Bush Telegraph July 2012

From the Moderator

I recently discovered Church Planting Movements (CPM) - “a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planting churches that sweeps through a people, group or population segment” (David Garrison, in Church Planting Movements, 2004.)

CPMs are carefully assessed against the following criteria, primarily by the International Missionary Board of the Southern Baptists.

To qualify they require:

A 25 percent annual growth rate in total churches for the past two years
A 50 percent annual growth rate in new churches for the past two years
Field-based affirmation that a CPM is emerging

In 2007 there were 72 known CPMs and just over 200 possible ones by 2010. The most celebrated example is that of Ying and Grace Kai. Since November 2000, in a repressive Asian country, they have seen more than 1.7 million baptisms and more than 150,000 church starts. Their “churches” average 11.3 baptised members, but they are rapidly multiplying.

Many CPMs are also occurring amongst Muslims and Hindus and in third world countries. Some churches in the West are implementing the principles and are seeing very significant growth.

Ultimately, it is a work of the Holy Spirit but through dedicated people. Those involved put high priority on evangelism and then on training their converts to evangelise and to start churches that continue the process.

I am still weighing this up but it is fascinating. It is like revival only different. Who knew this was happening? Could it happen in New Zealand? CPMs seem to be breaking out in some contexts least open to Christianity. Maybe New Zealand fits the bill!

Could your church be at the centre of it?

Further reading:

Smith, Steve & Ying Kai T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution, by WIGTake Resources, 2011. Training for Trainers, Church Planting Movements Issue, Church Movements.

God bless you,

From the Assembly Executive Secretary

Dear Friends and Colleagues

The Iraqi taxi driver who quite often picks me up from the Cuba Street office is a great story teller.  About a year ago I asked him about the cross that hangs from his rear view mirror, and ever since then the 20 minutes airport ride is filled with him telling me about his life in Iraq as an orthodox Christian, years spent in a refugee camp and finally coming to New Zealand as one of our United Nations refugee quota. He is now a part time travelling preacher, and regales me with wonderful stories of healing and transformation which have come from his growing conviction about the power of God in his life. He gives me pamphlets to read. He has no idea what I do but I suspect he talks to everyone who asks him about the cross with the same enthusiasm.

I like listening to him, but I also find it, I don’t know, a little unsettling perhaps. It makes me wonder about the opportunities or the times when we speak about our faith, or our beliefs or the things that are most important. When does that ever happen? How do people know who we are without knowing what we believe? Hearing a great sermon can be a wonderful thing but I think we see in the stories of Jesus - that it may be in the conversations, faithful speaking and faithful listening; in the environments that build trust and in the acknowledgment of a common sense of our joys and vulnerabilities - that we encounter those moments which make all the difference in the world.  Let us hope and pray as we prepare for the General Assembly, and in all our meetings, that we can have both the words to speak and the ears to listen. 

A new Global Mission Coordinator

I am pleased to announce that the Rev Phil King has been appointed as our new Global Mission Coordinator.  Phil is currently the minister of St Margaret’s Presbyterian Church in Bishopdale in Christchurch. He brings with him a passion for mission and significant experience with supporting partnerships with churches in Asia and the Pacific. He begins work at the Assembly Office in August. 

Communications Advisor appointed

Christine Gounder has just joined us as our new Communications Advisor. Christine has been a journalist and sub-editor at Radio NZ for the past four years. Her nine years in journalism includes two years writing for the NZ Catholic newspaper. She also speaks and reads Fijian and Hindi and has fulfilled significant journalist and publishing roles within the Indian community. She will be working with our Communications Manager, Angela Singer.

Church Council voting for the Moderator-elect, 2014

The names of five nominees for the role of Moderator-elect, along with biographical information and a voting form, have been sent to all church councils.  All completed voting forms need to be returned to the Assembly Office by 5pm on Friday 10 August, 2012.

Nominating Committee and our national committees

In order to choose people with the gifts and skills that we need for our Council of Assembly, Leadership, Resource and other committees appointed by the General Assembly - it is very important that the names of potential members be forwarded to the Nominating Committee. These are all the vacancies we are presently aware of. As well as ensuring that skilled people serve on these committees, the Nominating Committee is also challenged with the task of ensuring that, as far as possible, membership reflects the Church’s diversity. It is therefore really important there is a good cross section of suitable people to choose from. For more information please contact the Convenor of the Nominating Committee the Rev Ian Hyslop.

Please download nominating forms and information here:

Uniting Congregations of Aotearoa New Zealand (UCANZ) new guide to procedures

At the General Assembly, commissioners will be invited to vote for the adoption of new procedures governing the operations of UCANZ congregations. We will not be printing out the entire document in the Assembly papers and so would invite all commissioners to download their own copy here and the appendices here for study and consideration. for study and consideration.

2012 General Assembly

The Assembly will open at our national marae at Ohope at 11am on Thursday 4 October 2012 and continue from there to Rotorua Boy’s High School from Thursday afternoon until its conclusion at lunch time on Sunday 7 October.  All non Council of Assembly reports and any proposals for legislation or any other matter that a church council or presbytery might like to bring to the General Assembly needs to be sent to the Assembly office. The deadline is Friday 3 August at 5pm.

Assembly documents on the website

There are a number of documents and back ground papers which, largely because of their length, cannot be published in the White Book. These will be added to over the coming weeks. Please take time to read these on the GA 12 website.


Enrolment Packs have been sent to all those commissioners and observers whose names have been submitted by their presbyteries.  Please make your travel and accommodation bookings and return the enrolment form as soon as possible.  Claims for the travel subsidy will be processed as soon as the Assembly is over. Download the enrolment form here.

Proposals for Legislation

According to the Book of Order, the deadline for submitting Proposals for Legislation is eight weeks before the Assembly, in this instance August 9.  However, if they are to be included in the White Book (Reports), they will need to be processed by the Presbytery and sent to the Assembly Administrator by  23 July, 2012. To download the format for these proposals, click here.

Moderator's Study: Reviving the Flame - Living in the power of God's presence and the presence of God's power.

This can be downloaded here. Commissioners to the GA12 have been sent six copies, but recognising that not all parishes will have representatives attending the Assembly, we will be sending 20 copies to presbytery clerks for distribution. More copies can be obtained by calling Sandra Homan on 04 8016000 or emailing her on sandra@presbyterian.org.nz.

Youth Representatives at Assembly

Orientation day for youth representatives will begin a day before the formal start of the Assembly. Presbyteries may send two youth representatives, but note that the 2010 General Assembly ruled that amalgamated presbyteries may appoint two representatives per pre-amalgamation presbytery.

Looking for a newly trained minister?

From November of this year seven well-trained, enthusiastic and committed interns will be available to be called to a ministry. These students bring with them a range of experience, skills and gifts. Several of them have many years of church ministry experience and all draw from a range of backgrounds which will contribute to the richness of their ministry and leadership. Information about all current interns including those in their final year can be found here.

If you are the convenor of a Ministry Settlement Board and would like more details about the students who are completing their training this year, please contact the Rev Allister Lane who is providing the liaison between interns and ministry settlement boards.

Ministry Development Programme

The Council of Assembly has approved several important changes to the Ministry Development Programme. National and locally ordained ministers will now be required to undergo a ministry review every three years, instead of every two. The criteria for the Certificate of Good Standing have also changed. For ministers to be in Good Standing, they must be able to show they have been reviewed every three years. Ministers will not be in Good Standing if they do not have a review that is less than two years old as at October 2013. This does not apply to retired ministers, unless they are in, or plan to return to, some active, recognised ministry role.  The web page on the Ministry Development Programme will be updated by mid-July. In addition to the other criteria regarding supervision, clear disciplinary record and police check, ministers must now also show they have completed a course on ethics and risk management. The Assembly Office will be offering this course to presbyteries in order to assist ministers with fulfilling this new requirement. Lastly, Certificates of Good Standing are now valid for six years, instead of five.

Thank you again for your generous support and for all the ways you help our Church and its mission.


Global Mission 

General Assembly of the Council for World Mission

I am writing this from American Samoa where the Rev Don Ikitoelagi, the Rev Fakaofo Kaia, Kirstin Harray and I are representing the PCANZ at the three yearly Assembly of the Council for World Mission. We are overwhelmed by the generous hospitality of the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa and have celebrated with them the new Moderator of CWM  - the Rev Sam Tialavea.

This partnership of 31 churches from around the world is very important to us, in both our local and global mission. It enables us to form good relationships between the nine Pacific members and Churches, and CWM is enabling several mission projects in NZ.

Some of the programmes and projects supported this year are:

  • Improvements at Te Maungarongo Marae in Ohope
  • Pasifika Misionare 
  • Asian Ministries Coordinator
  • Appointments to empower the re-formed presbyteries
  • Encouraging overseas experience such as pilgrimages to Myanmar, and an exploration of Messy Church in Europe
  • Study leave for ministers at Westminster College in Cambridge
  • Mission workers at Talua Ministry Training College in Vanuatu

But CWM is more than just a funder. It is about that key understanding of what it means to ‘join in’ God's mission -  as churches together, learning from each other, giving and receiving and standing together to challenge injustice and poverty around the world.

We are delighted that the Rev Fei Taule'ale'ausumai has been appointed by CWM as the Regional Secretary for the Pacific and we warmly support her in this role.

Pamela Tankersley
Global Mission Coordinator

Kids Friendly

Everyone Loves a Good Story

A five year old girl flitted to and fro throughout the all-age service but when it was suggested she could sit beside me as I read a Bible story she snuggled up looking at the pictures, engrossed in the story for the next few minutes. In fact, there was an attentive hush over the entire congregation as we listened to a paraphrased reading from “The Jesus Storybook Bible”. People seemed to be aware that we were listening to the greatest love story ever - a rescue plan full of hope and promise, a drama that takes the whole Bible to tell.

Theologian NT Wright divides the drama of the Bible into five acts as follows: (1) Creation; (2) Fall; (3) Israel; (4) Jesus the hero - where the story reaches a climax. (5) Act five begins with the rest of the New Testament giving hints (Rom 8, 1 Corinthians 15) of how the play is going to end when Christ returns. God invites us ALL to be a part of the story that isn’t finished yet!

How do we read the Bible in church? In homes?

When introducing an Old or New Testament story remind children (and adults) that the Bible is ONE BIG story about who God is and what God has done for the people God loves. 

Try using timelines and maps to show how a Bible story fits in time and space as part of that BIG story.

Think about times when all ages can hear stories from each other of how the drama of acts one to five continues to inspire today.

Let’s encourage families to read the Bible together at home- at mealtimes, bedtime, retelling parts when walking or driving to school.

Use a Bible translation or paraphrase that reads well. Check out the recommended Bibles for children on the Kids Friendly website www.kidsfriendly.org.nz  Can you suggest others? Contact the Bible Society or your local Christian bookshop too.

Let’s find as many ways as possible to share the greatest story ever because everyone loves a good story.

Cheryl Harray
Kids Friendly Advisor Synod of Otago and Southland

Presbyterian Women

Building bridges with new generations

Each generation (Baby Boomers 48-67 yrs; Generation X 33-47 yrs; Generation Y 18-32 yrs; Generation Z under 17 yrs) has different aspirations and expectations of themselves, of work and of organisations they might be associated with.  We are now in an ‘open book world’ where people access information now, the teaching is not why but how, learning is more organic and learner centred. 

Presbyterian Women have organised the following events. Know that you will always be welcome:

Manawatu: St David’s Church Palmerston North  Regional Day “Being Godly Green and Gracious” Saturday 21 July. Women from Wanganui, Levin, Feilding, Wellington and Lower Hutt to attend. Three young mums share their faith “Reaching God in the Fast Lane” and Prof J Henley “Christians Greening the Environment.” Contact bobandjill@hyper.net.nz

St Andrews Marton: Celebrates 150 years of service on Saturday 18 August 2012.

South Canterbury: Presbytery wide gathering at the Sinclair Centre at 2pm Tuesday 30 October. A time for faith, friendship and fellowship. The Rev Sheena Dickson of Linwood Parish in Christchurch will share her parish's experience of living through the earthquake, their ministry and what they continue to offer people in the eastern suburbs. For more info contact Dellwyn Moylan dgmoylan@clear.net.nz

Otago: Dunedin Knox women dessert/coffee evening 29 June. National Deputy Convenor Liz Miller will share her life and family’s history with Knox Church. For more info contact liz.miller@xtra.co.nz

Mosgiel Presbyterian Church, Dunedin: National Deputy Convenor Gathering Report on Thursday 5 July at 2pm. The National Convenor will share her plans to attend the Presbyterian Women USA Church-wide gathering “River of Hope” in July.  For more info www.gamc.pcusa.org/ministries/pwgathering/about-gathering.  Contact Vera Smollett 03 4896433

Pacific Women’s Watch AGM:  5 July at 7.30pm followed by a panel discussion on the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women. Remuera, Auckland. For more info info@pacificwomenswatch.org.nz

Hutt Valley Regional Day Cultural Activities: Saturday 21 July 10am at St Margaret's Church, Silverstream. Contact Hazel O'Brien. 

For more information on Presbyterian Women Aotearoa New Zealand, please email: Harland-rusher@xtra.co.nz

God Bless
Jan Harland National Convenor


Māori Language Week 23 – 29 July

Arohatia te Reo is the theme for Māori Language Week, which means to cherish the language. We encourage you, no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you do, to find a way to express how you can use, honour, speak and show your love for the language of our country. For some ideas go to:

Raising Up Young Leaders camp 3-5 August

Do you have young people age 10 to 13 in your church? Are they bored, losing interest, not fitting into Sunday School but not quite ready for youth group?  Then Transformers “Raising Up Young Leaders” camp and programme is for you! Kids Friendly is hosting another RUYL and we want you to come!  Find out more here

Presbyterian Investment Fund

The Church Property Trustees advise that the interest rate paid on Presbyterian Investment Fund deposits remains at 5 percent. This rate became effective from 1 February 2012. The Fund is open to parishes, but not to individuals. For further information, email the Secretary to the Trustees, Heather McKenzie.

Media Prayer Day 5 August

Christians throughout New Zealand are being asked to take a few moments of their Sunday service on 5 August (or any other day that suits) to pray for the spread of the Gospel through NZ’s mass media, and for all who work within this influential industry. If you intend to participate please email info@mediaprayerday.org.nz. For more information visit the website www.MediaPrayerDay.com

Glen Innis vacancies

The next vacancies at Glen Innis, for ministers only, are:

July 30 - August 6     Homestead

August 13 - 20          Homestead

August 20 - 27          Homestead

August 27 - September 3   Homestead

September 3 - 10     Homestead

Theologian Visiting Wellington 30 July – 2 August

Wellington is hosting the eminent American theologian, Professor William Cavanaugh from De Paul University in Chicago. While in Wellington Professor Cavanaugh will preach at St John’s, deliver four public lectures at Victoria University and present a Saturday morning seminar in the St John’s Conference Centre. Professor Cavanaugh will also be visiting other centres around New Zealand: Auckland, Christchurch, and Dunedin. The theme of his lectures is: ‘Migration of the Holy: Questioning the myths of the Secular Age’. For more information on the visit of Professor William Cavanaugh, please see here or contact Rev Allister Lane a.lane@stjohnsinthecity.org.nz

Thomas Burns Memorial Lectures July 31 – August 9

To be delivered by the Bishop of the United Methodist Church in Alabama, the Rev Dr William Willimon. Hosted by the Otago Department of Theology and Religion.

The venue for all lectures is Archway 2, at 5.15pm.

Survey on newborn babies

Natural Winding, a service that focuses on natural prevention, natural cure and early intervention is doing a survey on inconsolable crying, colic and reflux in newborns. If you’d like to be part of the study, email Phillipa Murphy: philippa@naturalwinding.com

Study Leave Reports needed – now!

Have you undertaken study leave at any time during the past 10 years?  Do you have a study leave report languishing on your desk or filed in your study, or almost completed on your computer?  If so, NOW is the time to share it with the rest of the Church. Please find it, dust it off, give it last finishing touches if required and send it to us – we will be happy to accept them in whatever format you have them - paper copies or electronic versions.  The reports can then be made available online, and will be a wonderful resource for many. We will also be interested to receive copies of relevant dissertations, theses and doctoral research. As is the current procedure, hard copies will continue to be filed with the Presbyterian Archives Research Centre. Study leave reports already filed with the Archives are listed here. The postal address is The Registrar, Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership, Knox College, Arden Street, Opoho, Dunedin 9010. Email: registrar@knoxcentre.ac.nz

Team Trip to Myanmar 2013

Come see firsthand the work of the church in the local community. Come hear the life stories of our brothers and sisters, and experience God’s love working in this nation. You will be blessed, encouraged, challenged and inspired by these AMAZING people as you share in fellowship with one another. Expressions of interest are now being taken for the February 2013 Team Trip. To find out more info go to www.myanmar.stcolumba.org.nz or email myanmar@stcolumba.org.nz

Parenting Course 30 July – 3 September

Attention parents/carers of children aged between six and 12 years. A Parents Inc. Toolbox Parenting Course is planned to begin 30 July, running for six Monday evenings from 7.30 to approx 9.30pm at the Island Bay Community Centre. Cost: $90 double; $67.50 single (subsidy available). Book online www.TheParentingPlace.org.nz or phone (04) 3835114 or email jebrucefamily@clear.net.nz

Follow the Global Mission youth ambassador’s mission trip blog

Follow the blog of Global Mission’s Going Global youth ambassador, Jeremy Selfe, as he prepares for, and undertakes, his mission trip to Vanuatu. Jeremy will share his experiences in the Spring edition of Spanz magazine. http://goingglobalvanuatu.blogspot.co.nz/

Spiritual Growth Ministries Aotearoa New Zealand Spiritual Directors’ Formation Programme 2013-2014

Are you interested in helping people grow in their relationship with God and already have people approaching you to talk about their spiritual life?

Our well regarded and comprehensive, 2 year part-time course will inspire and form you as an effective spiritual director. The programme involves a blend of: Engaging in study of the theology and practices of , Christian Spiritual Direction, deepening personal spiritual formation, regular workshops conducted by experienced practitioners, supervised one-to-one spiritual direction practice.  For details contact, The Coordinator, Barbara McMillan: sgmtp@xtra.co.nz or visit the website http://www.sgm.org.nz Expressions of interest are welcome. Applications due by 20 September 2012. Late applications may be considered.

PCANZ Yearbook 2012

The Church’s 2012 Yearbook information has been updated to include recent changes to contact details. Please download for June 2012 here using the username and password emailed to you in March.

CWS Notices

Huge Response to survey

CWS staff have now caught up on the tsunami of replies resulting from asking supporters what they want in communications. With 1000 plus responses to the reader survey sent out with the autumn edition of the quarterly newsletter @world, CWS staff are now sure supporters are engaged.

“We knew from last year when we held a special appeal that our support base was more engaged than the norm but the response to the reader survey has reinforced this message,’’ said CWS national director Pauline McKay.

She said the response rate in the earlier appeal was much higher than the statistical norm and this has again been the case with the reader survey.

 “We had 39 over 90 people respond to the survey with some very well formulated and thoughtful ideas amongst their contributions – it was a very good reminder that many people are living longer and better than in the past.

“Obviously a lot of what we learnt is both confidential and commercially sensitive but one of the things we did get reminded of is that people really need to rethink their ideas about ageing,” she said.

Pauline said one of the ideas that came through in the survey was to switch from a winter quarterly newsletter to a shorter sharper winter story, which they have got onto right away. The first winter story is due to be mailed out in July breaking new ground for CWS but shaped in part by the wishes of very long term supporters.

Church Register

Changes in Status:

Rev Fei Taule'ale'ausumai Davis, National Ordained Minister, Henderson - St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Northern Presbytery, to Other Recognised Minister, Northern Presbytery, 16 March 2012.

Lay Appointments:

Mr Mark Maney, Northern Presbytery, has started his term as Lay Supply, Auckland Chinese Presbyterian Church, Northern Presbytery, 22 April 2012.


Rev Walter Hunger, Ministers Emeriti, Taranaki Presbytery, died on 19 June 2012.

Parish Register:

Murupara-St Mark’s Presbyterian Church, Kaimai Presbytery and Te Aka Puaho, is transferred to the sole oversight of Te Aka Puaho, 8 June 2012.


Check out our listing of national and regional events.


Check out our jobs vacancies page and the ministerial vacancies table.