November 2006

Assembly Office update

Thank you and good bye.

This is my last contribution to BT. As I conclude, I am conscious of the many people with whom I have interacted over the past 10 years, in many different ways. I am deeply grateful for that interaction, which has been one of the ways God has sustained and guided me, and the wider Assembly team. At General Assembly, as I had the opportunity to look upon the sea of faces, I thought of the rich gifts it has been my privilege to experience and observe.

Martin Baker becomes Assembly Executive Secretary on 13 November, and I finish in the Assembly Office on 24 November. Martin is an outstanding leader, and his inspiring Assembly address exhibited a gift in helping us see and grasp opportunities for mission with energy and hope. The Church faces an exciting future. Martin is being inducted as AES at a service on Tuesday evening, 14 November, in Wellington.

Heading to Oz

Our family is moving to Sydney towards the end of January. I am taking up a role as National Director of International Mission in the Uniting Church in Australia (UCA) from 1 February 2007. It is a role which provides opportunities to serve especially in the Pacific and Asia, and to help congregations participate in mission in a broader way. I have been inspired by the progress made in our own global mission led by Andrew Bell. The UCA Assembly office is at 222 Pitt Street, Sydney, next to the Wesley Mission, and I would be thrilled if people felt able to visit. Our Church has a close relationship with the UCA, with general secretaries and moderators having regular interaction.

General Assembly 2006 follow-up

Priority is on completing and publishing, online, the Assembly minutes. In November there will be an information mail-out, with detail for parish and presbytery attention.

Council of Assembly

The first face-to-face meeting of the new Council is in Wellington 17-19 November. Council will be spending time planning for the next two years, preparing for the role, and picking up decisions made by the Assembly, including in relation to the establishment of the Centre for Christian Leadership.

Council for World Mission, Mission School

The Moderator of the Assembly, Pamela Tankersley, was part of a team including Tala Faumasili, Moderator of the Pacific Islanders Synod, and Mitch Jaram from Te Aka Puaho attending a two-week mission school in Durban, South Africa. This is one way in which CWM resources our Church for mission.

E noho ra, Kerry Enright

Human Resources update

Changes to the HR and office management areas of Assembly Office

A needs-analysis about role clarity, workloads and job satisfaction within the HR and Administration team in Assembly Office has resulted in a restructure that disestablished two existing roles – HR administrator/personal assistant (Juliette Bowater ’s role) and office coordinator/receptionist (Trina Lake ’s role). I’m very pleased to advise that both Juliette and Trina have accepted new roles that will enable our small team (that also includes Susie Yuhoi, the office cleaner) to be able to better provide services to the Church and internally within Assembly Office.

Juliette Bowater is now the human resources advisor. As well as continuing with her present HR responsibilities, she will be more actively involved in recruitment, project work and in providing employment relations advice to parishes.

Trina is now the office coordinator and personal assistant to the AES, taking over part of Juliette’s former role. Both these two new roles will provide challenges and room for growth for Juliette and Trina as they continue along their chosen career paths.

Ministry Task and Personality Survey

Many ministers will receive a ministry survey this month looking at ministry tasks and personality. This is part of a research project that Peter MacKenzie from Johnsonville Uniting Church is conducting in association with Massey University. Those of you who receive this survey are encouraged to spend a little bit of time completing it. It should provide some interesting research into ministry within the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, which Peter will be sharing with us at a later date.

International Volunteer Day – 5 December

International Volunteer Day (IV Day) is a United Nations initiative that started in 1985 and is celebrated throughout the world on 5 December every year. It is timely to stop and take a moment to think about the many volunteers who, by providing their time, gifts and knowledge, work together to help foster, support and run many and varied activities for the church. Now might be a good time to plan and hold a celebration for your volunteers as a thank you. Volunteer New Zealand has made a number of tools and resources available to help promote IV Day. See and click on the events/links page. Volunteer Awareness Week is usually held annually in March.

New Chair for the Interchurch Council for Hospital Chaplaincy (ICHC)

The ICHC Trust Board has elected the Rev Anne Moody as its new chairperson to replace the late Fr Kevin O’Grady. The Presbyterian Church's two representatives on the Trust Board are the Revs Chris Nichol and Max Reid. The Moderator recently attended a meeting of the Trust Board, where she, along with leaders from other member churches, shared her vision and hopes for the future of the Hospital Chaplaincy Service and the ICHC partnership, which has now been in place for 34 years.

Christian Ministries with the Disabled Trust (CMWDT)

While at General Assembly 2006, I was fortunate enough to meet with representatives from the CMWDT who had a stand there and learn a little about their mission. In particular, their resource publication 'Everybody Welcome? A guide to how to make your church disability friendly' was practical from an inclusive angle, as well as from a health and safety and building owner obligation perspective. The guidelines are available for a small fee to cover printing costs. To order your copy, email cmwdt(at)

Presbyterian People newsletter

The next edition of the Presbyterian People newsletter will be emailed to parishes shortly. This edition will contain detailed information on probationary periods.

Preparing for a pandemic or other natural disaster

Also coming shortly to parishes is a letter from the Moderator and Assembly Executive Secretary asking parishes to consider what they will do in the event of a pandemic. Information on this topic, including where to source additional information, has been put online at Parish Tools/Human Resources/Preparing for a pandemic or similar emergency.

Marilla Hood
HR Manager

Global Mission Office update

We want to tell you more. We want to share with you the stories of people living on the margins. We want to encourage you to serve beyond your parish in ways and places that you may not have quite thought of or heard of before. We don’t spend $1000s on TV ads or full page newspaper ads to reach you. We exist to assist Presbyterian and Uniting congregations just like you to engage in mission. Our target group is easy to define - it’s you. Therefore big, generalised advertising campaigns would be a waste of resources and probably wouldn’t reach you. We rely on in house publications such as Bush Telegraph and sPanz to let you know that we exist for you. We distribute the Global Mission Gazette for free to people like you. We tell the stories of what others are achieving in the hopes that their stories will encourage you. We maintain a website and have built up a significant bank of resources and information to help you.

We are a denominational mission brokerage and not a sending organisation. What is the difference? We believe the difference lies in where we start. We start with you. We start by trying to identify your hopes and aspirations in mission. We don’t try to make you do anything. Based on what you say we recommend something. That something will have always been suggested by the recipient. Therefore we broker what we hope will be long term, sustainable friendship between you and one of our partners. Our mission is to be "Kiwis taking mission to the margins" - and by that we mean you.

After four years of operating, the GMO has a missiological framework, track record, capacity and first hand knowledge of extraordinary need all over the globe. All we are really missing is you.

Andrew Bell
Global mission enabler
Contact the GMO


Christian World Service

Take Action Against Poverty

Support CWS’s postcard campaign that calls on the New Zealand Government to increase overseas aid. Postcards can be ordered from cws(at)

Christmas appeal

A seven minute promotional video/DVD ‘Water the gift of life’ is now available for loan. Please let us know if you would like a copy and when you need this by. We also have a PowerPoint presentation and reflection on the same theme for use during Advent. For copies please email cws(at)


The following materials are available free of charge and can be sent regularly if you wish. A small donation to assist with production and postage costs is appreciated, especially when borrowing videos.

CWS Update – A monthly bulletin providing news from around the world.
Videos and study series – CWS has an extensive video library portraying CWS partners and dealing with issues of justice. Written background material is included and many videos are suitable for use in schools.
World Watch – A magazine for children aged seven to 13.
Youth Topics A twice-yearly poster resource for ages 12 to 18.
Campaign resources – Including Debt Action the publication of Jubilee Aotearoa.

CWS is happy to provide speakers for community groups, schools, universities, churches and other forums and conferences. Email cws(at) for more information about these resources.


The latest issue of the Christian World Service magazine is out now!

Churches Agency on International Issues – Hot Topic 4 – Paradise Lost?

A series of three hot topics on the Pacific. Issue one - economic sustainability, a PDF copy is available for download form the CWS website

CWS 2007 Calendar - The Future is Now.

Copies are available now.  For your copy, email cws(at)

**Please note that with regret, the Christmas Appeal launch concert that was advertised in last month’s notices has now been cancelled.

Churches Agency on Social Issues

New resources from CASI

Discipline of Children in Aotearoa New Zealand – This is a new discussion paper for churches and groups that looks at the issues involved in the proposed Bill to repeal Section 59 of the Crimes Act. What is the proposal? What effects will it have on parental authority? What is a Biblical perspective on this? What are the alternatives to physical punishment for our children? This paper is available on the CASI website, or you can write to us at the address below.

Overcoming Violence – A background/discussion paper on violence in New Zealand today. Is violence a part of life? Power and control; anger and greed; crime and anti-social behaviour; non-violent communities.

Reprinted resources

Social Issues Resource Kit – Originally prepared by CASI in 2004, this valuable resource has just been reprinted. The Kit has information for anyone wanting to have a discussion group on Social Issues, with background information on social justice, worship resources and information on how to go about advocacy and research on social issues.

Outlook – Unsettled – A resource on climate change issues. It is no longer a question of if it is going to happen or not. The real questions are how bad is it going to be, and what can we do to lessen the impact? This resource provides a starting point for understanding climate change and global warming.

Thinking Through Immigration – Four studies for home groups. Although this was prepared by CASI in 2004, it remains a very relevant issue for New Zealand today.

Available from:
Churches’ Agency on Social Issues
P O Box 6469
Email: casi(at)
Ph: (04) 384 3587 ext 2


Hewitson Library latest acquisitions

Click here to see the new acquisitions list for August 2006.

Church Register

The Church Register lists additions to, deletions from, and changes in status on the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand Ministerial Roll as advised by Presbytery Clerks as at 26 October 2006

Changes in Status

  • Rev Brian Wendelborn, Minister within the Bounds, Christchurch Presbytery, to Minister Emeritus, Christchurch Presbytery, 8 August 2006.
  • Rev Viv Coleman, Minister St Andrews Howick, Auckland Presbytery to Minister within the Bounds, Auckland Presbytery, 3 October 2006.
  • John Turton, Minister Owhata – St David’s, Bay of Plenty Presbytery to Minister, Hutt City Uniting Congregations, Wellington Presbytery, 5 October 2006.
  • Martin Dickson, Licentiate, North Shore Presbytery, to Licentiate, Presbytery of Auckland, 3 September 2006 .
  • Rev Lourdino Yuzon, Lodged Certificate, Christchurch Presbytery, to Minister Emeritus, Waikato Presbytery, 30 August 2006.
  • Rev Helen Harray, Minister at StudentSoul and St Stephens Leith Valley, has changed from part time to full time, as of 1 July 2006.

Short Term Appointments

  • Rev Noel Buchanan, Apostolic Church, started a term of stated supply for 24 months at Rangitaiki St David’s Presbyterian, Bay of Plenty Presbytery, 11 June 2006.
  • Rev Rachel Neild, Minister Emerita, Auckland Presbytery, was appointed Transitional Minister, Epsom Presbyterian Church, Auckland Presbytery, 26 July 2006.

Changes in Co-Operative Venture Ministries

  • Rev Dr Murray Gow, Associated Churches of Christ, has started a term as minister in the Co-operative Venture of Kamo – St Pauls, Churches Together in Northland, 10 April 2005.


  • Rev Bruce Hellyer, Minister Kaitaia Union Parish, Churches Together in Northland to Minister Emeritus, Churches Together in Northland, 31 August 2006.
  • Rev Kora Tuaiti, Minister Westside Presbyterian Church, Waikato Presbytery to Minister Emeritus, Waikato Presbytery, 13 April 2006.


  • Rev Bruce Graham, Lodged Certificate, Christchurch Presbytery, removed from the Roll under Regulation 212, 8 August 2006.
  • Rev Laurie Chisholm, Lodged Certificate, Christchurch Presbytery, removed from the Roll under Regulation 212, 8 August 2006.
  • Rev Mike Flavell, Minister within the Bounds, Christchurch Presbytery, removed from the Roll in under Regulation 212, 8 August 2006.
  • Rev Derrick Hills, Minister, St Andrews Invercargill, resigned from the Presbyterian Church, 1 May 2006.


  • Rev Rymall Stuart Roxborough, Ministers Emeritus, South Canterbury Presbytery, 2 August 2006 .

Parish register

  • North Presbyterian Church amalgamated with Waverley Parish to become Windsor Community Church (Presbyterian) on 1 July 2006. Waverley Parish ceased to exist as of 30 June 2006.

Ministerial vacancies

Click here to see the full table of vacancies

Highlighted vacancies