Chapter 4: Some sample Communion orders

Some sample communion orders

A number of sample communion orders and resources are included, i.e.

  • Order A: An overseas example of contemporary Reformed liturgy, the first order in the PCUSA's Book of Common Worship.
  • Order B: An outline of the Great Thanksgiving Prayer from the same source, to be used as a basis for free prayer.
  • Order C: A Great Thanksgiving Prayer, produced by the Church Worship Committee using an ecumenical model.
  • Order D: A communion service prepared for some NZ elders by the Rev Donald Glenny.
  • Order E: One of the communion services used by elders in the Dannevirke parish.
  • Order F: A brief communion order - a service prepared for a bedside, hospital or rest home setting, by the Rev Donald Glenny.

The next chapter lists other resources.

Those leading communion need not use these or any other orders slavishly, but, having studied this and the preceding chapter carefully, may prepare their own liturgies, with the same structure, but with words they feel comfortable with, and which are appropriate to the local setting. Such liturgies should be read and commented on by others, and checked strenuously for the clarity and economy of their language. Those who prepare their own communion services should remember that such a context is not an appropriate one in which to be idiosyncratic, controversial, or wildly innovative. Communion services should draw people in, rather than put them off. Communion is entirely the wrong setting in which to push a cause.

In the following services, the congregation's words are in bold type. (If no responses are used, the minister or elder should say them).