015.
Rev Maxwell Garrity, minister emeritus, Alpine Presbytery, to minister emeritus Presbytery Central, 31 January 2015.

Short-Term Appointments

Rev Anne Mills, Anglican minister Chartwell Co-operating Hamilton, Kaimai Presbytery, ended her position 17 January 2015.
Rev Clive Thompson currently minister Knox Hamilton 50%, is minister 50% stated supply St Davids Otorohanga, Kaimai Presbytery, 1 February 2015.


Rev Stuart Borlase, local ordained minister Takaka St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Alpine Presbytery, retired 29 March 2015.
Rev Diane Yule, minister Te Awamutu Presbyterian Church, Kaimai Presbytery to minister emeritus, 1 April 2015.


Rev John Coutts, minister Wyndham Presbyterian Parish, resigned 20 February 2015.


Rev Graham Holdaway, minister emeritus, Kaimai Presbytery died 13 February 2015.

Parish Register

Grace & Truth (Pakuranga) dissolved 9 April 2014.
First Presbyterian Church Invercargill has changed its name to First Presbyterian Church incorporating PIC (Samoan) Invercargill at 15 February 2015.


Check out our listing of national and regional events.


Check out our jobs vacancies page and the ministerial vacancies table.