Offertory Prayers

Prayer 1

Each of us is a fragile miracle,
evidence of God's creative hands,
and amazing grace.

We are each unique,
unrepeatable gifts to the world.

We are proof of God's love.

And so we who are the gifts of creation
now give gifts to our Creator.

Gifts brought in love.


Prayer 2

O God, we gather to thank you

  • the easy conversation between old friends
  • the quick smile of a child
  • the warm look of hello from across the room
  • the caring phone call about our illness
  • the cards sent which say, "Just thinking of you"
  • the hymn book passed along
  • the little things that say we matter.

All this, O God, you planned in your compassion.

Your Church is special to us.
Within it are people with so many different gifts.

Thank you God for providing us with this place of belonging.
In response we bring our own gifts to use in your Church,
and as we do, we want to say how grateful we are to you
that you have given us such friends.

Out of gratitude we give,
for you have given us so much.


Prayer 3

Lord, how can we remember all your creation in this offering?
You have given us time and the seasons.
You have given us families and friends.
You have given us our family of the Church.
Accept our offering of love.

You give us the wonder and marvel of summer,
with the warmth and fun of faith.

You give us the colour and change of autumn,
and cause us to see the need for change.

You give us the chill and rain of winter,
with time for us to sit and think.

You give us the new life and growth of springtime,
with the reminder of new life in Christ.

Creator God, Lord of the Universe,
accept our gifts and our lives that the world
and all people may praise your name.


Prayer 4

We give you our money,
cold and hard,
or crisp and easily blown away.

We ask your blessing, O God on these gifts
that they may be transformed by their use.

No longer cold,
but the warm smile of friendship,
the warmth of a power bill paid or a jersey knitted.

No longer hard,
but the loving acceptance of a wise counsellor
and the kindness of a helping hand.

No longer crisp,
but the tears of happiness on the face of a child
and the mellowness of good food and company shared.

No longer easily blown away,
but lasting, unchanging,
always there like your love for all your creation.


Prayer 5

On my own
what I have to give
doesn't amount to much
in the light of all you have given to me
and in the face of so much need.

Put together as a congregation,
what we offer you here in love
becomes more,
not simply added together,
but somehow multiplied in its usefulness.

We ask you to bless our gifts
and with the addition of your blessing,
just as it was with the loaves and fishes,
there is enough for all.


Prayer 6

Loving God, we present now what we have brought to you.

Things that are both visible and invisible. The coins and paper represent our work, and express in a clear and visible way our love and thanks. But we also bring as an offering the fragile dreams and hopes that we have. These invisible gifts are what sustain our lives. Receive all that we have brought in love, O God.


Prayer 7

"I tell you the truth, whatever you have done for one of the least of my sisters or brothers, you have done it for me." Help us, Faithful God, to see you in the needs that confront us daily. Help us to see you in those who are weak, and lonely, and hungry, and afraid. And as we offer ourselves to those who need love may we know that we are touching you.