Social Media Links

Below are links to the social media of the Presbyterian Church and its ministries. We look forward to engaging with you and sharing in your faith journey.

Note: Only the Presbyterian Church website, vimeo and Facebook page is maintained by PCANZ Communications. Please direct queries regarding content on ministries social media to the relevant ministry.

See tips below for shooting video on your phone to share on your social media,

Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand

Website | Facebook | Vimeo channel | Moderator Facebook | Candour blog (archived)


Facebook | Empowering Generations website


Presbyterian Research Centre

Recollect website Archives old website | Hewitson Library  | Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo

Presbyterian Youth Ministry

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo

Global Mission 

PCANZ website | Facebook

Presbyterian Children & Families Ministry

Website | Facebook | Instagram  

Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership  

Website | Living Library website | Facebook


PCANZ website

Presbyterian Women Aotearoa New Zealand 

PCANZ websiteFacebook  

Presbyterian Church Schools Resource Office

Website | Facebook | YouTube channel 

PCANZ Ideas for Resourcing Ministry

Private facebook group for PCANZ ministry leaders

Church Property Trustees

PCANZ website

Presbyterian presbytery websites 

See this page for links.  

Presbyterian and Uniting parish websites 

See this page for links.  

Tips For Shooting Video on your Smartphone

Read here Best Practices and Tips for Shooting Smartphone Videos and watch video here of  Master Smartphone Filmmaking In Just 20 Minutes and Top tips for Filming Video with a Phone. Vimeo has free online video editing and templates and an unlimited stock library, sign up free here.