Bush Telegraph September 2013

From the Moderator

In 1858 many of the central North Island tribes of the Maori Iwi constituted a Maori monarch to try and halt the alienation of Maori land. This began Kingitanga with King Potatau Te Whereowhero as the first Monarch.

In August I accompanied some members of Te Aka Puaho to the Taurangawaewae marae to celebrate the Koroneihana Tuawhitu – the seventh anniversary of the coronation of the present King, Tuheitia Paki. It was a most momentous occasion when over 1,000 people gathered to honour the King. And honour him, and the kingitanga movement, they did! They had come from all over New Zealand and some from overseas.

But what was significant this year is that Te Aka Puaho of the Presbyterian Church was invited to lead the church service for the king and the kingitanga representatives from the many tribal affiliations around the motu. So far as Wayne Te Kaawa knows, this is the first time that the moderator of Te Aka Puaho and the Moderator of the Presbyterian Church have attended this service together. The first Presbyterian minister to preach at a coronation service was Charlie Matai. The Very Rev Tame Takao delivered the sermon in 1984.

However, this was the first time the Presbyterian Church had led the entire coronation service. The Rev Hone Te Rire led the prayers, the Rev Wayne Te Kaawa as moderator of Te Aka Puaho delivered the sermon and I was invited to give the closing blessing for the King and the people.

At the end of the service King Tuheitia gave a personal invitation to Wayne and I to join with him in the royal house, Mahinarangi, which was a very special moment. We were also invited to the top table for the Hakari (meal) and I was asked to say grace and bless the feast.

Church, you would have been so proud of the members of Te Aka Puaho if you could have been there. One of the kuia (senior women) who attends a Presbyterian Church, but is not part of Te Aka Puaho, was proudly heard saying, “That’s my church!” Wayne preached an excellent message on love, and did it with such humour that he had all the people in fits of laughter. Wayne was invited back to lead the closing ceremony. (The celebrations last for a week.)

In this experience it seems to me that there are at least four encouraging lessons for us all in our mission endeavours.

As a Church we can be very proud of Wayne and his ministry to this nation. He is reaching out to all Maori in Aotearoa, not just the members of Te Aka Puaho. As well as attending the King’s coronation, he has for a number of years led a strong contingent of Te Aka Puaho people to the Waitangi celebrations in the Bay of Islands. He regularly attends the annual Ratana celebrations. He is exercising a wonderful national ministry in our name. Wayne invites me as Moderator to join him at all of these events. If we are to connect with our communities we need to stand alongside our communities and be part of them.

The message Wayne gave was simple, but profound. It was a very contextual message about love. In the many speeches that followed, speaker after speaker referred to Wayne’s sermon. One orator was heard to say he loved it so much, he might even consider going back to Church! In preaching the gospel and speaking about the Kingdom of God we need to be very mindful of our audience.

The invitation to lead the service and play such a significant role at this coronation anniversary didn’t just happen. It was not a matter of turning up and being invited to lead a service. There had been relationship building over a number of years with Wayne attending the King’s coronation service, showing the love and respect of the Presbyterian Church to the Kingitanga movement. Before we have a harvest a fruitful ministry there needs to be some form of seed sowing. There needs to be a “John the Baptist ministry” that prepares the way.

And finally for me, it was wonderful that two of the moderators of the Church were able to work alongside each other in this meaningful way. It was a lovely expression of our bi-cultural journey as a country. When we of the Church honour and respect the different ethnicities of this nation there is a profound Kingdom of God impact.

God bless you

From the Assembly Executive Secretary

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I would not normally use Bush Telegraph as an opportunity to advertise a movie. However, the Island Bay Home of Compassion conference centre, which the Council often uses as a venue for its meetings, provided the backdrop for a terrific New Zealand documentary called ‘Gardening with Soul’.

The movie is centred on Sister Loyola and is a portrait of her in her 90th year. It has been billed as “a film about faith, age, compassion and compost!” On release, the movie received a standing ovation from the Film Festival audience.

It is seldom that we see a New Zealand movie that affirms a life that radiates a robust, compassionate Christian faith, in the context of a sacrificial and lifelong service to Christ.

As I reflect on the story in this documentary and the fact that it has received such acclaim, I wonder if it also helps us as we seek to find meaningful ways to proclaim and live out the Gospel in the lives of our own communities.

Stage 1 Voting for the Moderator-Elect 2016: deadline Friday 7 February 2014
As the first stage in the election process, all presbyteries, the Pacific Island Synod and Te Aka Puaho are asked to nominate one person each to enter the voting process coordinated by the Nominating Committee.

This person will become the Moderator at the 2016 General Assembly. The outcome of this voting process will be announced at the 2014 General Assembly.

Church councils may suggest names for consideration by a meeting of their presbytery, Synod or Te Aka Puaho. Each presbytery, Synod and Te Aka Puaho should send one name to the convenor of the Nominating Committee, the Rev Mary- Jane Konings, 347 Wai iti Road, Timaru 7910 or by email: mary-jane@timarupres.org.nz

The nomination needs to be with Mary-Jane by Friday, 7 February 2014.

Please note that the presbyteries eligible to nominate a person, are those presbyteries and UDCs that existed at the conclusion of our last General Assembly in October 2012.

Seddon- Awatere Church
Please hold this congregation and their minister, the Rev Dawn Danauda in your prayers as they seek to serve this community following a series of damaging earthquakes. They are doing a terrific job caring and supporting their community and have valued the support provided by other congregations. Their uninsured church in Seddon has been badly damaged and, it seems, will not be able to be used. This congregation also fulfils a special ministry to seasonal workers from a number of Pacific nations working in the area. This is a joint venture between the Anglican and Presbyterian Churches.

Come to Offspring : 4- 6 October 2013
Located at the Silverstream Retreat over the weekend of Friday 4- Sunday 6 October, Offspring is an opportunity for leaders involved in new missional ventures, within the Presbyterian Church to share stories, learn, reflect, worship, pray together, and share good food and good company.

Those already receiving, or who are thinking of applying for funding from PressGo are also encouraged to attend Offspring so that together we can share our passion, ideas and imagination for our Church and build leadership.

The weekend will include Saturday afternoon workshops covering a range of topics relevant to missional ventures.

For all the details go to: http://pressgo-offspring.org/about-2/ Offspring is supported by Press Go.

Since the string of earthquakes in the Wellington region our insurers have advised us that they will not be offering new Property, Contract Works, Business Interruption or domestic Home and Contents insurance in the Wellington area (including Kapiti Coast and the Hutt Valley), Wairarapa, Nelson or Marlborough where Natural Disaster (ND) perils are required to be insured.

Nor will our insurers be accepting increased sums insured on any existing Property, Contract Works, Business Interruption covers, nor will they accept any increases in Business Interruption indemnity periods for properties in these earthquake zones.

We are hoping that this stance from the insurance industry will change as things quieten down and certainly before the programme’s renewal date of 31 October.

Assembly Office and Earthquakes
In the case of another significant event that may impact on the church office building, I will instruct all our staff to follow the protocols for all government employees and to work from home until the building has been declared safe by an engineer.

Calling a Newly Trained Minister
This year, six people will complete their training as interns. They are a terrific group and represent a range of backgrounds and experience. All are eager to commit themselves to ministry within the life of a congregation. Profiles for each are available from the Rev Allister Lane who coordinates introductions and discussions between final year interns and Ministry Settlement Boards. For more information, please contact Allister.

Ministry Development Programme: October Deadline to Book Your Review
In order for ministers to retain their certificate of good standing, it is essential that they participate in the ministry development programme and complete their first ministry review by October 2013. Many have already benefited from the review process. A minister will not be in good standing if they do not have a review that is less than three years old as at October 2013. This does not apply to retired ministers, unless they are in, or plan to return to, some active, recognised ministry role.

If you have not booked or completed a review or your review is more than three years out of date as of October this year, you will no longer be able to conduct weddings nor will you be able to be called to another congregation.

Full details here.

Certificates of Good standing are valid for six years with a review needed to be undertaken every three years. Please note that the guidelines have been updated to take account of ministers serving overseas and active ministers who are not currently serving in parish or chaplaincy positions.

Assembly Discussions
A huge thanks to all those presbyteries, elders and church councils who took the time to respond to the Assembly discussion documents. The Council is now processing an analysis of the responses and will be working to bring a further discussion document to presbyteries and church councils in October.

Changes in the Marriage Act
I have sent out a note to all presbyteries providing some direction in terms of the implication of these changes. Please contact your presbytery clerk for more information.

There have been a significant number of responses to this advice, and I have now asked the Book of Order and Judicial Committee to consider the issues and whether providing some further direction may be helpful. In the meantime the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages has contacted churches and provided this link to some questions and answers: http://www.dia.govt.nz/diawebsite.nsf/wpg_URL/Services-Births-Deaths-and-Marriages-Marriage-Amendment-Act-Questions-and-Answers?OpenDocument

General Assembly 2014
Fri, 3 – Tue, 7 Oct 2014 - Auckland

  • Imagine an Assembly that is inspiring and resourceful.
  • Imagine an Assembly that had a number of “streams” flowing and not just business sessions.
  • Imagine belonging to a movement and being in community.
  • Imagine hospitality, creativity, playfulness and spiritual nourishment.
  • Imagine a working conference for old and young, Maori, Pacific people, Asian and Pakeha.

General Assembly 2012 asked that the next General Assembly (2014) be far more than a business meeting, focused on resourcing and inspiring the church in the midst of significant change and opportunity.

This is an Assembly you will not want to miss – book the dates now and look out for more exciting details.

Expressions of interest are open in the following areas:

  1. “Streams” - Networks that would like to work together on are area of ministry or mission. eg church schools, youth, creative (musicians, artists, poets), business sessions…
  2. Resources – Fresh expressions of doing church, preaching, spiritual growth…
  3. Inspiring New Zealand speakers
  4. Story tellers - stories of churches making a difference in our society.

Please contact moderator@presbyterian.org.nz with your expressions of interest.

Thanks again for all you do to support our Church and mission.


Global Mission

It has been a busy month. I have just returned from the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu, which was held at Ranon on the island of Ambrym. This is an historic area for Presbyterian mission, and the opening of the Assembly included the re-enactment of the arrival of William Murray, the first missionary at Ranon.

Our former Moderator, the Very Rev. John Murray, is a great-nephew of William, and grandson of Charles Murray who served at Ranon after William. John’s nephew Rod Edmond has recently published a book which includes a section about the Murrays’ work at Ranon (Migrations, BWB Publishers, 2013). I recommend it for anyone interested in the history of mission in Vanuatu.

While at Ranon I was able to present a copy to Chief Tokon, the Ranon chief who is mentioned in the book.

The Assembly affirmed the importance of this mission history to the to Ni-Van people, and included a meaningful reconciliation ceremony which I participated in. There is so much more to write about this and other events at the Assembly, which I will cover in my blog, http://www.globalmissionpcanz.blogspot.co.nz/

August also included a visit by the Steve and Shirley Jourdain, to Talua College in Vanuatu, to pay a pastoral visit to Roger and Paula Levy. Steve is the senior pastor at St Albans in Palmerston North, the Levys’ home church. He combined this visit with his role as guest lecturer at the College’s memorial lectures in the week prior to the Assembly, so it was great to have his input there.

Following the Assembly I met with Steve, and also Malcolm Gordon, whom I had arranged to come over to Port Vila to spend time with the churches there. I introduced them to some of the local churches, with a view to establishing ongoing ministry partnerships. Malcolm visited some youth groups, shared in music, and also had interviews with two of the local radio stations, including a live presentation of some songs on his recent album. As a result of his visit I hope we can develop a music ministry with young adults from the PCV.

I came home from Vanuatu to host the Going Global Orientation Day for the Global Mission/PYM visit to Myanmar in December. This was a great day of bonding as a team, and going through some excellent mission training resources that have been developed over the past couple of years.

I continue to be active in preaching around the country, lifting the profile of our global mission work. There are lots of exciting things happening, with potential for congregations and individuals to serve in mission with our church partners. If you want a piece of the action, please get in touch with me, phil@presbyterian.org.nz

Phil King
Global Mission Coordinator

Kids Friendly

I received an amazing Kids Friendly self-review from Whakatane Presbyterian this week. I’ve been talking to the leaders of Whakatane about becoming a Kids Friendly church for many years, so it was a thrill to read of their progress. I was impressed by the obvious energy and enthusiasm they’ve already committed to this process of becoming “Kids Friendly”.

Becoming a Kids Friendly church takes commitment, intentionality and time. And it doesn’t stop once a church is “assessed Kids Friendly”. That’s just the beginning. Sometimes churches ask: “Does it have to be so hard?” We have given that question serious consideration and while we want to do everything in our power to help churches be more Kids Friendly, our response remains: “Yes being Kids Friendly is hard, but it’s worth it.”

For the last six weeks we’ve had Henriette Wentink, a second year ministry student from Cambridge University doing an internship with Kids Friendly and St Heliers Presbyterian. Henriette was intrigued and excited by the way so many of our churches have embedded the practise of being Kids Friendly. ”In my country there are churches that do good stuff with kids, but I haven’t seen the same Kids Friendly heart expressed that I’ve witnessed here,” says Henriette.

“I’ve loved experiencing the way St Heliers Church minister Pauline [Rev Pauline Stewart] involves the children in the worship service in such a very natural way. She sees a child as somebody with his/her own voice, not just as a recipient of our teaching.”

Whakatane Presbyterian is the 58th church in our denomination to be assessed Kids Friendly. When presenting at a church recently I explained that Kids Friendly is not a programme, but a practice (a way of being with children). One of the workshop participants suggested it is a “Presbyterian Practice”. That’s my dream! That every one of our churches embraces this “Presbyterian Practice”.

If you’d like to know more about becoming a Kids Friendly church contact us or read more on our Kids Friendly website. www.kidsfriendly.org.nz

Jill Kayser
Kids Friendly Coach

Presbyterian Women

Our mission statement: Serving God Locally and Globally with Love

From the first gathering of Presbyterian Women, the heart of our work is, and always will be, mission. Today we continue to raise funds to try and make a difference in the lives of women who need our help. Our Presybterian Women and Methodist Women special projects for 2013/2014 are:

  • The Early Years Matter – Women’s Refuge: specialised training for Women’s Refuge child advocates to support and nurture vulnerable children who are affected by domestic violence in New Zealand; and
  • Women’s Centre in Sri Lanka: To encourage and support women to improve their home and work conditions in Sri Lanka.

Please give generously to these worthy projects.

In the winter Spanz, there is an article on 2012/13 special projects, which raised funds for (i) supporting an initiative that promotes awareness of disability issues within New Zealand faith communities; and (ii) the Ama Takiloa programme run by the Tonga Community Development Trust. Presbyterian and Methodist women’s involvement in the project is facilitated by CWS. Click here to read more http://www.presbyterian.org.nz/publications/spanz-magazine/2013/winter-2013

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” (Colossians 3:17 NIV)

Lafulafu Vanila Ekenasio
National Convenor

CWS Notices

Syria Appeal
CWS is grateful for donations to the Syria Appeal including from the Global Mission office. We have raised over $30,000 for the appeal in the current financial year. Long-term CWS partner the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees (DSPR) is assisting Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. Food, water, rental assistance, school costs and medical care are desperately needed for 1.98 million refugees squeezing in to already overcrowded camps and homes. The United Nations now reports one million are children, less than 18 years old. The people want peace and yet there is no end to their suffering. Please pray for them and support the Syria Appeal. Donations can be sent to CWS, PO Box 22652, Christchurch 8140 or 0800 74 73 72 or donate online.

Live Below the Line
“Live Below the Line is a valuable experience. I will definitely be living below the line again, because it is a worthwhile cause, and is a unique way to get people to think about poverty and act to make a difference. Give it a go!”
- Lara O’Donnell

In 2012 Lara found the food a bit dull but raised $655 for CWS. This year we are looking for more people who want to experience poverty. Join people from 23-27 September and spend $2.25 a day on food – the global poverty line. Get sponsors and help the Women’s Development Resource Centre in South India help people out of poverty. Or sponsor someone who is already Living Below the Line with CWS at: https://www.livebelowtheline.com/nz-cws

Share Water, Share Life
The growing water crisis is the focus of this year’s Christmas Appeal to churches. With the theme Share Water, Share Life, it highlights CWS partners working with communities to supply water. This year’s kit will be mailed in early September.


Presbyterian Foundation Grants
Application for the 2013 round of Presbyterian Foundation grants are now invited, application forms can be downloaded from the Church website. The Presbyterian Foundation is a trust fund, the interest of which is distributed to support the mission of the Church – particularly innovative mission at the local and regional church level.

Applications close on 15 September.

Ministry Study Grants
Are you a Presbyterian minister planning on further study? Do you know that you can apply for a study grant from the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership?

Applications are invited in March and September each year for post-ordination study grants for ministers in good standing of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. These grants are made possible through the generosity of the Mary Ann Morrison and M S Robert¬son estates and are administered by the Senatus of the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership.

Check out www.knoxcentre.ac.nz for more information including details about how to apply. Applications close 30 September 2012.

Bi-lingual Orders of Service
Download four Bilingual Orders of Service for Holy Communion compiled by the Rev Wayne Te Kaawa, Moderator of Te Aka Puaho. http://www.presbyterian.org.nz/sites//default/files/Bilingual.Communion.pdf

KiwiMade Preaching Events in October
The format of the day-long event will revolve around four preachers, each of whom will preach from Luke 4:1-13, “The Temptations of Jesus,” in different ways.

Each sermon will be followed by critique and discussion from an invited panel with a moderator for each session. The practical purpose of the forums for enhancing our preaching ministries is firstly to hear a variety of sermon styles and structures, all striving to be faithful to the text and at the same time relevant to our context.

Full event locations, dates and registration details go to www.kiwimadepreaching.com

Middle Years Parenting Tool Box
For parents of children aged 6-9 years, a parenting toolbox course will start on 21 October for six Mondays from 7.30 to 9.30 pm. The venue is Island Bay Community Centre in Wellington, and the cost is $90 couple or $67.50 for a single person. A subsidy available.

Presbyterian Investment Fund
The Church Property Trustees advise that the interest rate paid on Presbyterian Investment Fund deposits remains at 5.0 percent. This rate became effective from 1 February 2012. The Fund is open to parishes, but not to individuals. For further information, email the Trustees’ Executive Officer, Kos van Lier.

Presbyterian Church Property Trustees AGM
The 2013 Annual General Meeting of the Presbyterian Church Property Trustees will be held at 4pm, Thursday 3rd October 2013 in the Conference Centre at St John’s in the City Presbyterian Church, Wellington.

Friends and associates are invited to attend. Presbyteries are welcome to send representatives. Afternoon tea is available from 3.40pm. For catering purposes, please RSVP to Kos van Lier or phone (04) 381 8296.

Glen Innis Vacancies

9-16 Sep Homestead and Cottage
16-23 Sep Cottage
23-30 Sep Homestead and Cottage
30 Sep – 7 Oct Cottage
7-14 Oct Cottage

Presbyterian Church Yearbook 2013
The Church’s 2013 Yearbook information has been updated to include recent changes to contact details. Please download changes up to the end of August here using the username and password emailed to you in April 2013.

Church Register

Receptions to the Roll:
Rev Chu Tang received from Christian & Missionary Alliance Church Union, Hong Kong, 16 August 2013

Changes in Status:
Rev George Dempster Minister Dannevirke Presbyterian, Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery, to Chaplain, Arohanui Hospice, Palmerston North, 31st March 2013.
Rev Sandra Wright-Taylor, part-time Assistant Minister, Avonhead/Upper Riccarton, Presbytery of Christchurch, is now part-time Ecumenical Hospital Chaplain, Presbytery of Christchurch, 1 August 2013.
Rev Carol Hancock, Non PCANZ minister, Kaimai Presbytery, Overseeing minister 25% Pio-Aria-Mokau Co-Operating Parish , 1 June 2013.

Rev Linda Hope Other Recognised Ministry Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Sione Faitala Minister Emeritus Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Don Ikitoelagi Member of Presbytery Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Jonathon Pouli-Lefale Other Recognised Ministry Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Penetekoso Togiatama Other Recognised Ministry Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Maheu Papau Other Recognised Ministry Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev William Cuthers Minister Emeritus Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Ena Petaia Minister Emeritus Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Solomona Uitime Minister Emeritus Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Fele Nokise Other Recognised Ministry from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Reti Simanu Minister Emeritus Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Apa Leali`ifanolevalevale Minister Glenn Eden Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Fieta Faitala Henderson Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Ere Talagi-Ikitoelagi Knox Presbyterian Parnell from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Toko Ine Mt Eden Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Uea Tuleia Otara Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Aotafago Lemuela Otara Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Robert Robati Mani Otara Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Le`i`ite Setefano Tamaki Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Karima Fai`ai Manukau Pacific Islands Church (Samoan) from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Si`itia Si`itia Glenfield Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Pelu Tuai Ranui Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Rev Alan Shaw,Minister, Emeriti, from Wellington Presbytery to Presbytery Central (Manuwatu-Wanganui) 8 July 2013
Rev Leslie Shaw, Minister Emeriti from Wellington Presbytery to Presbytery Central (Manuwatu-Wanganui) 8 July 2013

Lay Appointments:
Mr Nigel Crocombe and Mrs Joy Crocombe have been appointed to the local ministry team Waiau Valley Presbyterian Church Southern presbytery.

Rev Alan Shaw, St Giles Kilbirnie and St James (English) Newtown, Wellington Presbytery, Minister Emeritus, 8 July 2013.
Don Hall Minister Mairangi & Castor Bay Northern Presbytery to Minister Emeritus, 29 July 2013.
Rev Paul Ranby, Chaplain Arohanui Hospice, Manawatu Wanganui Presbytery, Minister Emeritus, 22 March 2013.

Removals from Roll (inactive in ordained ministry within the Presbyterian Church):
Rev Robert Murdoch Other Recognised Minister, Kaimai Presbytery, removed from the Ministerial Roll of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand, 13 August 2013.

Rev Ian Galloway, Minister Emeritus, Kaimai Presbytery died on 31 July 2013.
Rev James (Jim) Hunter, Minister Emeritus, South Canterbury Presbytery died on 14th August 2013.

Parish Register:
Manukau Cook Islanders Presbyterian Parish was dissolved on 1 August 2013
Glen Eden Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Henderson Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Knox Presbyterian Parnell from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Mt Eden Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Otara Pacific Islands Church Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Tamaki Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Manukau Pacific Islands Church (Samoan) from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Grey Lynn Presbyterian Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Glenfield Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod
Ranui Pacific Islands Church from Northern Presbytery to Pacific Islands Synod


Check out our listing of national and regional events.


Check out our jobs vacancies page and the ministerial vacancies table.