Bush Telegraph August 2010

From the Moderator

In recent months there has been a considerable amount of talk about issues to do with Cooperating Parishes. These conversations have involved representatives from the partner churches as well as from the Cooperating Parishes themselves.

A recurring question has been how Cooperating Parishes regard their own identity and how they relate to the partner churches that have responsibility for exercising oversight. Historically, joint regional committees have played this role, but with the dissolution of a number of these around the country the question has taken on a fresh urgency.

Understandably, the discussions have triggered a degree of uncertainty and anxiety in some regions, leading some people to ask if the partner churches are still committed to the wellbeing of Cooperating Parishes. My impression, from the discussions that I have been part of through UCANZ, is that the answer to that question is ‘yes’. Moreover, I would want to say, from a Presbyterian perspective, that in those Cooperating Parishes where the Presbyterian Church is a partner church we are committed to: decision-making processes that are consultative of the partner churches and, most importantly, of the Cooperating Parishes respecting the particularity of each Cooperating Parish; seeing the scope of our responsibility extending towards each Cooperating Parish as a whole, not just to those who identify with the label Presbyterian within a particular Cooperating Parish; recognising the ordination of ministers from our partner churches who serve in Cooperating Parishes; giving priority in liturgical and doctrinal matters to what is Christian, not to the perpetuation of Presbyterianism as such, and nor for that matter to the preservation of the status quo in Cooperating Parishes - as if Cooperating Parishes have got it all right and the partner churches have got it all wrong.

If people have any concerns or queries about these discussions they should feel free to give me a call.

Graham Redding

From the Assembly Executive Secretary

Dear Friends

The Council meeting last weekend in Auckland provided me with the opportunity to attend the opening of Crossroads Church at Mangatangi. In so many ways this church should not be there – it is down a hill in the middle of a field, there are no large housing estates nearby, it is not alongside a busy road and the nearest township of any size is 15 minutes drive away. So why were there 400 people there on this Saturday afternoon? Who would build a Church designed to allow sections of the walls to slide away providing a borderless transition from the outside to the inside? Give the minister Steve Millward a call, or better still, drop by and have a look around. It is not a big building but there is something about it that expresses a very contemporary faith and a commitment to ensure that, just as there are few borders between the surrounding fields and the Church, there are no borders between the church and the community.

Overseas Mission Coordinator

On Monday 16 August we welcome The Very Rev Pamela Tankersley to Assembly Office to begin her new role. Just days after her arrival Pamela will set off to Vanuatu to attend the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu’s General Assembly, accompanied by the Rev Roy Pearson from St Andrew’s Mt Maunganui. St Andrew’s have agreed to lead our Church’s mission commitment to Vanuatu.

An early task for Pamela will be to coordinate guests arriving from overseas to attend our own General Assembly. This year we are looking forward to welcoming leaders from Presbyterian churches in Korea and Taiwan, and a number of Pacific nations along with the Pacific Conference of Churches and the Uniting Church of Australia. Once Pamela begins her role her email will be pamela@presbyterian.org.nz

General Assembly 2010

The General Assembly will be held in Christchurch from 11 am on Thursday 30 September to no later than 5 pm on Sunday 3 October in Christchurch.

In preparation for the General Assembly:

1. All presbytery clerks, UDC secretaries and Te Aka Puaho should have received a request for the names and contact details of all those ministers, youth representatives and observers who will be attending the Assembly. We have not received all these back yet so please could you ensure that all these names are returned immediately.

2. In order to comply with the Standing Orders of the General Assembly, all presbyteries/UDC’s and Te Aka Puaho should appoint an auditor to check the minutes of their meetings. The name of the auditor should be sent to me.

3. A mistake in the Moderator-designate voting process:

I recently wrote to all parish councils apologising for a mistake made in the papers sent out profiling those who have offered themselves for your consideration as Moderator-designate. An administrative error was made meaning that there were errors in the list. A new list has now been sent and you have been invited to vote (or revote) for the Moderator designate. The date to return your votes to this office has been extended to Monday September 13. A JP will supervise the counting of votes. If you have not received these voting forms, please contact me immediately.

4. On or before Wednesday 15 September 2010 please could you send me:

Any late proposals for legislative action. These must relate to matters that have arisen since 30 July 2010.

Appeals or references from presbyteries/UDC’s.

Notices of motion from Commissioners you would like included in the later papers for the General Assembly.

Focal Identity Statement – Kupu Whakapono

Please take time to read it. Submissions have closed but the group developing this would welcome any further comment or feedback.

Council of Assembly

The Council of Assembly had a productive meeting from 22 to 24 July, mostly focusing on pre-Assembly matters. You can read a summary of their meeting.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee will meet in Wellington on Saturday 28 August. Their role is to nominate people to the General Assembly for roles on our national committees and on the Council of Assembly. They need to be able to choose from a good range of people with the skills and gifts to serve our Church in this way, and who represent the diversity of our Church. All congregations should have received information from the convenors of the Nominating Committee (sent out with Moderator-designate voting documents) asking for names to go into this pool of potential nominees.

We need nominations especially for: the Assembly Business Workgroup, (to assist in the smooth running of the General Assembly), The Leadership Sub-committee, the Book of Order Workgroup (based in Wellington), Turakina Maori Girls College, the National Assessment Workgroup, the Council of Assembly and the Resource Sub-committee.

For more information about these roles please contact Ann Owen, co-convenor of the Nominating Committee. Nominations can be sent by 13 August 2010 by mail or email to:

Ann Owen, 12 Aongatete Road, RD2 Katikati 3178, email ann.o@actrix.co.nz

Thank you again for your prayers and your generous support of our Church.


Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership

On 6 July we were pleased to dedicate to God the new Knox Centre and Archives Research Centre. Around 75 people were there for the opening, including our ordinands, who were there for their winter block course.

Don't miss these two upcoming events supported by the Knox Centre:

Jim Wallis, founder of the Sojourners Community and international commentator on faith and public life, is being brought to Dunedin by the Centre for Theology and Public Issues. Jim will speak at First Church of Otago on Tuesday 28 September. This will be a rare opportunity to hear Jim in person. Read further information. Tickets are $20 ($15 for students and beneficiaries) and can be booked online.

Alan Roxburgh, internationally acclaimed author on the missional and emergent church, is being brought to Dunedin by Southern Presbytery. Included in his five-day programme, 29 November to 3 December, are two public lectures and three seminars on leadership. More details will follow, but pencil the dates in your diary now.

Graham Redding

National Mission

In mid-June a group of young leaders attended the Vision 2025 gathering to think about what church might be like in 15 years time. To bring this into perspective Bruce Fraser pointed out that the baby daughter of one of the participants would be a teenager in 2025! What sort of world will she know and how could young leaders build a church that she will want to be part of?

The young leaders focused on community: truly centred in Jesus and waiting on His word, compassionately involved in the wider community, being counter-cultural, open to new expressions of church, authentic and honest, and being the Body of Christ in the world. The group was encouraged not to be afraid to move forward in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Regarding listening to Spirit, John Daniel and the National Mission Team have for a number of years been encouraging people to ‘catch the next wave’ and listen to what God is saying and be willing to move within God’s plan rather than waiting until the wave has crested.

John was recently involved in the Fresh Expressions Conference in Christchurch led by Bishop Graham Cray from the UK. Graham has been the Anglican Missioner and leader of Fresh Expressions since 2008 and helped to produce the acclaimed report Mission-Shaped Church.

Graham’s vision is closely aligned to the National Mission Enabler’s: helping existing expressions of church develop and grow, encouraging new projects and ensuring that in time they move from being experiments to mature Christian congregations.

An outcome from this conference was that Mission Enablers working in different denominations will continue to meet to encourage and inspire each other, and together discover how to make fresh expressions of church an ongoing reality in New Zealand.

Email missionadmin@maxnet.co.nz to receive our monthly National Mission ezine.

Presbyterian Youth Ministry

One of the luxuries of working for PYM is that I get to meet and chat to so many wonderful people up and down the country who are serving God. I am fortunate to be in a position where I can see and hear stories of God working in so many lives, for example, last month a minister baptising five teens and this month a church plant opening with 600 people in attendance.

One of PYM’s big tasks is to be in communication with all our youth leaders. This month we have been working hard on getting our database current. We want to be able to share good news stories with our leaders, to be there in times of need, and to be able to share resources. Because there is such a high turnover of youth leaders it is easy for communications to be lost. If your church has a new leader, we would love to be able to welcome them and be a resource for them. We have a section on our website for adding new youth leader names into the database.

PYM recently branched out into social media; we are on both Facebook and Twitter so if that is your thing please follow us. We are also working on revamping our website in the upcoming weeks, and you will be able to get our latest info on rss.

God bless you real good,
Gordon Fitch
Presbyterian Youth Coordinator.

Presbyterian Women


The area of focus that the United Nations committee recommends to Presbyterian Women this year is: The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

This Convention was adopted by the United Nations in 1979 as one of the primary international documents for the protection and promotion of human rights and it was ratified by New Zealand on 10 January 1985, New Zealand is obliged to report regularly on progress being made to ensure that the principles of the Convention are applied. The New Zealand government will present its 2010 report to the monitoring committee in 2011.

Alongside the government report will be a NGO report prepared by the National Council of Women NZ (NCWNZ). This report provides a way for New Zealand women to tell the government and the international community if and how they are discriminated against. Compared with other countries, women in New Zealand are fortunate discrimination is no longer codified in law but the far-reaching effects of social and cultural discrimination can still be seen. Capturing how things have progressed, regressed or been left unaddressed will be the task of the NGO CEDAW Report 2010.

The aim of the CEDAW Project 2010, organised by NCWNZ, is to provide an opportunity for all women to voice their opinions, tell their stories and debate issues of mutual interest. Anyone interested in the NGO CEDAW report can follow developments on the NCWNZ website and visit the UN website.

The government CEDAW report is available by emailing the Ministry of Women’s Affairs or by writing to: Ministry of Women's Affairs, PO Box 1004, Wellington 6143.

Study Grants.

A reminder that application forms for APW Study Grants are available on the APW website. Interested candidates are encouraged to complete their applications as soon as possible.

Mary McIntyre
National Convenor

Kids Friendly

I enjoyed some inspiring workshops and hospitality at an Anglican ministry day recently and was fortunate to meet Bishop Cray of the Fresh Expressions movement.  I have long been an admirer of Fresh Expressions; their DVDs that Kids Friendly has are constantly on loan .Of particular interest to many of our churches grappling with effective ways to connect with children and families in their communities is Messy Church. 

Many of our churches have 50 or more families connected to their church through community outreach initiatives such as Mainly Music and Messy Church is proving to be one effective way to offer worship to these families.  Too often I hear churches complain that they organised a special Mainly Music service and only two families came.  The problem with this is we invariably ask families to come to our existing church service and create a slot for the children to share their songs, maybe throw in a children’s talk and some cake and think that should appeal to non-church goers. If we truly want to invite non-church goers we need to create something designed for them, in a style and format that resembles what they are used to and in a venue they know and feel comfortable in. 

The Rev Debbie Smith of St John’s Parish, Woolston, shared her story of launching Messy Church as a monthly Sunday evening service. 160 people came, many of them existing church goers who agreed to forfeit their morning service to support the ministers and offer hospitality to the newcomers. Six months later Messy Church continues to attract up to 100 people with 40 Mainly Music families regularly coming.

Bishop Cray reminded us that Fresh Expressions such as Messy Church are not bridges but plants. In other words, we do should not see these “churches” as a means to connect with the community so that they will ultimately come to “real church”.  Rather, we should plan these Fresh Expressions for those people who will never come to our church, but are open to exploring faith in new and unconventional ways. 

The first Messy Church conference is taking place in Christchurch on 18 and 19September. Debbie is available to come to your presbytery or church to share her vision and knowledge.

Jill Kayser
Kids Friendly Coach


International Day of Prayer for Peace 21 September

On Earth Peace invites you to participate in the International Day of Prayer for Peace.

In the last few years, hundreds of congregations and community groups have connected with On Earth Peace to pray for peace in their communities and our world on September 21. 

An initiative of the United Nations and the World Council of Churches, the International Day of Prayer for Peace is a time when the guns, armies and militias go silent as 24-hour ceasefires are observed around the world, and when people join in prayer and speaking about their hopes for a more peaceful world.

Presbyterian Foundation Grants

Applications are now open for this year's Presbyterian Foundation grants. Guidelines and applications forms are available on the Church's website. The deadline for presbyteries to endorse and forward applications is 15 September 2010. (Parishes in Kaimai and Southern Presbyteries do not send their application via their presbytery; instead they should send it directly to the Presbyterian Foundation by this date.)

Parishes in Kaimai and Southern Presbyteries please note the following application procedure applies:

Parishes planning to apply are advised to access the appropriate pages on the Church’s website. 

Become conversant with the process, and rigorously check that the selected project complies with the criteria.

Complete the form follow the process set out but ensure that the form is sent directly to the Presbyterian Foundation, the address is on the form (PO Box 1131, Dunedin 9054).

The submission dates and deadlines are the same, however please note that presbytery is no longer involved in the screening process ie parishes from Kaimai & Southern Presbyteries submit applications direct to the task group the same time that parishes in other regions submit theirs to their presbyteries.

Refugee Services seeks volunteers

Refugee Services is looking for volunteers to assist new refugees arriving in New Zealand. Training is free. The volunteer programme involves working in a team to help a new refugee family during their first six months. This includes practical tasks - sourcing furniture and helping set up the new house, or accompanying clients to health appointments, showing them around the new city, helping them to connect with their community, and sometimes just listening. Those interested in Wellington contact Molly Kennedy on (04) 805 0312 or see the directory for the office in your region.

Just Action Conference

29 and 30 September 2010, TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre Manukau City, Auckland.

Just Action is sponsored by The Salvation Army’s Social Policy & Parliamentary Unit. Keynotes speakers include Jim Wallis of Sojourners (USA) and Dave Andrews of TEAR Australia and Sir Paul Reeves. There will be 32 workshops to select from.

For those unable to attend a public meeting will be held at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre on Thursday at 7.30 pm, jointly sponsored with World Vision. Admission is by donation.

Participants required for association between better health and religion survey

Research suggests that having faith in traditional religions is associated with better health and wellbeing. In NZ belief in traditional religion has decreased and increasing numbers of people are finding faith in non-traditional religions. Hayley Burns at Victoria University of Wellington is conducting a survey to find out the effects membership in these groups has – and whether membership in non-traditional religious groups show similar advantages. She requests anonymous contributions by completing this 20 minute survey.

Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership ministers' study grants

Are you a Presbyterian minister planning on further study? Do you know that you can apply for a study grant from the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership?

1. The proposed course of study will aid the applicant's professional development.

2. There is a potential benefit to the Church and the probability of significant service to the Church.

3. Parish and presbytery approval has been obtained for the study, where appropriate.

In normal circumstances grants do not exceed one-third of the study costs involved and may be held in conjunction with other scholarships and grants other than the Postgraduate Scholarship. Grants are not made retrospectively and relate only to costs to be incurred by the scholarship holder themselves.

Applicants are asked to address the criteria and set out their expected costs including con­ference fees, tuition fees, basic accommodation and travel, and to supply any other informa­tion that may be relevant.

Enquiries to: The Registrar, Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership, Knox College, Arden Street Opoho, Dunedin. Email registrar@knoxcentre.ac.nz 

Closing date for applications is 30September 2010.

The Millennium Development Goals Lecture: Ten years down, five to go

Helen Clark, Head of the United Nations Development Programme
ChristChurch Cathedral
6.15 pm, 13 August 2010

Free event supported by the ChristChurch Cathedral, Christian World Service and The Press newspaper.

Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of NZ and now Head of the United Nations Development Programme and will speak on the Millennium Development Goals. Hear about a vital global initiative to address the plight of the poor. No need to book, but be early to ensure a seat.

'Crime and Punishment' DVD available $30

Rethinking Crime and Punishment has sole distribution rights for the DVD “Crime and Punishment”, a documentary looking at New Zealand's increasing use of prison as a response to crime through interviews with ex-prisoners; people working with them; and people working to keep young people out of the prison system. The DVD is recommended to trigger discussion by church groups concerned about the increased use of imprisonment.

DVD $30 postage included. Send cheque and delivery address to:

Robson Hanan Trust, P O Box 45-152, Waterloo, Lower Hutt 5042 or order online.

NZ Faith Community Nurses Assoc Conference 2010

3 and 4September 2010

Managing Life’s Transitions in a Faith Community

Salvation Army Central City, 92 Vivian St, Wellington. Supported by the Anglican Church. See the website for more information or email admin.faithnursing@xtra.co.nz

Jim Wallis in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin

28-30 September 2010

Jim Wallis is a Christian social justice activist, one of President Barack Obama's advisers on religious and ethical issues, and founder and CEO of the Sojourners social justice community based in Washington DC.

Hear Jim in Dunedin on Tuesday 28 September deliver the Howard Paterson Memorial Lecture in Public Theology hosted by the University of Otago and supported by the Knox Centre for Ministry & Leadership. On Wednesday 29 September Jim is in Wellington to speak at events as guest of the Victoria University Institute of Policy. On Thursday 30 September Jim will speak at The Salvation Army's Just Action Conference and at a public event co-sponsored by World Vision, both at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre in Manukau, Auckland.

Parish Profiles sought

The Leadership Sub Committee are seeking Parish Profiles for the exiting interns from the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership for 2010. Please forward to the Rev Ian Guy, 4 Mount Street, Wakari, Dunedin. For more information phone 03 476 2967.

Toolbox Parenting Course for parents of 6-12 year olds

Wellington, August/September

Would you like to attend a Toolbox Parenting Course for parents of 6-12 year olds that is planned to start 2 August and run for six Mondays, 7.30 to 9.30pm, at Island Bay Community Centre? Contact Liz or Jim 04 3835114.

Pipe organ photography contest, $1000 1st prize

Photograph your church’s pipe organ and enter the 2011 Golden Jubilee of the New Zealand Association of Organists (ORGANZ) photography competition.

Pictures may be included in the ORGANZ Golden Jubilee Calendar and will provide an image archive of New Zealand organs. $1000 first prize, second $500, third $250. No entry fee. Closing date 2 February 2011. Conditions and entry form from ORGANZ website or email secretary@organz.org.nz or write to the Secretary, ORGANZ, PO Box 132, Whakatane 3158.

Sailimalo Ile Atua NZ Ltd publications for sale

Believe in God, $12.90, Faasoa mo le Atua, $15, Modern Family Quotes, $8, To God Be the Glory, $40, Devotions for Women, $20, Ile Taugagaifo o le La, $30, From the Heart, $10, My World View, $15, Talanoaga ma Ieova o Au, $10.

To order phone 021 0228 5515, email pip.manukau@xtra.co.nz or write c/- PO Box 97191, Manukau 2241, Auckland.

CWS Notices

Free Children's resource

The latest edition of World Watch for seven to12 year olds “Stand Up for What’s Good”, is now available along with a Leaders Kit giving background information and a suggested lesson plan. It focuses on responding to the earthquake in Haiti. It includes fun activities and stories. If you would like copies please contact Katrina at 03 366 9274 ext 108 or email katrina.hill@cws.org.nz

Haiti 6 months on

While much still needs to be down to help the people of Haiti recover and rebuild, the big achievements are the things that haven't happened - no political riots, no major food crisis, and no outbreak of major diseases. Schools have reopened, trauma counselling is ongoing and shelter is improving. ACT Alliance has assisted 341,000 people but continues to struggle to provide housing and ongoing trauma counselling to those in need.

Would your parish consider holding a mid-winter fundraiser to help? CWS can provide PowerPoint or display materials. Donations can be made to the CWS Haiti Appeal or send to PO Box 22652, Christchurch 8142. Updated stories and information are available on the CWS website.

Peace Sunday resources for 8 August

This year’s Peace Sunday worship resources for the nearest Sunday to Hiroshima Day focus on the forgotten conflict in the DRC. They are available on the CWS website or email cws@cws.org.nz

Helen Clark Millenium Development Goals lecture

CWS is a supporting the 2010 Christ Church Cathedral Lecture featuring former NZ Prime Minister, and now head of the United Nations Development Programme, Helen Clark. She is speaking on progress towards the 8 Millennium Development Goals adopted by UN members to halve global poverty by 2015. Christchurch, Friday 13 August at 6.15 pm. More information on the goals, and the talk, on the website.

Church Register

Reception to the role

Rev Antony (Tony) Spandow, received from the Afrikaans Church of New Zealand, 14 May 2010.

Reinstatement to the role

Rev Anna Baker, Minister re-instated to the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, 18 June 2010.

Ordination and Inductions

Rev Anna Baker, Not on Register, to Chaplain Waikato Hospital, Kaimai Presbytery, 18 June 2010.

Rev Antony (Tony) Spandow, Other Recognised Minister, South Auckland Presbytery, to Minister, St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Manurewa, South Auckland Presbytery, 27 June 2010.

Changes in Status:

Rev Andrew Bell, Minister, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Otahuhu, Auckland Presbytery, to Other Recognised Minister, Auckland Presbytery, 7 June, 2010.

Changes in Co-Operative Venture Ministries:

Rev Margaret Hall, Minister of the Methodist Church of NZ, St James Masterton and St Andrew’s Featherston, Wairarapa Union District Council, completed term, 31 January 2010.

Short-Term Appointments:

Rev Lowell Karnes, Minister of the United Methodist Church of USA, Stated Supply, St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Hamilton, Kaimai Presbytery, completed term, 30 June 2010.

Lay Appointments:

Mrs Bronwyn Beker, commissioned as a member of the Local Ministry Team at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Invercargill, Southern Presbytery, 27 June 2010.

Mr Lindsay Jordan, commissioned as a member of the Local Ministry Team at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Invercargill, Southern Presbytery, 27 June 2010.

Mrs Debra Clark, commissioned as a member of the Local Ministry Team at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Invercargill, Southern Presbytery, 27 June 2010.

Mrs Margaret Hoskin, commissioned as a member of the Local Ministry Team at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Invercargill, Southern Presbytery, 27 June 2010.

Mrs Elizabeth Shave, commissioned as a member of the Local Ministry Team at St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Invercargill, Southern Presbytery, 27 June 2010.

Mr Bruce McKerchar, member of the Local Ministry Team, St Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Invercargill, Southern Presbytery, completed, 26 June 2010.


Rev Dorothy Harvey, Minister (Associated Churches of Christ appointment), St Anselm’s Union Church, Karori, Wellington Presbytery, to Minster Emeritus, Wellington Presbytery, 11 July 2010.


The Rev Adam Floyd, Minister Emeritus, Wairarapa Union District Council, died 12 August 2009.